“What We Wanted” Review: A Not So Romantic Love Story

What We Wanted a movie based on the situations people face in real life and how they go through them. The movie more or less resembled the “marriage story” on Netflix. It didn’t gain much popularity among the audience and secured a mere 5/10 IMDB rating.

The movie premiered on Netflix and is directed by Ulrike Kofler with the lead couple Alice and Niklas, who did a great job presenting the emotions.

The movie tries to show that grass is not always greener on the other side. There’s a lead couple in the film who tries to conceive a child and fails many times until the doctor says that there are no more options left for them. This heartbreaking news makes them sad and depressed.

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Just like the way a real-life couple faces the problem of dragging the relationship over some time, this couple experiences the same situation when the emotional and financial constraints start creating a wall between them.

The interesting part starts when they decide to polish their relationship by going on a vacation to Sardinia and breaking away from all the overwhelming feelings. Unfortunately, the neighbors seem like the perfect family.

Unknown that the other couple isn’t delighted with their circumstances as they conceived unplanned children, Niklas and Alice see them as the dream family they’ve always longed for.

The movie gives you a cozy vibe set in the beautiful place of Sardinia. But even in that beautiful place, the couple finds it quite difficult to stay happy when they are already in the pain of losing their child due to the infertility issues and then answering all the neighbor’s awkward questions.

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Some people will find the movie boring or slow, but not giving birth to your child is severe, and the grief can only be felt if you’ve gone through that situation, and this film tries to show their pain in the best way it can.

The director Ulrike Kofler did a great job directing the highs and lows of the film, and the pasteurization is so good that viewers will easily connect with the couple.

This keeps the audience engaged in the 90 minutes long film and will take them on a roller coaster ride of emotions.

There is something else in this film that will make you understand the message quickly. It will teach you how to overcome the most difficult of hardships and how to let go of the past, and how you can work on your relationship when it starts losing its shine.

In all, the movie is a one-time watch and if you want to watch this film, keep a tissue box beside you as the movie will surely make you cry at some point.