Anupama 7 December 2020: Kavya is jealous of Anupama

Kavya angrily returned home, saying how bloody embarrassing! From all the above, Anupama also saw everything. What is she doing there?

Vanraj replied, how I would know what she is doing there. Kavya said, Oh God! I don’t know what she is thinking. Not even two days passed out, and we are fighting like this in a public place. Even that Nandini got one more excuse to taunt me.

Kavya asked angrily to Vanraj, why have you created such a scene there? Vanraj replied, why are you talking there with so many smiles? Firstly you have gone there without informing me, and you even didn’t pick up my call. I have back pain, but then also I came behind you to search for you, and you are talking to that boy with lots of smiles.


Kavya respond I am only talking to him V. Vanraj replied I don’t like you to talk to any other person like that. Kavya said, and I also didn’t like you to talk to Anupama, and even I don’t like you to eat food made by her.

Vanraj replied, Oh! So you are taking yesterday’s revenge from me? Kavya said I am clearing V. You lie with me and go to meet your family and eat Anupama’s handmade food that I can’t tolerate.

Vanraj said, you are comparing your friend with my family. There are my Baa, Bapuji, and kids. Kavya said, for you, your family is essentially the same as that I have my friends essential. Vanraj said you must make friends of your age, not to any 25-year boy.

Kavya said, “Mind your language, V.” You middle-class man has this problem, whatever success you got in your life but once anger came, and you people behave like this.

Vanraj replied, and you woman not even fights but stretch things here and there also. You don’t want to resolve the fight by talking. Kavya said, Look, V! I don’t ever cheat you and will never do. If I need to make boyfriends like this, then why do I love a married man? V, I love you.

Vanraj replied, I also love you very much, Kavya, and I hope you know that. And till the time, I have a relationship with you. I shared the same bed with Anupama, but not even touched her. I never cheated on you.

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Kavya replied, then why are we fighting? Vanraj said, because I am jealous. Kavya responded I have become jealous too. Look V, for eight-year I see this dream that we live finally in a house below one roof like a couple together. And today, when we find that chance, then let’s not spoil it. And remember, but it will not happen. But if my love goes a little down or even ended, then I will not cheat you. I will tell you everything.

Vanraj remembers Anupama’s word; it says that husband and wife have a relationship till seven births. I even found it less.

Kavya asked Vanraj, Can we end this fight here? Vanraj said, yes. Kavya said, Get ready, V! Otherwise, we will be late for the office.

Vanraj takes a sip of water and thought whether Anupama has to be there at that time only. Oh, God! What’s my respect left?

Baa said in Rs. 80,000 a poor man can let her daughter married. And your course people are sending you to the moon? That’s why demanding Rs. 80,000. Toshu said Baa, in today’s world, if you are going to do any course, then 80-90,000 rupees are standard.

Pakhi said yes, and this course is essential for me. This will help me in the future specialization.

Anupama said that’s okay, beta, but…

Pakhi interrupts and said, don’t worry, mummy. I know that you don’t have such an amount, that’s why I already asked papa. He will transfer money to your account after some time.

Baa said while we left him like an outsider, my son is very much tensed for this family. Anupama said to Sweety, Sweety, before asking for money from papa, you must ask Bapuji or me.

Pakhi replied, I asked for money from my father, and in that, what is the thing to ask? If I asked you then, you also asked for money from my father only, right?

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Baa said attitude must the shown by whom, who has that status to show attitude. Otherwise, also kid’s education responsibility is of Vanraj only.


Bapuji said Pakhi beta, it’s not wrong to ask for money from your father, but next time, when you need to do anything like this, talk to me or your mother first. Actually, beta, if the big person takes some decisions that it’s okay.

Pakhi responded, sorry, bapuji, because I didn’t ask you this time. Bapuji replied its okay beta eat food.

Anupama remembers Vanraj’s word; you just see all that this house will be mine and this family too. I will snatch everything from you—even Baa, Bapuji, and the kids too. Anupama thinks in mind, don’t make my kids bad in this battle.

In the next scene, Vanraj and Kavya have seen working in the office. Vanraj remembers when Samar presents Anupama’s that this is your new bank account’s passbook.

Vanraj thought, and this is the first slap in your self-respect. Yesterday, you were very arrogant that you will take the responsibility here on. You must have realized your self-worth within a day. This is just the beginning, Anupama. When the kids need to look up to me for every little need of theirs, they will understand my significance in their lives.

