Anupama, 26th November 2020: Vanraj in front of Family, Leela slaps Vanraj

Anupama, along with her family, returns home and feels sad after seeing everyone’s faces. Then, Anupama remembered Rakhi when she asked her whether she will get her daughter (Pakhi) in such a family where the father is going for a honeymoon instead of planning for the daughter’s marriage. Dolly also remembered Rakhi’s question about her daughter.

Baa remembered that Rakhi told her about Anupama’s being unconscious after seeing Vanraj with Kavya on the bed. Toshu also remembers Rakhi’s words saying that she will not marry her daughter with him.

Anupama prepares snacks for everyone:

Meanwhile, Anupama prepared some snacks for everyone as everyone is sad after all this happens. She serves the snacks to Toshu, Pakhi. Then Anupama requested Bapuji to have some milk and the biscuit to have his medicines.

Bapuji questions Anupama: Why she hides everything?

Bapuji didn’t respond to Anupama. Anupama asks him whether he will not listen to his daughter? Bapuji replied, saying that I always considered you as my daughter, but you didn’t give me your father’s place. I am your father-in-law and always be your father-in-law. That’s the reason you didn’t complain to me about Vanraj. Bapuji walks away from there.

Anupama followed him and requested him again to eat. Bapuji replied, you suffered a lot as a bahu of this house, but a daughter can tell her father about this type of matter. He said you think that Baa and Bapuji is Vanraj’s parent only then they will support him. Anupama replied Bapuji; you are my father; I got scared after knowing all that and also want to cry on Baa’s lap and want to tell you everything, Bapuji, but I got scared, so I can’t do that. I got afraid that you will be ashamed of your upbringing.

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Anupama shares her feelings:

Anupama continues and says, I thought I get what is written on my fate, but I always want you (Bapuji) and Baa away from all this. I don’t want you to be sad, but it’s my mistake. I forget all are fingers of one hand, although all are different but attached in the same hand.
Bapuji ate medicines and then ask Anupama to tell him when and how all this started. Anupama continues crying on the other side.


Anupama 26th November 2020

Samar, Toshu, and Sanjay become nervous. Bapuji noticed everyone and said to Samar,” I am your cool dude, why you didn’t tell me about this.” Then self replied that my daughter kept me in the dark than what can I expect from you. Bapuji said to Anupama, now we know the truth tell us when all this started. Anupama said Bapuji, now all that happens, no matter what happens, just let it go and don’t ask it again and again.

Baa asked Anupama about the complete truth:

Baa shouts at Anupama over this to stop her pravachan, that I understand you got scared, but now we know everything and want to know the entire truth. Tell us when all this started. Sanjay responded to their question and said from eight years. After hearing this, Baa and Bapuji left shocked, and Anupama walks away towards the kitchen crying.

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Baa Slapped Vanraj:

Meanwhile, Vanraj is driving the car slowly home. He brings out of the car and walks towards the door. Baa stands on the door, and when Vanraj came and stands by her. Baa slapped him and said that she feels the shame of herself to call herself his mother. Then she dragged Vanraj inside by his collar and brings Anupama in front of him.

Baa tells Vanraj that the day Anupama came as a daughter-in-law of this house, I always let her down. She put all her efforts, but I always find defects in her and ignored all her good things. You know the reason behind this because I thought she is not of your match. My son is my proud I always thought Vanraj is well settled and talented, even earns a lot to fulfill all our needs; I didn’t leave any time when I didn’t shout at her. Even I blame my late mother-in-law for fixing her marriage with you by saying Anupama coal and Vanraj Diamond. But today, you left my face black by your doings.

Anupama always serves food to you for the last 25 years, but when she didn’t serve you a day, I shout at her and find her mistake in it. But I didn’t know that she is listening to everything to hide your mistake.

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Baa cries all her heart out:

Baa then said, your Bapuji becomes father from father-in-law, but I neither become a good mother nor mother-in-law. She said I am the one who is always proud of my son as I earned well, make us eat whatever we want to eat. Even said she is the one who lashes out at everyone but today was the day when Rakhi was insulting the entire family, and we are forced to bear all his talks because of our shameful son like him.

Baa turned around and cried loudly in support of the pillar. Anupama consoles Baa where Baa said sorry to her for all the wrong behavior by me, I always taunt you and insult you and apologize to marry you with Vanraj.

Kavya panics:

On the other side, Kavya panics in her home while thinking about what is happening in Vanraj’s home. She said maybe this tension would make her die.

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Baa continues to shout at Vanraj that he has three children and needs to marry them, but you at this age go on for a honeymoon trip. Baa said, we try to fix Toshu’s wedding, and you are doing all this. Then she insists Vanraj tell us why you did this. What is the reason behind this? Baa asked him again, and again then Vanraj shouts Anupamaaa….

Precap: Vanraj shouted at Baa and said she got Anupama married to him. That Anupama does not even deserve to stand side by side him. He holds Anupama tightly and shouts at her; she is responsible for all this. Bapuji comes in between and pushes Vanraj away by saying it’s good to be childless than having a son like you.