Barrister Babu, 25th November 2020: Greenwood

The episode starts with Anirudh explaining to Bondita why the Heera mandi girls are at woodstocks house and how they are forced to do the same thing they were running away from.

The scene turns around at woodstocks house, where Greenwoods is standing with his wife, Saudamini. Their Greenwoods explains to Binoy that partners are never equal, and one is superior to the other.

One bends the knee before the other one. And then Binoy accidentally spills wine on Greenwood’s shoe and a worker steps forward to clean his shoe, but Greenwoods stops him and asks Binoy to do the same.

Binoy asks if he is kidding, but he says do it if you want partnership in the firm.

When Binoy bends down to clean the shoe, Saudamini says to keep in mind that he is older than us. Greenwood replies by saying that these Indians will do anything to make a profit.

Trilochan sees all this, moves forward and stops Binoy to clean the shoe. It would degrade his and his family’s respect and tell greenwoods how Saudamini tried to manipulate Anirudh into marrying her even after knowing that he was married.

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Saudamini counters back by saying that his husband already knows the truth, how they threw her out of their house and were after her family’s fortune and says that if he does not want Binoy to do the work, he has to drink the wine.

Trilchan though hesitant, takes the glass and was almost about to drink it when Binoy stops him. He disagrees with doing anything that greenwoods say, and they start leaving the premises when Saudamini asks Heeramandi girls to dance for them. The girls start dancing around them, and then Anirudh enters into the scene with Bondita and stop the girls. He argues with Saudamini as he wants them to respect every girl. Saudamini says that they have paid the girls, and if they will not dance, what will they do?

Anirudh says that every girl deserves a chance, and he will bring a new morning in their lives. Saudamini replies by saying that he will bring a new morning in their life; if they don’t dance for money, they will have to beg on the streets and is that what he wants.

Bondita reminds Anirudh that he once said that every person has a permanent friend who will always stay with them, and these girls can also have that friend and that they can also get educated like her.

Anirudh agrees and says that he will make sure that every girl has the right to education and will help all the girls get those rights.

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He asks greenwoods to give all the girls admission so that girls and boys get equal rights, just like in his country.

Greenwood agrees to this but says that if these girls are equal to boys, they will have to compete against boys equally, and if they win, they will get admission, and he will resign so that the farmer’s issue will also resolve. He asks Saudamini to decide what will happen if Anirudh and the girls lose. She says Anirudh will have to become greenwoods servant forever.


Anirudh, along with Bondita and the girls, starts leaving when Bondita stops and tells Anirudh that Saudamini has turned into a bad person, but he is still a good man. Saudamini threatens her that she will throw her family out of their house, to which Bondita replies that she will not let anything happen to her family.