When Vanraj transfers money to Anupama’s account, then Kavya noticed the message on his phone. And the second message of ‘Thank You’ from Anupama’s side also came.

Vanraj then said to Kavya; It’s the time for the meeting; let’s go.

Pakhi said to Anupama, Mummy, the amount has been transferred into your account, and I have texted papa; thank you for that. What happened, mummy?

Anupama said, sorry, beta! I could not do anything for you. Pakhi replied that it doesn’t mean that you don’t want to or don’t love me. I understand that you can do anything for me, but you don’t make that much money now. I am sure that your classes will do well and you will make tons of money. But it will be tough to manage right now. But don’t worry! Papa is there.

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Kavya gives Vanraj’s phone to him. Vanraj said that you! Come on! Come on now! What happened? Kavya replied, nothing!

Kavya thought, V sent money to Anupama and didn’t tell me. Is he upset because of our morning spat, or is he hiding something from me? Anyway, I will clarify it with him, but the question is, why’s Anupama asking him money? She always blows her trumpet of self-respect every time. What happened now? Is she blackmailing him into going back to her?

Anupama said to Nandini, the class was good. See you tomorrow. Nandini, whatever I told Samar this morning, do think about it. Nandini replied, sure, aunty.

Anupama is fastly going towards the house; I must cook. It’s time for Bapuji’s medicines. Anupama faces Kavya and remembers past things.

Kavya said hello, Anupama. Anupama replied Jai Shree Krishna. Kavya said I need to discuss something significant. Anupama said with me. Kavya replied, yes! When you had to speak to me, you had come to me, right? So today, I am here to speak. Anupama replied, I came to your house. I didn’t frisk you like this on the street. We put the clothes outside for drying, but one mustn’t wash dirty linen in public. Discuss what you want to inside Bapuji’s house. No conversation in the middle of the road.

Kavya thought I didn’t want any drama. But it’s okay if you want drama.

Vanraj came to the cabin, talking on the phone that gives me the project report soon. I need to submit. Vanraj got a slip over his laptop, I am leaving for something important, and you may head home important work?

Vanraj remembers the morning scene of Kavya with that boy. Has she gone to meet that boy? No, No! Maybe she has something important. At least she must inform me.

Kavya and Anupama in hall:

Anupama said, Sit down. Kavya replied, No thanks. Anupama asked for tea or coffee? Kavya replied, No. I am not here to have tea or coffee but for something else. Anupama said, you already have what was mine.

Kavya asked, is that why you are trying to snatch it back? Right? O Please, Anupama! Stop acting like a native damsel in distress now. Anupama replied, be clear! What you want to say.

Kavya said, for that only, I am here. All these delusions that you have are what I am here to remove. I understand that Vanraj’s affair with me must have hurt you a big deal. But a fact remains a fact. What can we do if we fell in love while working together? Love blinds your sensibility and intellect. Don’t worry! I am not here to explain. I just want you to accept the truth. Vanraj has left you. So stop dreaming that he will come back to you by leaving me. Just let him go.

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Anupama said, lower your tone. Bapuji is asleep; lower your tone. Kavya replied, okay, fine, normal tone. Vanraj is not happy with you; that is why he came to me. But you don’t even let him be there also. Are you seeking revenge from us? Or are you trying to separate us? Because finally, you have realized that you can’t run the house without Vanraj. I don’t know why you are doing all this. And honestly, I don’t even care. I was here to say that you have been a third-wheel for V and me. Enough now! Stop intervening between me and V.

Anupama asked that I came in between. Kavya shouted, yes. Even you are still doing this. And you were so discreet that Vanraj has fallen for it. You said you want nothing but took over the house. By saying my family, my family, you made Vanraj’s family abandon him. It didn’t matter to me because V matters to me, not his property. But you want your husband also after his property. And that matters to me. After Vanraj’s life, you are now cooking food for him, deploying his Baa, using kids to manipulate him, asking him for money. And after that sending thank you messages. What do you think? Can’t I see what you are up to? When there is nothing left between you, then why are you exercising your right over Vanraj?

Anupama replied I never exercised right when I have it. And now I have let go of all of them at my will.

Kavya said, you say all this, but you do something else entirely. But get this very clear. Vanraj is mine, and you can never snatch him from me. You might use his parents or kids to manipulate him.

On the backside, Baa put the phone forward to let Vanraj heard all the conversation on call. Baa asked; heard that! Heard what your loving Kavya is doing here?


