Anupama 15 December 2020: Paritosh and Kinjal are missing

The episode starts with Vanraj washing his hands and saying that I had a proper meal after so many days. Finally, my hunger is satiated. Oh no! 

Vanraj turns and saw Anupama standing behind.

He said there is no towel. I need something to wipe my hands. Anupama said, Sorry! I didn’t know that you were going to come over. Or else, I would have kept a towel over there. Vanraj said, How may I suppose to wipe my hands?

Anupama replied, I don’t know. I can’t let you wipe your hands on my saree, like before. Anyway, I have something to say. Next time, when you come over, leave your shoes and your lies outside my house. I don’t know why you are here. But I can guess the reason. 

Vanraj said Anupama! Moreover, Toshu comes in between, and Vanraj stopped to say anything. Vanraj said I want to talk something to Paritosh. After listening that Anupama goes away from there. 

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Bapuji said daughter is must be like Anupama always. The most important relationship in her life has ended. But she has not lost faith in the relationships. That’s why she allowed Vanraj to talk to Paritosh privately. Samar said Mr. Shah has never done anything for my mummy. I just hope he does something for his son.  

Vanraj said Toshu; I know that Rakhi Dave is a very stubborn and hot-headed lady. She was never happy with your relationship. so, when she got the chance… Toshu, I will handle that woman. Trust me, and no one can estrange Kinjal from you.  

Toshu replied, you want me to trust you, Papa. You want me to trust the person who abandoned me! Can I tell you the truth, Papa? This time, it is not Rakhi aunty’s fault. Tell me one thing that day if Mr. Pramod was having an affair in place of you, then?

Baa and you would have reacted exactly like Rakhi aunty. Yes, you guys would have spoken more politely, but the reaction would have been the same. The outcome would have been the same as well, Papa. My life is so tragic! No matter who makes the mistakes, fights, or has an affair, but Kinjal and I are paying for it…

Vanraj shouted, Paritosh! 

Toshu replied, that’s it, Papa. You always do this. Even you raise your voice and silence the person in front of you. You don’t want to listen to the truth, right? Fine. Let’s come straight to the point, Papa. You said you were here to talk to me, right? You will go and talk to Rakhi aunty, right? Okay, Papa! Please tell me, What are you going to talk to Rakhi aunty? How are you going to face her?

In fact, Papa, what have you done so far? How are you going to help me now? Mummy had done everything so far. Kinjal and I got engaged because of my mummy. Mummy is not educated like you, Papa. But she knows how to talk and convince people. And you? You are only good at making things worse. You did this before also, and I am sure, Papa, you will do the same now. I don’t expect anything from you, Papa. Kinjal and I have to handle this situation now. 

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Vanraj is being sad and shocked and said Toshu! Toshu replied Thanks for the pep talk, Papa.

Vanraj turns and saw Anupama said to you! You were eavesdropping on us. Anupama replied, I saw Paritosh to goes out of anger. So, I thought I come here and talk to you. What did you guys talk about? Why did he storm out of here? Vanraj said He thinks that we can’t help him. He thinks, Kinjal and he should handle this situation. 

anupama and vanraj's discussion

Anupama asked did he say this?

Vanraj said; honestly, I am scared after seeing Toshu. If he doesn’t get married to Kinjal, then I hope he doesn’t get depressed. Anupama replied, I am also worried about the same. Vanraj said, just talk to him. Talk some sense to him. I hope he doesn’t make a mistake in haste and anger. 

Anupama and Vanraj came down through stairs, and the home’s landline phone rang. Anupama picked the call and said, Hello! Kavya replied, pass the phone to Vanraj. Anupama said to Vanraj; there is a call for you. 

Vanraj picked the call and said, Hello! Kavya said, if you enjoy going to that house, why did you move out of that house? You got a little chance and rushed back to that house whenever you get a chance.

Vanraj replied, I came here for Paritosh. He’s had a panic attack again. I came here to visit him. However, I am leaving now. Tell me, should I come over or check in to a hotel? Anirudh said, this is our home. It’s our lovey home. 

Vanraj said I got my answer. I will check in to a hotel. Thank you very much. Anirudh said, yes! I won the bet!  

Kavya angrily turns around and opens his purse. She picked money out of her purse and gave them to Anirudh. Have it. I don’t know whether you have won or not. All I know is that I lost. I can lose everything, but I can’t lose Vanraj, Anirudh. Take this house, my money… You can take everything! But please leave Vanraj and me alone. Please don’t come in between us, Anirudh! Please!!

