ANUPAMA 30TH NOVEMBER 2020: Bapuji gives house to Anupama, Vanraj leaves the house

The episode starts with Pakhi crying and requesting Anupama that she wants both. Meanwhile, Vanraj came and tried to say something to Pakhi. He said Pakhi beta and pakhi ran away from there. Anupama and Vanraj both tried to stop Pakhi, but she ran away.

Vanraj blames Anupama:

Then, Vanraj holds Anupama and pushed her back, saying, now you are happy? Tell me did you want all this? What you said, you worry about children and Baa Bapuji. Is this how you are worried about them? Are you done with playing the role of a great mother?

Anupama shouted and said, leave my hand. Vanraj said; still, my talking is not completed. Again holds her and pushed her to the cupboard. Anupama said I didn’t turn anyone against you. The children are that old now that they can understand right and wrong. They already have seen the right till now. Even they say wrong that night.


Vanraj shouted and said, Stop It. He continued and said that it was fine as long as the matter was between the two of us. But now it has become a scene. Now everyone knows everything just because of you. Anupama replied, then you must be happy about it. Now you and Kavya can live together. Vanraj said, Wow, didn’t you want this? You want that I leave my house and shift to Kavya’s house with her so that you can rule alone over my house.

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Vanraj ordered Anupama to leave the house:

Vanraj continued and said to Anupama that I would not leave this house and go for your kind information. Bapuji, in anger, asked me to leave the house, but Baa will not let her only son leave the house and go elsewhere. Bapuji will change his decision. What will you do after that? What will you do? This house is my house; family is my family. Baa Bapuji are my parents. What have you got here? Nothing, when you have nothing left between us. Then from which right do you live in this house?

Vanraj ordered Anupama, Go from here, Get out!! As long as you are here, everyone will do as you want. That’s why go away from here right now. Vanraj said, don’t stare. Just pack your bags and Get out!! And don’t live in the misconception that without you, this house won’t run. Your position in this house is not more than a glorified maid. I will hire two more maids with Jhilmil. For Bapuji’s care, I will hire a nurse. And for cooking, I will hire a cook. That’s all!! Your need will end. Once you are gone, I will make everything right.

Vanraj continuously said I would make everyone happy. I will take care of Baa and Bapuji and fulfill the children’s dreams. Even I will take place in Samar’s heart. I will do everything. You leave the house.

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Again Vanraj blames Anupama that I had an affair because you are uneducated. My parents cried because you are their daughter-in-law. My Baa slapped me because you are my wife. Even my children are crying because you are their mother. The reason behind every sorrow and problem is just you. So, please go away from here. Then, wherever you want to live, you can live whether at your parent’s home or friend’s house, or on the street. Do whatever you want to do. It will not make any difference to me. Just get out!!

Vanraj again asked Anupama to leave the house. Otherwise, I will throw you out of the house forcibly.

Anupama agreed on leaving house:

Anupama replied you don’t need to loop so down. I will go on my own. If you are ready to become a good son, good dad, and right person by my going, even you will take care of this family, then it’s ok. I will go away.

Samar saw all this and shouts Baa, cool dude. Vanraj and Anupama tried to stop him. But he ran away shouting uncle, pakhi, toshu Bhai, Baa, bapuji, come out soon. Anupama loudly asks him not to go to his grandparents.

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Meanwhile, Vanraj again holds Anupama in anger and said, go out and say what you just said to me now, that you are leaving this house.
In the next scene, Samar tells Baa Bapuji and everyone about Vanraj and Anupama’s conversation.

Vanraj and Anupama come down the stair, and everyone is looking at them in shock.

Anupama tried to convince Bapuji, Baa:

Anupama said, Baa Bapuji, a married woman, lives by two things in her marital home, one love and other respect. The love in our relationship died out long ago. If I stay here any longer, then respect will also die. And you know very well that I can’t compromise with my self-respect and life. So, with your permission, I would like to leave this house. And anyway, if my leaving will restore the peace of this house, then I am ready to leave this house even this world too.

Today, Vanraj crossed all lines of respect. Anupama said Bapuji if I still am here, I will be down in my own eyes. My mother had groomed me, and you both (Baa, Bapuji) give me an upbringing. By staying in this house, I can’t stand to see your values being disrespected.

Bapuji replied a daughter-in-law brings prosperity to a home. She is a Goddess, and you know that Goddess can’t leave the temple.

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Anupama said, my self-respect is very much hurt Bapuji that it has broken me. And you know that a broken idol can’t be in the temple. I am your daughter, daughter-in-law, you all’s mother is, was and always being. I will fulfill all my duties, but just by being outside the house. Anupama requested, please permit your uneducated Anupama to leave the house Bapuji.

Anupama continued and said; when a girl enters her marital home, she has only one dream that she will leave in a coffin only. I even not get that fortune. Anupama said, I am going back to my mother’s home. I will stay with my mother after two streets from here and always here whenever you call me; I will reach here immediately.

Vanraj said, Stop this nonsense and leave the house.

Anupama said BapujiBapuji stopped her and said there is no need to say anything else. You told us your decision; then the matter ends there. If you want to leave, then you can go. I would not stop you.

