Anupama 1 December 2020 Written Update: Vanraj leaves the house

Vanraj said to Baa; it’s not like that I didn’t try. For 17 years, I am in this relationship with a full heart, and even I am in marriage till now. Baa, you and Bapuji understand each other, talk to each other while Anupama and I don’t. And there is no one to talk that’s why I feel suffocated in this relationship.

Vanraj continued and said what I did was wrong. But I didn’t do this on my own, while my loneliness makes me do that. And the reason behind my loneliness was Anupama.

In the next scene, Anupama said to Bapuji that Vanraj did wrong but only with me. He never steps back in taking responsibility for a father and a son. Then for doing dishonesty with one relation, don’t give punishment to all the relations. If he leaves the house, no one will be happy, not children’s, not Baa, not you, and not even me. Because my happiness is in you, all’s happiness.

Anupama then said, no one in the world supports the daughter-in-law in place of the son. But you did it. For that, I will owe you and Baa in my entire life. And Bapuji, please don’t think about me only, please think about Baa and children’s as well. Please, Bapuji.

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Meanwhile, Vanraj said to Baa that Anupama never tried to change herself and be on her level. She always is in housework, children, and parent’s care. All this is her responsibility, but whether she doesn’t have any responsibility towards her husband? Whether she doesn’t have the responsibility to become equivalent to me? I worked day and night to provide you all the facilities, luxury, useful life, and good education to children. All this is my responsibility, which I did from my heart, did with happiness. I only made a mistake that which happiness I didn’t get from Anupama; I found that in Kavya. The pain which I got from Anupama, I shared with Kavya.

Vanraj said, if I am not proud of what I did, then I am not even guilty for that also Baa.

Anupama said to Bapuji, BapujiiiBapuji replied, can I get a cup of tea? Anupama replied I will bring it right now.

Vanraj then asked Baa; I agree that I made a mistake, but whether the complete mistake was mine only? Doesn’t Anupama have any mistakes? Baa replied, whatever you can say, but we both can’t deny that Anupama gave 25 years of her life to this home. She has many loopholes, but she doesn’t have any loopholes in love, care, and respect. For 25 years, she is spinning in this house. In my old age, I swing on swinger because Anupama is present in this house. You can work so hard and become a big man because you know that Anupama is present to handle your family. I can understand that you feel alone. But due to your loneliness, you will ditch your wife, have a relationship with other women.

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Baa continued and said to Vanraj that this age is to print invitation card of your children’s. Not to round around with your divorce papers.

Baa said, no, you can’t do this. You can’t break the relationship with the family for outsiders. What was meant to be done but now try to correct your mistake? Don’t make a new mistake to show the first one correct. Forget all clashes and give one more chance to your marriage. Our happiness and welfare of the house are to be with you both. Not in being separated.

On the other side, Kavya thinks, V, where are you? And why are you not picking up my phone? Anirudh’s words don’t become truth; if in family pressure V will leave me then??? Then Kavya thought, no, no, this can’t happen, I can’t live without V. V please doesn’t do this to me, please.


Baa said to Vanraj, don’t forget you both are not only husband-wife, while parents of three children’s too. You both are decision will mark an impact on your children’s future. Vanraj stood up and said, when children will set up in their life then? What you think, Baa? After all the drama, children, Dolly, Sanjay, and Bapuji will give me respect back like before? That Rakhi will marry Kinjal to Toshu? No Baa, Everything has been destroyed. Anupama has put an end to everything.

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Baa came and replied in anger, why are you blaming Anupama again and again? She is not wrong, but you are in mistake. Vanraj replied, but she was the reason. But the problem is that no one can see this. In our society, the woman always get sympathizes. Everyone can see a woman’s tears, but no one will sympathize with a man.

In the next scene, Anupama cries hard and saying why… Why… Why’s all that happening? When has my family ever wronged anyone? What are they getting punished for? Punish me; give every punishment to me… Why are you punishing my family? Why punish my family?

Vanraj said to Baa that this is not about me; it’s just not about this incident. This has been happening for centuries. A man is always blamed for a woman’s sorrow, but it’s not right.

Baa replied, now you are trying to advise me like Anupama? I don’t care what was going on for centuries. I am only bothered about what is happening in my house now. You go out to work and meet many people a day. Even you go out with your friends and go out for a movie with a client. But then also you got suffocated. Then what about Anupama? She never left home in the last 25 years. She didn’t have time for you because she is taking care of your house, parents and children’s.