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Anirudh replied life is all about perspectives, Kavya. From your perspective, you think that I am coming in between your relationship. But, from my perspective, I think that Vanraj has come between our relationship. And I will not let anyone come between us. I won this bet today. Someday, I will win you over as well. 

In the next scene, Toshu is seen running outside the house round and round. Anupama thought talking to Paritosh right now isn’t going to help. He’s not in a condition to comprehend anything. Samar and Nandini will keep an eye on him. I will talk to him later. And she went inside the house.

Nandini said to Samar, Toshu Bhai is looking very upset. Samar replied he has anger and sadness inside. I don’t know! What to do! Bhai is sad here, and Kinjal is crying there. And my mummy can’t even cry.

Because if the mother weakens, then who will handle her child? Love always hurts. Nandini said, you are right. She brought her hand up and said, Love always hurt. 

Samar said, You can share it with me. Mummy says that if Love hurts, then friendship heals. I will not judge you because only friends matter in friendship. Nandini replied, well!! And Toshu came in between and said; Samar, I want to meet Kinjal right now. Mummy and Papa can’t help me. I need to have a talk with Kinjal right now. Samar replied, relax, Bhai! Mummy and Mr. Shah will go to talk with Rakhi aunty

Toshu replied, no, Samar, you are not understanding. Papa can’t help me, and I don’t want mummy to get insulted anymore. I want to meet Kinjal right now.

Nandini said, but Rakhi aunty will not allow Kinjal to go out at this time. Toshu replied, I know that’s why I am seeking you both’s help. Will you help me or not? 

Samar said, brother, you try to understand. If Rakhi aunty got to know that, then she will report to the police. The situation will get worse. Relax brother! We will find out another way. Toshu replied, no, Samar! Now I don’t want to understand or think anything. You can help me if you can, or else I will find my way. 

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Samar said, brother… brother… Nandini shouts to Toshu, brother, please, but Toshu runs away from there.

Nandini said to Samar, please go with him. We can’t leave them alone in such a situation and call me if there is any problem. Samar replied, Okay… Okay, and runs after Toshu. Nandini standing alone, said, why are all the lovers destined to be unhappy? 

toshu is seeking for help from samar and nandini

In the next scene, Anupama doing something meanwhile Baa came and asked, What are you doing, daughter-in-law?

Anupama replied I am tying two holy threads in the name of Toshu and Kinjal, one for each of them. My mother says that two lovers will get united if we tie two holy threads with good intentions.

Baa replied, Why are you praying to get associated with Rakhi? I wish I had done the same for you and Vanraj. Anupama said when two people are not in Love. Then they will never get united. Toshu and Kinjal have immense Love for each other. So, it makes sense to do it for them. 

In the next morning, Anupama is seen coming quickly, saying “Vakratunda Mahakaya Suryakoti Samaprabha…” and opens the temple’s door to praise God. Meanwhile, the phone rang and thought, Who’s calling at such an early morning. Anupama picked the call and said, Hello!

Rakhi shouted from the other side and said, Where is my daughter? I am sure she must be at your place. Anupama replied, what! A- At our place! Rakhi said, stop acting.

Our servants told me that she hasn’t come home. I am sure she must be with Paritosh at your place! If not, you must have hidden her somewhere. Where have you hidden her? Anupama said, Rakhi sister, hold on! Please… Please listen to me. 

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Rakhi shouted I don’t want to listen to anything. Where is my daughter, Kinjal? Tell me where you have hidden her. Anupama replied, why would we hide her? You have had confusion. Hold on. Let me check with Paritosh. Rakhi said if I don’t find my daughter, all of you will find yourselves behind bars, Anupama! 

Anupama said, give some time, Rakhi sister. Just hold on. She shouted Toshu… Rakhi replied he would come only if he is at home. He must have eloped with my daughter! Anupama said Rakhi sister, let me talk to him at least. One minute! Hold on! She shouted Toshu! 

Rakhi said, now, whatever you want to talk about, talk in front of the police. I am coming there with the police. Anupama tried to stop her, listen! Rakhi sister! But she cuts the call. 

Anupama then shouted at home. Samar! Toshu! Everyone comes saying, What happened? What happened? Pakhi asked, Why are you shouting early morning? Anupama said Rakhi had called here. She said Kinjal is missing since last night. Even, she thought that Kinjal is with Toshu. 