Samar interrupts and said cool dude would you let mom. Meanwhile, Bapuji stopped him and said when everyone in the house starts acting as per their whims and stops caring for their parents, the parents should also stop interfering. If they didn’t find it necessary to ask parents before making a decision, then I also don’t need to ask them or inform them.

Bapuji said to Samar, in Vanraj’s room, there are the property documents of this house. Go and bring them.

Vanraj whisper to Anupama, a daughter-in-law can take their son’s place but can’t replace him.

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Anupama thinks and said sorry, Bapuji, I know my decision hurts you a lot. I hope you will forgive me for this.

Kavya had a conversation with Anirudh:

On the other side, Kavya thinks that I don’t know what’s going on in V’s house. I asked him to end everything and come back to my house. Why isn’t he here? Meanwhile, the phone rang, and Kavya took the phone and said yes. Anirudh, on the other side, replied I know you are much tensed now. Kavya replied, that’s why you came to increase my tension. Anirudh said, relax, Kavya, I am not that much worse.


Kavya asks then why you are here. Anirudh replied, I didn’t come here to meet you. I came to pay the society maintenance cheque. Then I saw in the entry register that your boyfriend hasn’t come here post-Diwali. Kavya said, what the hell!! What does matters to you?

Anirudh continued and said If you and Vanraj caught at the resort, then what’s my fault in this? Kavya said, Oh! Rakhi has told you also. Anirudh replied, no, not me but to my friend who lives in this building. Look, Kavya, I am not sarcastic. But I want to realize you. Think it over. Even after all this happens, Vanraj is not with you, but he is with his family in his home. Do you know why? Because a mistress will always be a mistress, and a wife is always a wife. Vanraj will apologize to his family, and they will forgive Vanraj.

At last, Vanraj is their only son. Vanraj’s position is secured in his house. But whether your place is secured in his life or not, you have to think about it.

Anirudh said, look, Kavya!! Sometimes it’s good to use the brain, too, along with the heart. It’s better for you. Then Kavya thinks, Anirudh words are not wrong. Now everyone knows everything in V’s house. But still, he didn’t come here. Instead, he is trying to soothe them.

On the other side, Samar brings the house documents. Bapuji holds the documents and thinks about the past, where he declares the house in both of them names.

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Bapuji said to Vanraj; you are very proud of this house. Aren’t you? After saying that, Bapuji tore the papers in front of Vanraj and said, there go, along with these papers, your ego has also been destroyed.

Bapuji transfer house’s ownership to Anupama:

Bapuji then said I had transferred this house ownership to both of you because I didn’t know that someday you will put us in that situation. So today, I am changing my will. Now, I am transferring the ownership of this house to Anupama. From today or even from this moment, only Anupama has sole ownership of this house. And when this house belongs to Anupama, it’s pointless to have a nameplate of Vanraj on the main door.

Bapuji goes and brings out Vanraj’s nameplate from the main door and give it to Vanraj in his hand. He continued and said I asked you to leave my house in the morning. This house is Anupama’s house, so you will stay here or not is Anupama’s decision. The owner of this house will decide.

Vanraj leaves the nameplate in shock.

Vanraj asked Bapuji; you are doing all this to me. To your son!! Ok if you have a daughter-in-law who is dearer than your son, so let it be.

Vanraj looked at Anupama and left the place to his room. One by one, everyone goes from there.

Vanraj reached his room and started packing his clothes. Baa came there and looked at Vanraj. She asked Vanraj that your Bapuji said to leave the house and you are leaving!! You will leave your house, your children’s and your mother.

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Vanraj replied I am just leaving Baa. You people have already abandoned me and turned me into an outsider in just one jiffy. You slapped me, Bapuji asked me to leave the house, and my children don’t even want to talk to me! What should I do after staying at this house?

Baa replied that a man might be a father or a son; whenever he felt wrong about anything, he would leave the house. A woman remains to wait for him always, either for husband or son. Men fight, but women suffer. On the one hand, there is a husband and on the other hand son. Tell me, whom should I support? I can’t say anything to husband and son don’t listen. What should I do?

Vanraj hugged Baa and said Sorry Baa, Anupama destroyed everything, breaks all our family.

Anupama talked to Bapuji:

On another side, Anupama asked Bapuji; my family is about to break due to me. I can’t let it happens, Bapuji. What kind of justice is this Bapuji in which a mother got separated from her son, children separated from father and you? Don’t I know that if Vanraj leaves the house, then how much you got hurt? And Baa… She won’t be able to live. Please don’t do this, Bapuji.


Bapuji replied Vanraj made a mistake, and I punished him. Don’t blame yourself for this. In all this, you don’t have any fault; otherwise, wrong is what happened to you.

Baa said, what we left in your upbringing that you did this. Vanraj replied, you got me married to such a girl whom I don’t like. But I never questioned you that what’s left in performing the son’s role? Anupama wasn’t your choice; she was my grandmother’s choice. That’s why you taunt her daily in 32 years. You were so disappointed about not getting the daughter-in-law of your choice. Then why can’t I be disappointed for not getting the wife of my choice?

Precap: Vanraj said, I am leaving this house and going to Kavya. I will marry Kavya. Anupama said, Listen, you are talking about divorce? Vanraj replied, yes. Anupama said, when you send me divorce papers, I will sign them. Anupama thinks from my soul; I already divorced you.