“Hotel Transylvania: Transformania” Review: The Last Monster Mash review in a mediocre animated franchise

I think Hotel Transylvania: Transformania – exclusive to Amazon Prime. Which might be called Hotel Transformania. But we don’t want anyone to confuse the branding with, I don’t know, Transformers? Marigold, the best exotic hotel? Rwandan hotels? After all, it should be called TransFOURmania as well.

As it is the fourth film in the highly successful animated film/video game/TV franchise. And is rumoured to be the last film. Unseen, this is already a minimal feature considering Adam Sandler. Who was replaced by Brian Hull to voice Draco and Gendy Tartakowski. The director of the first three came out. And only got a producer and writer here (and hopefully the second season of Primal or a Dexter Laboratory reboot). Not active).

We open the drac (hull) right in the middle of the big shindig.

It’s the Transylvania Hotel’s 125th anniversary, and it’s been a while. However, some things never change: He’s still pissed off with Johnny (Andy Samberg). The annoying, shrill, and colourful husband of Draco’s favourite monochrome daughter, Mavis (Selena Gomez). Drak was minutes away from getting on stage, announcing his retirement and handing Mavis and Johnny the hotel keys.

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But Johnny was Johnny, he tied Drake’s colon at the last second, and the vampire changed his mind. Johnny wanted the hotel. Johnny doesn’t have to own a hotel. Johnny’s going to ruin the hotel because Johnny sucks. The hotel is excellent, a safe place where monsters roam. And are not considered human. And Johnny is the complete opposite of cool. He is Obnoxio Dorknoramus of the highest order.

The uptight comedian Drak fights and tells Johnny. That there is an obscure real estate law that says no one can own a hotel in Transylvania. Johnny finds a loophole in this logic. He will make Van Helsing (Jim Gaffigan) hit him with a ghost. Which will turn him into a monster.

They tested it on a gerbil, turning it into a furry purple hippopotamus. So stop! Johnny grows scales, a tail, hooves and teeth. The fight goes back and, whatever events go crazy or otherwise. It gets hit by that thing and becomes a mere mortal. So horrifying that he could be considered a Republican for a moment.

It won’t go well.

Draco wants to change back, but his mind is shattered. And the only way to fix it is to go to the heart of the South American jungle to find a unique gem. So Bland Drac and Monster Johnny get on a plane and start a father-in-law/daughter-in-law relationship. Like they would die of passive aggression or unlikely friends, but hey, no spoilers here. It also allows Drak to experience the joys of sunshine, piranhas, and mosquitoes.

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Meanwhile, Frankenstein’s monster Frank (Brad Abrell), werewolf Wayne (Steve Buscemi), invisible human Griffin (David Spade), mummy Murray (Keegan-Michael Key). And Blobby is also paraded and jumped onto planes to celebrate. See Amazon with Mavis and Drak Human Erica (Catherine Hahn) presenters. If anything makes sense, let me know.

Transformania doesn’t miss the opportunity to deliver the same predictable comedy. That we’ve come to expect from the series. Much of it relatively high on the oximeter, delivered at a dizzying pace and inviting laughs from time to time. The Transylvania Hotel is mostly a kid-only venture. A hyperactive prankster with mild Hilites who ends up tossing a bowl of high-fructose corn syrup. As a vitamin or mineral (NOW with an annoyingly dehydrated marshmallow wrap!).

This time we get “You are perfect just the way you are”:

Message accepts and humanizes Drak. By proving that he is capable of physical and emotional changes. Thereby chronicling the hero’s progress from a judgmental flat slap to a warm and accepting personality. His father-in-law has gone through love tolerance. Something he’s no doubt been completely torn apart. And holding his breath since the first film exploded in our minds a decade ago. If you can get past the awesome crap of these movies. To be interested in something like this, cheers, pal, at incredible speed.

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The entertainment value of Hotel Transylvania: The Transformania is right up there in its ecstatic status for receiving a two-day supply of random crap that you buy while drunk while scrolling through your phone. That way, your child won’t bother you until the hangover goes away.