Anupama 3 December 2020: Vanraj has seen returning home?

The show starts, Baa, is saying to Bapuji that because she is not like him. Bapuji replied, even we are not alike. I am educated, but you are not; Even, I am from a big city while you are from a small city. I have always gone to work and earned money, but you have never done so. Our thinking and mentality are not like each other. If I had done the same what Vanraj did.. What then?

Baa replied, that I am not saying that what Vanraj did was right. Yes, he made a mistake. Bapuji interrupts and says, but he is our son. And sons have the right to make mistakes. He is our son Leela, not God.

Baa replied, but he is a human being. And humans make mistakes. Bapuji replied, what if Anupama had made the same mistake? If I kill someone in the future and say that ‘I made a mistake, forgive me!’ then will the court forgive me? There is something called justice. Baa replied, but what is this justice? In which the son made a mistake and parents are being punished.

Bapuji replied if we have made the mistake of begetting a useless son, so we deserve an equal share in the punishment. And no one forced your son. We asked for his consent; we asked him before the marriage. Only when he agreed then my mom got him married to Anupama. For 17 years, he had no issues with Anupama. But after Kavya’s entry, he started finding flaws in Anupama. Stop it. Stop it, Leela.


Bapuji then said, if you cry, then also he won’t come back. If he were someone who would reform, on marriage day when Anupama saw him with Kavya, he would only change. The one traveling in two boats will drown.

Baa replied, you are right. But as a mother, I am not able to convince myself.

Bapuji said, you have to understand Leela. I agree that a mother’s sorrow is the greatest. But even our daughter-in-law’s sorrow is not small. Don’t break her heart furthermore.

Baa said both of us are hurt, but the difference is my dear one has gone far away.

She cried and left the place.

Baa then smells something burning and said something is burning. He looked at Anupama and said, beta, this is burning.

Anupama replied, look at this Bapuji; everything is burning. Our emotions are burning; our family is falling apart, all because of me.
Bapuji said when the house is on fire; only the items are at stake. But when the fire is on the relationship, then happiness is at stake. Even our happiness is at stake, but you are not responsible for it. That’s why stop blaming yourself.

In the next scene, Vanraj and Kavya are in the kitchen. Kavya said to Vanraj, V if you are hungry, shall I order something? Vanraj replied, no, I am not in the mood.

Kavya gives the coffee to Vanraj, he replied, thank you. Kavya said, I know V you like tea more. But I can’t make a tasty tea. I am sorry. V, can I ask you something? You have come to me in a fit of rage. I hope you won’t go back once you calm down.

Vanraj remembers when bapuji declares that I have decided that Vanraj won’t stay in my house. Toshu said, you have hurt all of us. For whatever you have done, I can never forgive you. When he asked Pakhi will you come, and replied, I don’t know, papa. I don’t understand anything, the time when Baa slapped him.

After remembering all this, he replied to Kavya, I may have left the house in a fit of rage, but I have come to you because I love you. I came because I am angry, but your love brought me here. Many times, people make decisions in anger and regret later. But I am not one of them. Once I make a decision, I stick to it.

Anupama saw Toshu with kinjal’s ring and crying. He put that ring in the home’s temple. Anupama said Toshu while Toshu replied, I know that I can’t get married to Kinjal now. So I kept the ring there. Sell it if you want to. Anupama asked, Why are you saying so?

Toshu said because it is the truth. Papa made a mistake. Rakhi aunty, Baa, Bapuji and you told your decisions. None of you thought about Kinjal and me. Someone else made a mistake, but kinjal and I are being punished. Usually, everyone’s parents help them form relationships, but my relationship has ended because of my parents.

Anupama said one-moment toshu. Anupama brought the ring from the temple and said to Toshu, this ring is the blessing given by the elders for our daughter-in-law by family. And we can’t sell a blessing while they are given. This ring is Kinjal’s ring and always being her ring. You will indeed get married to Kinjal.

