Anupama, 23rd November 2020, Written Update: Vanraj and Kavya Spending Quality Time

Vanraj heard the room’s doorbell and asked Kavya about who is ringing the bell, whether she ordered anything. Kavya replied no and steps towards the door. In the meantime, Vanraj holds her and become romantic. Anupama rings the bell; at that time, hotel staff passing from there. Anupama asked him, whose room is this? Mine one is the front one. The hotel staff replied that it is also a honeymoon suite, and a couple is inside the room. Anupama feels shy and then walks away to her room.

Samar told Nandini to swing. While she said no to that and told him about her phobia of falling from a swing, so she cannot swing. Samar ensures Nandini that this time she will not fall and make her swing. At that moment, Nandini enjoyed it a lot and then fell. Samar helped her in getting up, and their eyes lock in each other.

Toshu and Kinjal pass from there and taunts them to inform them that they all have to be in Baa and Bapuji’s room. The complete family is together in Baa and Bapuji’s room. There they all dance together by pillow game. Rakhi thought everyone is playing very loud. Hopefully, Vanraj will not see them.

Vanraj sings for Kavya:

On the other side, Vanraj sings a song for Kavya. He got disturbed by the loud music coming from the side room. Vanraj got angry and tried to call them, but no one receives a call. When the call was received, he is not able to listen to anything due to loud sounds. Rakhi thinks till tomorrow, and no one can see Vanraj and Kavya together as she wants the entire family to see them at the moment.

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Shah Family playing together:

On the next day, the entire family gathers together in the garden and plays outdoor games. They are playing so loud that other people are staring at them. Rakhi feels awkward after seeing this. Rakhi asked Anupama that they should enjoy the resort’s game like pool or snooker. Anupama asks how many persons can play that game at a time. Rakhi says two. Anupama said then this outdoor game is better in which everyone can play together. Baa said to Rakhi to play her cooker game on her own. Then, Rakhi says to Anupama, at least everyone can play badminton together. So, Anupama says to everyone, let’s go and play badminton.

Meanwhile, Rakhi’s friend Janaki (Resort owner) informed her that Vanraj and Kavya’s sightseeing plan is canceled, and they are also in the resort in their room. Rakhi asks her for help, saying that please do something and send them outside to come back at night. In the next scene, Samar and Nandini fall on a bed of flowers by mistake and stare at each other. Kinjal saw them and taunts on the same. Nandini walks out by being shy. Kinjal said to Samar that Toshu takes one year to propose to me. Please don’t delay. Rakhi saw all this and said father loves aunt and son is behind niece.

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Family members playing badminton:

On the other side, family members are playing badminton. Bapuji tells everyone that he had a wish to sing a song for his wife: “Dhal gaya din ho gayi sham” song. Anupama said Bapuji to fulfill his wish today. Then everyone forced them, and they got ready to play badminton. Baa and bapuji are playing badminton and singing song. Simultaneously, Vanraj listened to the song and said to Kavya that this is bapuji’s favorite song, and he wishes to fulfill their wish. They continue their moment.

Kavya said to Vanraj that there is a lot of loud music, which she doesn’t like. She wants to spend her day in the room with Vanraj. Vanraj said, it’s your day, and all will happen as per you.

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Precap: Vanraj has seen kneel down and says Kavya, happy birthday, and I love you so much. Anupama is clapping and walks in to join Vanraj and Kavya with family. Baa slapped Vanraj and said she feels shame to call him her son.