“The Queen of Flow Season 2” Review: A Colombian Music Telenovela in which a woman seeks revenge after illegal detention

Charlie Flo (Carlos Torres) does it big. The singer congratulated her screaming fans and enjoyed her growing fame on the big stage, although she secretly admitted that it was thanks to Yeimy. Who is amy? Well, he’s currently serving time in New York for a crime he didn’t commit. Yemi Montoya (Carolina Ramirez) has spent the last 17 years in prison contemplating her revenge on Charlie and his family, and as their release draws near, her thirst for revenge grows. His party brings him a shocking party, but when he is killed, he realizes that his quest for revenge will differ from what he had imagined.

Seventeen years ago, teenage Amy wrote a song in a personal notebook:

For love, she feels for Charlie, even if she keeps her feelings to herself. Meanwhile, Charlie plays music with his friend Juancho and orders (usually involving watching various crimes). For his disgusting uncle Manin (Lucho Velasco). The latter is displeased when he learns that Yemi’s parents, the town’s humble bakers, themselves have refused. To do it. Take him. Do. They paid him a “nominal fee”.

Meanwhile, Juancho approaches Yemi. She has heard some of the lyrics and believes that her songwriting might be the key to her success. While Yami contemplates his future and continues to have feelings for Charlie, his parents pay the price for confronting Manin. What happened at his bakery that day changed Yeimy’s life forever.

The river queen is sneaking up on you. This brutal Colombian telenovela is armed with disturbing reggaeton tunes. That depict specific character experiences, dramatic musical cues, and mundane but undeniably addictive pieces. The full of the kind of drama you dream of when you watch soap operas like it gave up. The decision to tell the story retrospectively served several purposes; it shows us why Yeimy is so desperate for revenge and introduces us to the young actors. Who will reappear as other characters in the current timeline. I haven’t seen many telenovelas other than Jane the Virgin. Which is undoubtedly very different from the classic iterations of the genre, but that’s okay; Queen of the Stream is soapy and severe enough to appeal to even the most casual of viewers.

I can’t talk about the trajectory or success of the other hundreds of guesses:

But the pilot is very addictive. We want Yemi to take revenge even if we’re not entirely sure what happened. Just because Charlie’s gloomy and overbearing personality instantly makes him a charming villain. Who has more than a few things to hide. It only takes one stroke to clarify why this series is such a hit in Colombia. And elsewhere because there is an irresistible quality to it, even if it strays from the fun. Queen of the Stream is utterly addicting and undeniably drinkable even with hour-long episodes. It is also surprising at times with its twists and turns in the plot and putting on some exciting shows.

Guillermo Blanco is very kind to Juancho, Charlie’s good-natured best friend, who wants a way out of this life of crime but still has to look after his younger brother and sister. It can be hard to get a good guy into a lousy role. Still, Blanco does it amazingly and brings genuine affection to Juancho, whether he’s being rude to Charlie and the rest of the gang or customizing his sister’s shoes to order. This will keep your toes from getting pinched all day long. The young cast who played our lead role in the flashbacks were incredibly talented, and Blanco helped lay an unforgettable and robust foundation for Juancho, who we know in the current plot.

The Queen of the Stream is a delicious soap opera full of characters and funny twists that can surprise even the most seasoned telenovela fan.