Toshu replied, mummy, please don’t give me false hope. I know that’s not possible. Anupama said, you even said that when Rakhi had refused to get Kinjal and you engaged, but the engagement takes place, didn’t it? Like that, marriage will also take place. This belongs to

Kinjal; give it to her when you meet her.

Meanwhile, Baa shouts, how dare you!!

On the other side, Vanraj is doing exercise and remembering past moments. He recalls when bapuji said ask him to leave from here. I don’t even want to see her place! Now, I am transferring this house to Anupama. Anupama is saying; you send me divorce papers, I will sign them.

Vanraj finds difficulty then by mistake, he said, please hold my legs, Anu. And then looked at Kavya and said, hold my legs Kavya.
Kavya replied, V, just 5 minutes. If I don’t send this mail to Dholakia then, he’s going to ruin our whole day. Vanraj said, first came and held my legs. I didn’t take a break while exercising. Kavya responded V… just 5 minutes. I am almost done, please?

Vanraj remembers when he asked Anupama to hold legs, and she quickly came and says sure.

Vanraj looked at Kavya and said its okay.

Baa said to Kinjal in anger that the short-tempered woman threw the engagement ring in front of everyone. Then how dare you show up here after what happened!! Anupama ran towards her while Baa stopped her by showing her hand. Baa then said, who permitted you to enter this house? Didn’t your mother spew enough venom at us that you came here?

KINJAL APologize

Kinjal replied I am sorry, Baa. For whatever mom has said to you, I have come here to apologize for that. Anupama said Baa, please calm-down.

Baa said we receive forgiveness only for making a mistake. Her mother did everything intentionally by making a plan. I bet she is dancing on one leg with joy now.

Kinjal said I am sorry, Baa, please! Sorry, Baa!! Please don’t angry with me. Baa replied, what should I do, then? Welcome you? I know everything; from day one, your mother has been looking for excuses to break this alliance. If she wanted to do that, she was most welcome to do so, but why did she have to mock us before everyone?

Anupama said, please stop it, Baa.

Baa replied, why should I? Whether her mother stopped, I agree that our child went astray, but your mother could have pointed it out without humiliating us before everyone! I am Leela, and no one ever dared to shout at me, but your mother did. Even the fallen woman spare their family, but your mother didn’t spare her daughters’ would-be in-laws.

Anupama said, please don’t say that, Baa.

Baa replied, don’t try to teach me! Also, ask her to leave. Otherwise, even I can give a befitting reply more than your mother.

Kinjal said Baa; you can taunt me as much as you like. You can say anything you want to say, but please tell me what my fault here is. I mean, whatever happened was done by mom; I didn’t do anything. Baa, please doesn’t do this to me. Please Baa!! Please. Mummy, please explains to Baa.

Meanwhile, Vanraj saw an unprepared protein shake. Kavya noticed him and said, V, I didn’t make it because I don’t know how much water you consume how many protein powder scoops. So could you make it yourself?

Vanraj remembers how Anupama get his protein shake ready.

In the next scene, Anupama agreed with Kinjal’s word and said yes, Baa. Please don’t take your anger out on poor kinjal.

Baa replied, why I don’t do anger? The anger should come, and if you can’t tolerate it, why are you standing here? Go to your highbrow mother! Didn’t she snap her fingers like so while saying that she won’t her daughter married into this family? So why have you come here? To hell with her! Now, we are saying that we won’t forge a tie with you people! Why are you standing here and staring at my face? Leave from here! There is no place for you in this house now!

Baa closed the door on Kinjal’s face.

Anupama said, your anger is justified, Baa but slamming the door on someone’s face… No Baa, please don’t do this. I know how it feels when a loved one closes the door on the face.

Anupama opened the door again and saw that kinjal is not there.

Meanwhile, Baa said she did right by going from here. Toshu ran away behind kinjal to search her. Baa said; still, he hasn’t gained an ounce of prudence! Her mother didn’t leave any stone unturned to insult us, but your son is still crazy behind her daughter!

Anupama replied, even we are doing the same what Rakhi did. She punished the son for his father’s mistake and broke the relationship. You punished a daughter for her mother’s mistake and broke the relationship. So, what’s the difference between them and us?