Vanraj, being disappointed, said Kavya! What have you done? I must go home. Vanraj ran away.

Kavya said to Anupama, if you have financial issues, then deal it with yourself. Seek help from your father-in-law, mother-in-law, or parents; I don’t care. But leave Vanraj and me out of it. We have not even started our life correctly. We have not started our life. It’s not even been two days, and you have made our lives miserable. And don’t you think that I am not trying to exercise my control over Vanraj’s money. His money belongs to him, but Vanraj is mine. And you never forget that.

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Anupama replied, I never forget anything, Kavya. But maybe you forget that you can steal someone’s husband but not anyone’s father. I have nothing to do with your Vanraj anymore. But as far as this house, my kids, my in-laws are concerned, the relationship was being and will always there. If you are so hassled with your man’s kith and kin, then you just found a man who doesn’t have all these relationships. And if you talk about food, then your Vanraj is still a son of this family. We would serve food to the outside even if he came at the time of lunch.

Kavya said, Shut up!

Baa shouted, you shut up! Your entire family must shut up too. How dare you enter our home? How dare you to talk like this to my daughter-in-law? Kavya said Baa, please don’t come in between this. I am talking to Anupama.

Baa replied, so you don’t know the relation between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. To scold and taunt, the daughter-in-law is only mother-in-law’s right. I don’t give away this right to anyone. Not to some home wreaker like you any day.

Kavya responded Baa; I am respecting you; that’s why I am not back answering you. I am here only to fight for my rights.

Baa replied I lost my footwear at the temple one day. The thief came to me and asked for Rs.2 to get it repaired. Do you know what I told him? I slapped him and told him that thieves don’t have rights. Without slapping you, I am telling you that thieves have no rights.

Kavya angrily answered, mind your tongue Baa. Baa said, be thankful that I am only talking. If I don’t think of Vanraj then till now, I would have had my footwear on the one hand and your face on the other.

Anupama said Baa calm down, and you too, Kavya. Bapuji is asleep. Kavya shouted, I don’t care. If you want anyone to Shut, then let her shut. She’s just going on and on without giving it a thought.

Baa said if you don’t think before doing, then why I think before saying? Kavya said I alone didn’t do anything; your son is also involved in this. Baa said, yes, I have already slapped him. Will, I gave it on your cheeks too?

Anupama said enough now.

Vanraj said Kavya has gone mad. Why did she have to go home? Damm!! Why did the lift have to conk off now?

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Anupama said you have no right to talk to my Baa like that, Kavya. As far as Vanraj is concerned, he has left us all behind and has been living with you. He is not mine, but that doesn’t mean that he has no one else. Vanraj lives with me or you; he will always be a son, a father, and a brother. When it is about him and his family, then no one comes in between. When being his wife, I don’t intervene with him and his parents or kids. Then what gives you the right to do so? I am not taunting that I am still his wife, and you are…


Vanraj said while driving, why can’t these women live peacefully? They are bent on creating a stir.

Anupama said Kavya only a couple gets divorced; other relations can’t. There could be spats and resentments in blood relations, but they can never be ended. A man can opt for another woman, but he won’t opt for other kids over his. He never looks for another parent. Hence, do keep these things in mind that you can’t change these things at your whim. Even if you marry him and become his wife, then also nothing will change.

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She continued and said his family ties would remain what they are. I guess that’s the difference between a wife and a girlfriend. The wife thinks that their husband wife’s relation will make her matrimony stronger due to other relations. Whereas the girlfriend thinks that it will make her relationship with her lover weak. He belongs to his parents as much as he belongs to you. He belongs to his kids too. I may not be his wife for long but always being the mother of his kids. When you accept all this Kavya, then all your insecurities will rest at all.

Vanraj reached home and quickly ran towards the house and saw Anupama and Kavya standing.

Baa watched him and said Vanraj.

Kavya was shocked, and Vanraj came inside.

Precap: Vanraj said; Let me clear this for one last time. My parents are God for me, and my kids are my life. I can’t let them go for anyone. Not even for you. Pakhi said to Vanraj I want to celebrate my birthday at home this time. The birthday party will happen only when you came home. Anupama said Sweety’s Sweety’s birthday party would happen like that; the guest and happiness will also not return. Kavya thought cooking up a storm at home is not a birthday party. I shall show Pakhi what a birthday party should be.