Anupama, 21st November 2020, Anupama’s Life New Experience

Anupama leaves for the resort with her family on a traveler bus. During traveling, they all play antakshari together. Meanwhile, Samar said that he is happy because his mummy also joins us.

Baa questions Anupama whether she informed Vanraj or not. Anupama replied that she messaged him. Then, Baa reverts; Vanraj will call back once he got time.

Anupama’s family trip enjoyment:

In between, Mama Ji said that Vadodara is 90 km away now. Then Bapuji asks when they all go out for a holiday lastly. Anupama replied on the same that on a relative’s wedding when Pakhi was so small some 6-7 years old. Baa said at that time also Vanraj was not with them.
Anupama thinks the same and feels sad that before eight years also, whether Vanraj was with Kavya for a week. During the time, the family continues Antakshari. On the other side, Rakhi is eagerly waiting for everyone. They reached the resort.

Baa said, no matter how Rakhi is but her choice of place is lovely. Anupama helped in bringing luggage out of the dickie. Anu’s saree got stuck. In the next scene, Kavya is swimming and enjoying juice along with Vanraj.

Anupama brings back her saree and stands uncomfortably. She thought, after seeing a couple of romancing, what will Baa and Bapuji think. Vanraj and Kavya are seen behind as a couple.

Rakhi’s thankful for coming:

Rakhi thanked Baa for coming there. Baa states that today don’t order bitter guard as someone is speaking sweet, so it will also taste sweet. The manager speaks Rakhi to inform her that she arranged snacks and tea for all of them at the poolside. Anupama said no for poolside. Rakhi asks the reason for no. Then, Samar replies, saying that Baa and Bapuji will not be comfortable there. Family members leave for their rooms.

Afterward, Vanraj watched Anupama’s message and started calling her. He shouts at her that he went out for just two days and she also went for enjoying carelessly. Anupama replied that she is with her family. Vanraj rebuke that his Bapuji needs rest and questions her where the resort is. Anupama tried to tell him the name and said Vado… just at that moment Rakhi came and pushed Anupama slightly due to which her phone brings down on the floor. The phone got disconnected. Rakhi thought if Vanraj watches Anupama, then Vanraj will leave the place silently, and her planning becomes waste. Meanwhile, she saw Kavya and Vanraj coming near them; then Rakhi fastly brings Anupama to the lift.

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All the children Toshu, Kinjal, Samar, and Nandini, reach their rooms. Kinjal said to Nandini to feel free as they share a room so that she needs to pay 50% rent only. Nandini says if Kinjal wants to be with Toshu, she can tell her, and she will go out. Kinjal replied to Nandini that she could be with Samar in the meantime. After hearing the conversation, Samar gets happy. Baa feels very happy to see such a vast hotel room and its items. Babuji said it tough to digest sudden change in Rakhi.

Rakhi leaves Anupama to her room and said she book a honeymoon suite for samadhis especially; maybe Vanraj reaches theirs suddenly. Anupama thought she lives in such a big room the first time, many new things happening, life teaching new things, and she must be a part of that and learn it. Anupama’s tears came out; she decides to enjoy every moment. Kavya tried to open the room so that Kavya and Vanraj enter the room. But, the key is failing in opening the door. Vanraj said, let me try to do so.

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Meanwhile, Anupama heard the voice of Vanraj from outside. She stands up and opens the door. In the meantime, Vanraj and Kavya entered the room, so Anupama could not see them.

Then, Anupama remembers that while calling Vanraj message came in Gujrati, so he will not there. She’s not feeling comfortable, so she walked out and rang the bell in the front room. That room is Vanraj and Kavya’s room. Then, Vanraj and Kavya inside think that who will ring the bell?

Precap: Vanraj decorates a room for Kavya, sings a song for Kavya. During that time, they heard family partying in another room. He called their room and sat in shock after hearing Anupama’s voice.