Anupama, 28th November 2020, Written Update: Bapuji decide on throwing Vanraj out of the house

Dolly said to Anupama, if she leaves the house, then the entire house will fall apart. Anupama stood up and asked why a woman always has a responsibility to hold the entire house. Dolly replied I don’t know. Only I know it is all that is very common in offices now a day. Man has an attraction towards the woman of less age; they move behind them for some days and then return home back.

Dolly tries to convince Anupama not to leave house:

Dolly said, bhabhi, I know all this doesn’t seem right. All this must not happen, but you know the man is always like that. Whenever they got bored at home, they move outside for time to pass. This Kavya is the same time pass in Vanraj’s life. If anything is severe, then Bhai must leave the house days before to be with her.

Anupama replied, if he left before, then I have some respect for him. What if he can’t be mine than must be for some other. Dolly replied Bhabhi, don’t think from the heart and think from the mind about it. Dolly continued and said; I am not taking bhai’s favor here. He did a very wrong thing. But I only want to say that time changes a lot now.

Anupama replied time has changed Dolly, but the relationship not. If you get betrayal in a relationship, then you must have pain now also. And sorry, Dolly, you are from a new time, but your thinking is old. Every responsibility is for the wife, and every right is for the husband. If we talk about a property, then the house will be of husband. And if there is a need to protect the house, then it will become of a wife. Why so?

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Dolly replied because the house can only be protected by wife bhabhi. The husband is a house roof while the wife is the house’s foundation. If the house’s foundation is too much strong, then also it needs a roof always. The roof must be threatened because a roof can’t survive without a foundation. If foundations move little, then the roof came across the floor. The husband does whatever they want to do because they know anyone from wife, sister, mother, or society; out of all these, anyone must understand him. While what about women? Who will understand her pain?

Anupama says whether this house, children, Baa Bapuji all are alone mine. If all these are of two of us, relationships are also of us, then Why not the responsibility of protecting relationship is of two? Anupama said to Dolly, you always support me. Even you make Baa angry to support me. That’s why I can’t understand today why you are explaining things to me instead of your brother.


Dolly holds Anupama’s hand and said it’s not like that, bhabhi; you are thinking it wrong; please try to understand at least. Anupama replied, your brother needs to understand. Sanjay came into the conversation of Anupama and Dolly and said Bhabhi is saying right, Dolly. One needs to understand who made a mistake. Sanjay said to Anupama I am always there for you, and today whatever will happen, I am with you. Sanjay says we will take the menu back home in the morning.

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The next morning, Nandini is outside to sprinkle water over plants. Samar passes and stares at us by remembering the resort day he proposes to Nandini, and she replied by saying will talk about this later. Meanwhile, Nandini asks Samar how’s everyone at home. He replied, nothing is ok. The situation is more critical than what we thought.

Samar and Nandini conversation:

Samar thinks and talks to himself and says, sorry, Miss Lol, I understand from Mr. Shah what man doesn’t need to do. I want to be your happiness but can’t be that, but at least I will not be the reason for your tears.

Vanraj and Kavya on call conversation:

Kavya talked on a call with Vanraj and said, it’s ok, Vanraj if you don’t live at that house. She says that everyone is blaming you and thinks that you are wrong at this house. Then what is the point? Kavya continues and says, pack your clothes and come to my home.

Vanraj replied, my parents are hurt and angry over me, but it doesn’t mean they don’t love me. Even it doesn’t mean that I will leave them all and come to you. Kavya, please don’t react to this because I am not in the condition of thinking and understanding anything, and taking a decision is the far thing. Kavya replied and said, that’s why I am telling you to come here.

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Vanraj replied, No, Kavya, I don’t want to run away out from the situation. I want to talk to Baa and Bapuji. I feel ashamed. Even I know they don’t want to talk with me, but I still want to talk to them. Till the time I talk to them or satisfy them. Decision making is so far; even I can’t take breathing. Vanraj cuts the call.

Kavya thinks that I understand everything but afraid that Baa Bapuji will emotionally blackmail you and bring you away from me. Vanraj thinks for me no one is more important than Baa Bapuji and children’s. Kavya is in her place, while the family also has its place. And I don’t want to leave my family.

Anupama brings Bapuji outside. And said it’s good for his health to sit in the sunlight. The body gets Vitamin D. Leela came there with eyes down out of shame; Anupama gave her tea and said if the new day starts with a smile, it goes well. Leela (Baa) and Bapuji looked towards Anupama and gave a small smile.

Anupama takes Bapuji’s foot and starts doing massage by saying that the cold season starts now. Meanwhile, Vanraj came and put his hands on Bapuji’s foot. Everyone becomes shocked. Bapuji looked at Vanraj and brought his foot back.

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Vanraj said Bapuji, please don’t be angry with me. I will tolerate your anger as well as scold but not your sullenness. If you wish, then you can hit me with a stick. Bapuji replied and said, I always say that life’s big decisions are not to be taken in anger and haste. That’s why yesterday I didn’t declare my decision.