Baa replied, I don’t have the strength to listen to your lengthy lectures. Everyone in the house keeps trying to explain things as if I am the only idiot here!

Anupama tries to stop her saying Baa listens, but she goes away.

Anupama said, poor kinjal, she must be unfortunate. Samar said I know mummy. I know how it feels when the heartbreaks. When one’s love goes unrequited, and remembers when he proposes to Nandini by saying I love you, Miss LOL. And Nandini responds by saying, we will talk to later about this.

Then Samar said I just hope that toshu brother’s heart doesn’t break. I hope his love will not remain unfulfilled.

Anupama said, no, my toshu’s love will not remain unfulfilled.

In the next scene, Kavya and Vanraj are seen being ready for office. Kavya said I dreamed that our morning would happen together. Vanraj added and said, our evenings too.

vanraj with kavya

Kavya got a call and said, Oh God! Mr. Dholakia has irritated me since morning! Sorry, dear.

Meanwhile, Vanraj searches for his tie. Where is it? Oh! Some are with Kavya too. So he opened Kavya’s cupboard and messed everything.

Vanraj shouts Kavya! Kavya reached there and asked what happened, V?

Vanraj replied, I couldn’t find my tie. Kavya said you created a huge mess for a tie? Vanraj said no, not just tie, but I can’t find anything. Not even handkerchief and look at my shoes. These aren’t polished yet. Where’s the polish? Do you have an extra pair of socks? I bought small socks in a hurry.

Kavya said, relax, V! I will find it, but only for today. From tomorrow on, please keep all your things in one place. And search there only. And please don’t create such a mess. One more thing, don’t put the wet towel on the bed. Please, I don’t like it.

Vanraj tells Kavya, I am not habitual of doing everything by myself, Kavya. My routine is fixed. As soon as I wake, I take bed tea. Then, I exercise and have my protein shake. My office clothes are laid out—my ties, socks, polished shoes. Then I have breakfast. And then my office bag is ready with the laptop and charger in it and tiffin.

Kavya responded, and do you expect me to do all this? Seriously, V! Vanraj replied, No, Kavya. I was just telling you about my routine. I am sure I will gradually learn to do everything by myself.

Kavya said exactly! One should do their work on their own. One should be self-sufficient. Then life becomes easy. Oh, God! Again Mr. Dholakia. I will go outside to talk to him. Get ready and come. And please clear this mess, okay?

Vanraj angered; you want me to get ready? I can’t wear these short socks! Gosh! I need to look for them again.

Meanwhile, Vanraj remembers when Anupama got everything ready. Why am I thinking about her again and again? This is all her fault! I am such an idiot, man! I didn’t pack anything in anger and left essential things there.

Samar said to Anupama I thought I would take a job in the call center. As I used to wake the whole night, I can do the job at night, and in the morning I will take a dance class. And sleep in the day time.

Anupama responded, no, son, it’s your time to fulfill your dreams. Don’t take household tension. I will manage them. You just focus on dreams.

Anupama went towards Baa and said Baa; I will make masala khichdi; you will like it with mirch achar. Baa replied yes, vanraj also likes it. Then Baa cried and said, when Toshu left home, then you also feel like you lump your throat? I can’t breathe. I feel like someone has put a stone on my chest.

Anupama said, being a mother, I become the reason for other mother’s sorrow. Please forgive me, baa. Mothers can share each other’s sorrow. Perhaps they become able to lessen that. I will make tea for you.

Baa said, believe me, Vanraj will realize his mistake. He will return here; I know, he can’t even live for two days without us. He will return.
Anupama then heard vanraj’s car horn and saw him outside. He is coming towards home with his bag.

anupama looking at vanraj

Precap: Vanraj said to Pakhi, I cannot tell you about your mother and me’s issues. Neither do you understand, nor am I able to explain? Then Vanraj goes to Baa and give some money to her and said that these are some money for household expenses. Vanraj then asked Pakhi, let’s go beta you; Kavya and I will live happily.

Vanraj then has seen walking with Pakhi and said to Baa I am leaving.