“LOVE & ANARCHY” Review a Netflix Orginal, Swedish Drama Series

It is a light romantic comedy that turns out to be touching in the end. It is an Ideal series to be binge-watched on weekends. The series consists of eight episodes, which makes it easy to binge and escape.

Love & Anarchy by Lisa Langseth is a story of a middle-aged, happily married woman flirting and romancing a man much younger than her via challenges and pranks, which do makes it an odd bird for sure for the audience.

Sofie Rydman, played by Ida Engvall, is a woman who is an independent career-orientated consultant and married mother of two. Her character is a bit intriguing.

While another character of Max Järvi, played by Björn Mosten, is an IT intern in the same office, his performance turned out wooden to the public. Both the characters build great chemistry, which is a treat to watch.

The story is based on an office romance, which starts with Max blackmailing his colleague Sophie, leading to each of them challenging another. It is full of flirty challenge romance and unintended consequences between office colleagues.

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The series takes various turns; sometimes it’s funny, sometimes really touching. It is a drama as it’s the genre. The creative challenges that they hurdle keep it entertaining enough. The Swedish setting is beautiful. The main characters could have had a bit more depth to them.

The series contains many elements that are for an adult audience. One of the drawbacks was that in 2020, an office that is so backward that a publishing house has no Digital footprint felt liked a workplace from a decade ago.

The audience on social media platforms appreciated the series and are already asking for season 2. The show’s IMDb rating is 7.4, which clearly shows that it received a brilliant response from the public all over the world despite being a Swedish series.

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A significant part of the audience found it interesting, funny, dramatic, romantic, entertaining, captivating, and worth watching. The characters are very well written. Even the details of the supporting characters are very well defined. The charm never dies throughout the season; with every episode audience roots for Sophie and Max and eager for what would come next.

Despite being a love story, Lisa Langseth focused on other issues, such as the impact of capitalism, technology taking over almost everything, and consequences people face when they don’t adapt to life changes and society. Overall, Love & Anarchy is a must watch Swedish series for Netflix lovers.