Anupama 24th November 2020 Written Update: Shah Family got shocked by Vanraj and Kavya’s Affair

Shah family gathers in the resort’s garden restaurant and enjoying breakfast together. Rakhi asks everyone that today we all have dinner together outside, not in the rooms. Baa replied that it would cost you less. Rakhi said, let us do it for a change, and she will make that happen at the poolside.

Kinjal suggests to Samar that there he can spend some time with Nandini. Samar, due to happiness, said loudly that he could also spend time there. Family members saw him with confusion. Anupama said that this time Bapu Ji needs dinner on time. Bapuji replied that he would adjust for the family for at least one day. Rakhi says no problem in a day. Anupama said that this would affect Bapuji’s life. Bapuji again said that one day doesn’t matter. Then, Anupama agreed. While on the other side, Vanraj was getting romantic with Kavya and said he could not wait for today’s night. Rakhi was also eagerly waiting for tonight and said she couldn’t have the patience to wait for tonight.

Anupama’s tweety talk:

In the room, Anupama talked to the tweety and said that this is her first party that she doesn’t have anything to do. Even she doesn’t need to cook for Samar or anything. She thought that she would enjoy the day to the fullest by forgetting everything else.

Vanraj and Kavya is getting ready for calebration:

Meanwhile, Vanraj and Kavya get ready. Vanraj wears a tuxedo while Kavya is in a gorgeous black gown. Vanraj takes his eyes on Kavya and starts doing acting as he is getting a heart attack. She got worried about Vanraj. Then, Vanraj replied that she looks stunning and beautiful that he will get a heart attack. She got angry. Vanraj said once Toshu plays a prank on Kinjal, and Kinjal reacted by laughing at that. Kavya replied that they are not small ones.

Vanraj said, let us play some adult game. Kavya replied, her lipstick will get masticate. Vanraj says that’s the only reason girls love their lipstick more than their boyfriends and asked Kavya to go out. Kavya replies that we decided to celebrate my birthday in the room with champagne and cake. Vanraj replied there is some time left to be 12:00’o clock on the watch.

On the other side, Rakhi got ready for the party and thought ourselves to be too good. Rakhi thinks that Shah Family is gone; remember this party’s entire life.

Vanraj and Kavya came down to party hall:

Vanraj goes with Kavya to the resort’s hall. She asked why we came here. The lights of the hall are off. He said, we are here to celebrate your birthday. He said perhaps I have that power that I will clap and lights automatically turned on.

Then Vanraj clap one time, half lights turned on. Again Vanraj claps then the remaining lights are also on. Kavya is being shocked after seeing that arrangement and looks very happy to see that. Even Kavya gets emotional by surprise. Vanraj said to Kavya not to get emotional because her mascara and eyeliner will spoil. He said I am sorry for not giving you attention due to his family. Kavya replied that she got the happiness of the entire world by this surprise in this two days trip.

Samar proposes Nandini:

In the next scene, Shah Family walks towards the poolside restaurant. Then, Kinjal gives a signal to Samar to go poolside and propose Nandini. On the other side sends Nandini too behind Samar. Rakhi welcomes everyone there. Baa said its too late, already 11 p.m., and we will go back to our rooms. Rakhi said, sorry Baa but be here; Kinjal and I always attended your programs. Bapuji replied, that’s why we are here to fulfill your wish.

Anupama told Bapuji not to have sweets. Bapuji replied, just two pistachios. Anupama says no, only one. Anupama asks Bapuji if he is feeling cold then she can bring shawl from the room. Bapuji said no, it’s ok. Meanwhile, Anupama saw a red velvet cake and remembered when Vanraj ordered the cake before for Kavya. Even she saw the name of the cake was KAVYA then she shocked again. But just at that time, a lady came and said thanks for getting my daughter’s cake on time. Then, Anupama got relaxed. She asks everyone where is Samar. Rakhi thought when his father is busy romancing with other than how her son is behind.

Nandini goes towards the poolside to search Samar and becomes happy after seeing lots of LOL written the pool. There Samar holds Nandini. She said with lots of happiness to Samar that you saw lots of lol in the pool. Samar said it’s mine, lol, and says I Love You. She turned surprised. He extends his hand towards him, then she said, lol, lots of later. She said she will talk about this later and walks towards the family.

Shah’s Family enjoying dinner:

On the other side, Shah’s family is enjoying dinner together. Rakhi sees the clock again and again. Baa said to her, why you see time repeatedly. She said no, nothing. Nandini returns, having shock, and sit with everyone. Even sweety asked him that what happens.
Kavya wished to write to her to wish on a balloon. Vanraj said if she wants to do so, then she can do it. Kavya writes on the balloon. Vanraj asked what she wrote there. She said the wish is between her and God. The balloon flies away. Vanraj went to pick it up; meanwhile, a small girl came and asked that she wants this balloon; it’s her favorite one. She asked for a balloon again, and again then Kavya said, no problem give it to her.

Then, the girl is seeing playing with the balloon. The balloon again falls, and Anupama saw that balloon, even she saw Kavya’s wish on the balloon too. Meanwhile, Vanraj’s voice came of singing happy birthday to you Kavya.

Vanraj heard singing for Kavya:

The entire family heard the voice, and Baa said its Vanraj’s voice. Rakhi said it’s right; it’s Vanraj’s voice. On the other side, Vanraj gifted a ring to Kavya and said I love you to her. Then she hugged Vanraj and thanks him for the surprise.

In this, Rakhi came clapping and said Oh My God, Bapuji and complete family enters there one by one in shock by seeing Vanraj and Kavya’s affair.

Precap: Rakhi said to the Shah family whether they would marry their daughter in such a family where her father-in-law has an affair. She will then make the CCTC footage viral with the caption hashtag Vanraj Shah’s affair. The family member feels ashamed.