Leela tried to interrupt Bapuji, but he showed her his hand to stop.

Bapuji told their decision:

Bapuji said, last night, after thinking too much, I decided that Vanraj will not stay at my house. Everyone got shocked after hearing this. He lives in a hotel, office, rented house, out of city or kavya’s home but not in my home.

Bapuji came to the room, and Baa follows him. Baa said I know Vanraj is wrong, but you are throwing him out of the house. You know the son is stick during old life. Bapuji replied, when stick harms us, then we must put that out of the house. Leela said whom you are throwing out is my son.


Bapuji replied, yes, he was my son, but now he is nothing for us. Baa said whatever you say, but he will always be ours. If you put him out, people will laugh over what we answered to Dolly’s in-laws, neighbors, relatives, and Toshu’s marriage.
Bapuji replied. Still, you think that ‘Kinjal’s mother will still make this marriage happens. Baa said, If not with kinjal, we need to do it with any other and join relation with this house. Our age is so old, but children need to bear insult. If the finger got injured, then we need to do its treatment; instead, we cut and throw it out of our hand. We are with daughter-in-law and always be with her only, but without breaking family, if we will throw Vanraj out of the house, then all family will breakdown.

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Baa continues and says that I will punish Vanraj even explain things to him as I am his mother. I will bring him to the right way. Bapuji replied and said, if the man is wrong, then no way is right, and our son is a wrong man. After that big mistake, that idiot doesn’t say sorry even calculated Anupama’s mistake back. Baa said I am not saying to forgive him, don’t throw him out of the house.

Bapuji replied after such a mistake, if we allow him to live in the house, then it’s like to forgive him. Sons mostly do wrong because they know for doing wrong they don’t need to pay anything. They also know that after shouting 2-3 days, the mother will melt down, and father will forgive, and all the others will persuade the daughter-in-law. Because in our society, the son is home’s lamp, aging’s stick, and I want to change this mentality. As of the time, this mentality will not change; our daughter and daughter-in-law’s destiny will not change. He is my son too, but less than you. I love him, but there is a difference between love and endearment. I know the difference between right and wrong, and I will support right, not wrong.

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In the next scene, Vanraj walked towards Pakhi and said Pakhi beta. And by hearing this, Pakhi runs out from there.

Anupama and Samar have eye talk.

Pakhi came to her room and said to Anupama why he did this. I hate him mummy and cried hard. Anupama tried to calm her down.
Vanraj stands in front of Toshu and remembers the lie which he told him. Vanraj asked Toshu to understand him. Toshu said, what I will understand, papa. You must be a lawyer because you can represent a lie in another way.


Toshu said Samar told me that you told me the story, but I said no, he is my father. I trust him. Just like the way my mother trusts you, blind trust papa. But I forgot if you can break her trust, then you can break mine one too. But I am so much idiot papa; you manipulate me very quickly and let me stand against mother. Vanraj replied, no, you. Toshu replied, no, papa, it’s over. Nothing, now I don’t trust you but I and not angry with you while from myself, because I trusted you more than mummy.

Vanraj replied Toshu, don’t say all this. I make a mistake and tell everyone about the reason. Toshu replied that the reason is not justified. Tell me one thing what the difference between mummy and Baa is? Like mummy, Baa also can’t solve your official problems, can’t solve your problems. She is also not more educated, not modern; even she talks straight. Baa doesn’t even think before speaking. Then also, you didn’t search for any other mother. You didn’t feel shame on calling her your mother.

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Toshu continues and said if you can ignore your mother’s disadvantages, why not your wife?

On the other side, Anupama calms sweety. Pakhi said my friends’ parents are also divorced, that’s why my friend lives Monday to Friday with their mother and Saturday Sunday with my father. She said I don’t want only you or only papa. I want both of you together and can’t live without you both; I can’t choose anyone and cried more.

Vanraj said to Toshu; there are many things that parents can’t tell their children. It doesn’t mean they want to bring their children in the dark. Vanraj said I have problems and issues, but those are between my wife and me. Not in between my children and me. Don’t come in between all that.

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Toshu asked how you will sort by being separated or by taking a divorce? You know papa; there is a time when you said to me, don’t worry, I will handle it all alone. And I think if papa said, then he will handle it. But now I know that every wording of you is not correct. Vanraj said to Toshu, and Toshu replied I couldn’t support you. I know you love everyone. Even I love you but don’t trust you.
Because you break not even mummy’s heart but breaks all of our heart also.


Precap: Vanraj whisked Anupama and said, we don’t have any relationship from which right you live here and say get out. Meanwhile, Samar heard all this and shouted Baa, Cool dude and ran towards them all and tells them everything. Bapuji came in front of Vanraj and said, you are too much proud of the house. Then Bapuji breaks the house documents.