Star Plus TV Show Imlie Review

In this advanced culture, individuals still don’t understand the value and importance of education.

They think conversing with your opposite sex is wrong doing, basically, a cause of lack of education. Individuals with this thinking always carry a social stigma. It is what the Imlie show is all about.

They are featuring Sumbul Touquier, and Gashmeer as a lead actor, sumbul before this show has worked in a movie like Article-15 and in one of the famous T.V serial name Chandragupta Maurya. On the other hand, Gashmeer Mahajan already worked in Marathi cinema and has hit Marathi films like the “Dool Band” and “Bonus“. Not only this, he has a part in one Bollywood movie in Panipat.

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So there is a guy seen in the first promo Gashmeer, a photographer who visited a small town and taking pictures. Meanwhile, he comes across one little girl (Sumbul) who saved his camera, thrown by one little kid deliberately in the air, while Gashmeer looks tense and takes a relief of sigh as little girl saved his camera.

Sumbul is a little girl who will be seen as a lead actress in the show, where she will play a little girl living in a small village.

Nani dislikes her and threatens and humiliates her most of the time. As she is the only girl in her small town who takes education, her mother always praises her and supports her.

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The popular Marathi tv actress Mayuri Deshmukh is playing the role of Gashmeer’s wife.

In another promo, she marries a guy. Even then, he gets married to sumbul forcefully by villagers. They have seen both in one place because of bad weather where it was raining like cats and dogs. Therefore, people misperceive them, and they thought that something wrong is going on between Gashmeer and sumbul.

It will be interesting to see the different stories in upcoming episodes.