Anupama 2 December 2020 Written Update: Vanraj reached Kavya’s home

Anupama said to Vanraj, anyways, our relationship had broken when I spotted you and Kavya together. For how long I pretend to be in this relationship? It’s believed that the husband and the wife are meant to be together for seven births. Even this seems less to me. I used to pray to God that why only seven births? He should make me your wife in all my births. But today, this birth relationship becomes heavy for me.

Anupama then continued and said to you. Meanwhile, Vanraj interrupts and raises his hand to stop her. Vanraj said, fine, I will send you the divorce papers.

Anupama remembers the good memories with Vanraj:

Anupama thanked vanraj

Anupama then said to Vanraj, what you did wrong to me, for that I always have anger for you. But for every right thing you have done, for all the support to me and taking good care of me, you gave me such a good family and such lovely children, the respect you gave to my maternal family. Thank you for all this.

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Anupama continued and said; you tolerated illiterate Anupama for 25 years. Then thank you for that. And the pain and discomfort that I have caused you, I am sorry for that. My mother had taught me that if a relationship lacks love, then there should be a scope of talk. And if talk breaks, then there should be support. In this case, the talk ends as well as support. Nothing is left. But still, I will pray for you that wherever you go, you will always be happy. Greetings!!

Samar, Toshu, and Pakhi will remember the past good memories. Pakhi remembers when by seeing a picture, Vanraj said how cute, to which Pakhi replied, it’s cute for you because you don’t need to post it in social media handle.
Bapuji remembers the time when Vanraj came to meet him in hospital.

Baa remembers when she declared Anupama as Rakha and Vanraj as Krishna. Anupama leaves the Vanraj’s way to go out.

Anupama goes to the kitchen. Meanwhile, Vanraj looks towards his children; there, Pakhi cries a lot and hugs him.

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On the other hand, Anupama cries hard, saying Sweety!!

Vanraj said Pakhi beta doesn’t cry. You know how much I love you. Don’t you? Don’t cry.

Vanraj tried to convince Pakhi, to be with him:

Pakhi replied, please! Don’t go, papa. Please! Don’t leave us, please. Vanraj said, now I can’t stay here anymore. But if you want, then you can go with me. Will you come with me? Beta, now I am left entirely alone. Anyone neither understands me nor supports me. Will you support me? You, Kavya, and I will stay together. I know you like Kavya very much. She is just like you, intelligent, smart, and sensible. The three of us will be very happy together.

vanraj with pakhi

Vanraj continued and said; I am not separating you from your mother or brother. You can come here on weekends and spend time with them. You can come here whenever you want to. I don’t mind it. Will you come with me? Tell me, beta?

Samar interrupts and said, you will not go anywhere Sweety. Vanraj said to Sweety; you listen to your mind, not to anyone else.

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Anupama thinks, why he is forcing her to choose between her mother and father? God, whether Sweety lives with mother or father, just always she may live happily.

Vanraj again asked Sweety, will you come beta? Pakhi replied, I don’t know, papa, I don’t understand anything; I am sorry. Pakhi ran and hugged Toshu.

Vanraj then said Baa-Bapuji, now I will not touch your feet because I know you won’t bless me. Mamaji, please take care of BaaBapuji. Jai Shree Krishna!!

Baa said to Vanraj, Vanraj, please reconsider your decision. Do not abandon your family for an outsider. Vanraj replied, you also left me alone for an outsider.

Vanraj said, I am leaving.

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While after that, Vanraj remembers all his good memories with the family members.

Vanraj brings the car’s key. Meanwhile, Bapuji said you would regret Vanraj. You will regret it very much. Vanraj replied, Sorry, Bapuji! I cannot fulfill this desire of yours as well. I am leaving now!!!

Baa said you are supposed to say that you will see us soon before you leave. Vanraj replied that is said by those who want to return.

Vanraj takes a step forward and has an eye on the main door at the nameplate’s place and then step forward. Tears came out of Vanraj’s eye when he stepped out of the main door.

Vanraj said Bapuji had given the house to you, but there is a vast difference between handling and running the house. Let me see how you will run this house without me?

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Baa wants to follow Vanraj, but Bapuji shouts Leela (Baa), and she stopped. Vanraj fastly left the house.
While sitting in the car, Vanraj looked at Anupama in anger. Vanraj starts the car and goes away from there.

After this, everyone left crying. Then Anupama made tea, coffee, milk, and hot water for everyone.

Vanraj reached Kavya’s home:

On the other side, Vanraj reached Kavya’s home. Kavya became very happy to see him with his luggage and hugged him. Kavya said I am so happy that you are here, V.

vanraj reached to kavya's home

Anupama brings food for Sweety and saw her crying and watching pictures of her with Vanraj on mobile. Anupama tried to calm Sweety and said Sweety, please stop crying. Come on, have some food. Get up, Pakhi.

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Pakhi said to Anupama that Papa was in anger, but you should have stopped him. If you hadn’t spoken about signing the divorce papers, we could stop him and convince him. Mummy, I know that there are issues between you two, but those are running for years. Despite that, you were living together. So, why not now? Mummy, I had told you that I want both of my parents with me. Then also you let him leave. How could you, mummy? How could you? And leave the room.

Anupama tried to call her, saying Sweety, Sweety but she didn’t listen to her. Anupama then saw pakhi and Vanraj and said Sorry, Sweety!! Sorry!! As a wife, I do not regret my decision at all. But because of a mother, you got hurt, and for that, I am sorry.

Baa is seen crying Bapuji brings a cold pad for her and said I know these tears are not because of knee pain but due to heart’s pain. She heads down on Bapuji’s shoulder and cries.

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Baa said Vanraj made a mistake and you punished him, but whether Vanraj’s mistake is due to our mistake. Bapuji replied, you mean, just because Anupama was not Vanraj’s choice. So, he went outside and had an affair. Whatever he did is valid?

Baa replied, I am saying that when two people are not compatible, then distance arises. There is always a distance between Vanraj and Anupama. That distance keeps growing with time. Meanwhile, Anupama listens to everything during praising clothes.

Baa said I am not saying that our daughter-in-law isn’t nice. Maybe she is not perfect for Vanraj.

Precap: Samar said to Anupama I would take a job in the call center. It will help lessen the burden of the household expenses. Anupama replied, I would maintain expenses; you just think to fulfill your dreams.
Kavya said to Vanraj; you are here after being angry. You will not go back after being calm? Baa said to Anupama, for sure, Vanraj will realize his mistake, no matter where he goes. He will surely come back home. Then, at last, Vanraj was seen to be back home again with his luggage.