Shakti- Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki: Full Story, Cast & Plot

The show was premiered on Colors Tv on 30 May 2016. With more than 1000 episodes being aired in 4 years, it is still doing great. A leap was introduced in 2019 of 16 years with a new cast and the same old concept.

Shakti is a show with a significantly different concept handling one of the taboos in India. Being a Transgender in India comes with facing humiliation and difficulties throughout one’s life. Still, Shakti brilliantly delivers the message which stands in favor of Trans genders and proves their true existence in this unfair world.

Shakti-Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki Cast:

The lead cast of the show stands for herself and her identity. The show also displays true love where two people love each other unconditionally despite being Transgender.

Rubina Dilaik & Vivian Dsena are in the lead role, and their in-role characters are Soumya Harman Singh and Harman Harak Singh.

Rubina is currently participating in Big Boss 14.

Kamya Panjabi as Preeto Kaur Singh in a positive role ruled over the hearts of the audience.

Jigyasa Singh as Heer and Simba Nagpal as Virat Singh is handling the new beginning of the show after the time-lapse exceptionally well. Their acting continues to hold the audience of the show.

The show revolves around a girl being “Kinnar “and the difficulties she faces and overcomes in her journey to lead an everyday life. The show delivers a message with a romantic plot, the way the Indian television audience likes.

Even though the show is based on a new and different concept, the ratings received by IMBD are not so great, which is 5.8. But it is doing great with TRPs and managed to receive a brilliant response from the audience.

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The Plot of Shakti-Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki:

The show’s plot is set in Punjab; the show starts where Maninder attempts to bury his newborn daughter Soumya but fails as his wife Nimmi stops him from doing so.

Saumya has a sister, Surbhi, whom a spoilt brat Harman tries to kidnap but ends up kidnapping Saumya instead. After this incident, Harman had to marry Saumya due to pressure received from Harak. Initially, they both didn’t seem to like each other, but eventually, both start falling for one another.

After some time, Saumya learns tha she is a Transgender being referred to as “Kinnar” she tells Harman, who is infuriated to know the truth about Saumya.

The show involved a lot of drama and exciting turns after everyone knows the truth. Amidst all these twists and turns, some misunderstanding leads Harman to marry Mahi, and after a few months, Harman dies; later, Mahi gives birth to another child who is also a Transgender.

On learning her true identity, Mahi disowns her child. Preeto and Saumya raise the girl, who was named Heer.

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Heer grew to be a bubbly child, she was loved by Preeto and Saumya, but her mother hated her. Saumya dies in an accident, and this is when the show takes a time-lapse of 16 years, and Heer turns out to be a beautiful woman happy with her family and protected by her brothers Soham and Rohan. Heer becomes friends with Virat and both fall for each other, but since the families don’t accept their love, they elope and marry in a temple.

Now the same old concept of show repeats. Virat comes to know Heer’s true identity and starts hating her, leading to Virat’s separation and involvement with a new girl. Heer promises to forget Virat. But then Virat again falls for Heer, but this time with her true identity.

Virat proves his love for Heer, and lots of drama takes place, convincing both the families, and the drama continues.