Baa said whether she’s gone mad. If her daughter is missing, she should call her. Why is she calling here? Anupama said, Where could Kinjal have gone?

Bring… Bring, Toshu with you, Samar. Go fast! Samar, bring Toshu with you! Baa said Han beta… Anupama said Samar! Toshu is in the room, isn’t he? Where is Toshu, Samar? Samar, where is Toshu? Speak up, Samar.

Rakhi warns Anupama

Samar replied, mummy, last night brother met Kinjal. Nandini and I advised him a lot, but he was adamant. Then, I bring him to met Kinjal. As soon as he met her, he told me to go home and not inform anyone about it until morning. Mummy, I have no idea, where is he? 

Anupama said to Samar, Call… Call ToshuSamar replied Okay, mummy. Brother’s mobile is switched off, mummy! Anupama said, what! Call, C-Call KinjalSamar called Kinjal and said, Kinjal’s phone is also off. Everyone left shocked. 

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In the next scene, Vanraj is looking at his phone, displaying the name Kavya. Meanwhile, he got Samar’s call and said, I think, even he felt the need for a father, finally! He picked the call and said, yes, beta! Samar said Kinjal and Toshu bhai is missing since last night. Vanraj was shocked; what! Samar said If you can, then please rush home fast. 

Vanraj thought Toshu and Kinjal… Oh, God!   

Anupama is trying to call Toshu. Baa said, Why hasn’t Vanraj come yet? You had called him, right? Anupama replied, yes, Baa! Samar had called him up. Baa said our Toshu could never do any wrong thing. I am sure Kinjal must have instigated him!

Anupama said Baa until we get to know the entire matter, why we need to blame anyone? Please have patience, Baa! Samar came shouting and said Mummy, we searched them everywhere, but we didn’t find them. We have gone to the coaching center as well, but they are not there too. Nandini said even Kinjal’s friends don’t know anything.

Anupama said, where could has he gone? Where could has he gone? Vanraj reached home fastly and said did you find anything about Toshu? I am trying to call him up, but I am not able to. Anupama replied we haven’t got any information yet. Vanraj asked, When did you come to know that Toshu is missing? Anupama replied when Rakhi called here sometimes before?

Vanraj said that means, hadn’t Ms. Rakhi called here, wouldn’t you have known that your son is missing. Your son has been missing since last night, and you were fast asleep.

Anupama replied, you are worried because you are upset for Toshu. You can taunt me as much as you want later. But now, it’s more important to find Toshu. Ms. Rakhi’s concern, as well as her resentment, is valid as her daughter is missing! I think We should take help from the police.

Baa said police… The police are going to come to our house. Vanraj said Baa… she is saying right. Let’s file a police complaint. They will find them soon. Bapuji said, then go away right now and file the complaint in the police station. Anupama said Okay, Bapuji!

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The entire family comes outside behind Anupama and Vanraj. They saw a police jeep is already coming towards their house. Firstly, the police came out, and behind them, Rakhi came out of the jeep. 

Baa whispered, Oh, God! She has really brought the police with her! I thought she was just threatening us! 

shah family is shocked by seeing police at doorstep

Rakhi screamed, where is my daughter? Where is she! Answer. Where the hell is my daughter? Anupama, Vanraj, and everyone come forward to Rakhi. Anupama said, your daughter and my son are both missing.

We both are sad. But I still remember that we won’t get our kids back if we shout and create a scene. Rakhi said, Oh, Shut up! 

Vanraj shouted you shut up! Rakhi said, wow! How can someone even trust this family? It’s impossible to understand who is staying with whom and has abandon whom!

You have abandoned your wife and gone to your lover, right? And now you are speaking in your wife’s favour! Why you people scared of drama? Your family is a drama in itself! 

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Anupama replied, if you shout like this and disgrace us, will your daughter comes back home. Rakhi said it’s us who have got disgraced! It’s my daughter who is missing! Inspector, this family has trapped my daughter.

Firstly, they got their son admitted to an institute that was beyond their capacity. Vanraj said so that he could create a bright future. Rakhi replied exactly! He trapped my daughter in order to create his bright future! All of you called her home and instigated her against me! And now, my daughter has been missing since last night! 

Precap: Rakhi is shouting; this family keeps speaking about values all the time, and their son made my daughter elope with him! Please arrest this woman! The policeman said to arrest her. Meanwhile, Kinjal said from the back, no need to arrest her! Toshu and Kinjal stood after getting married.