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Baa then said, if she left us in our condition and leave home with you like Kavya, would you like it? If I would make food in the kitchen and Anupama goes for a kitty party like that Rakhi, would you like it? For once she left out with her friend, do you remember what you did to her? Anupama doesn’t have any mistakes, but we are wrong. You and I both didn’t let her step forward. When she could accomplish something, we loaded her with the responsibilities of house and children. Or else, Anupama, despite being less educated but still becomes a school teacher. If she can teach students to dance, can learn to drive a car in only one day, she can do anything.


Baa then said that if we understood and supported her, she would have been much ahead of Kavya. Who suppressed her? You and I did! But she never complained about it. So, stop blaming her for what happened. And rectify your mistake and give me a promise that you will break all ties with Kavya hereafter. What has done is can’t be changed by anyone, but it can be rectified. The root of everything is Kavya. So, ask her to leave your life and office. Everything will fall in place. You are the boss so let her transferred. Do whatever you want to do. I want that girl out of your life.

Baa then lifted Vanraj’s hand to her head and asked him to promise that he would break all the relation with that girl.

Anupama brings tea for Bapuji. He wants to take a sip. Meanwhile, Anupama stops him saying that the tea is very hot, your mouth will burn. Bapuji replied, when the heart is burned, then anything else didn’t bother me.

Anupama thought, lord, please don’t put my Baa Bapuji to go through this situation at this age. Don’t give them that much sorrow; please bring everything to be okay.

Baa asked Vanraj to promise her that he will throw Kavya out of your life. Meanwhile, Baa saw Vanraj’s phone ringing and said she would not leave you so quickly, but you will have to get rid of her. Tell me, will you agree with your mother? Speak Vanraj, Speak…

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Anupama is crying in the kitchen, and Baa comes there. Baa requested Anupama that Vanraj has committed a sin. But for my sake, can you forgive him. I know that one has to be very generous to forgive such a sin. But I also know that you are that generous. Please do as I said, protect this family. It’s not like that I forgave him. But I can’t see my home shattered. If you want, then everything will become like before. Vanraj will stay back too. And your father-in-law will also not throw Vanraj out of the house.

Anupama being emotional

Baa continued and said; now everything is in your hand. The family’s happiness, the children’s happiness, and our happiness are in your hands. Even I spoke to Vanraj. I reprimanded and explained to him, and he understood it too.

Meanwhile, Baa remembers her talking with Vanraj, where he said that if I abandon Kavya at your behest, what is the guarantee that things will go back to normal? Will father forgive me? Will my kids give respect and love to me like before? And what is the guarantee that Anupama will become like before again?

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Baa replied, what if Anupama agrees? Vanraj said, ‘then talk to her first.’ I know she won’t agree. Baa, you don’t even have an idea which amount of pride she carries. She already had an attitude. Now she has the house too. So, She won’t agree.

Baa told Anupama that Vanraj had left everything up to you, Anupama. If you are ready to forget everything, Anupama, he will also forget that lady. You don’t trust your husband, but I trust my son. He will never break his mother’s trust. Baa asks her to at least agree for once and hold him back from leaving. Gradually everything will be fine.

Baa then said, Just agree with me and make at least a fresh start. No matter how the husband is but if he is in the house, only the house becomes home. If Vanraj leaves, then the home will be shattered. We are alive now; kids got married, then you will be left alone. I know you don’t need support, but you will need a companion. Just agree with me, beta. You are the only one who can handle everything. I plead before you. Please agree.

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Anupama remembers the past when she asks Vanraj; you went to a movie with whom? He replied to the client. She remembers the marriage day when Vanraj asked her that his boss asked him to be in office today.

Vanraj is seen walking with his luggage in the corridor.

Anupama replied to Baa; I am no one, Baa, to separate you from your son and children’s from their father. If you ask, then I can even give up my life for you smiling. Baa replied, how will you live alone? It’s about your whole life.

Anupama said, No Baa; the question is about a moment only, and because of that moment, I refuse. I won’t be able to stop him back. I want to stop him, and all the things at home become normal, but if a woman sees her husband on marriage night with some other woman on her bed, she can’t forgive her husband even if she wants to. As a spark is enough to burn the whole house down. Same as that moment burnt down my whole life. Sorry, Baa. I am ready to live my entire life alone just because of that moment. But I won’t be able to stop him.

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Anupama continues whether he wants to live in this house or leave is his wish only. I neither asked him to leave, nor I will ask him to stay back. I shall always obey you lifetime but not in this matter Baa.

Vanraj interrupted and said, I told you, Baa, she will never agree. And why will she? Now, this house belongs to her.

Baa trying to stop Vanraj and asked him not to leave. Vanraj said everyone in this house upset with me, right? I am the reason behind everyone’s tension. Some are so disappointed with me that they don’t wish to see me. Then it’s okay; I am leaving this house and going to Kavya. And yes, the legal formalities, after legal proceedings, I shall marry Kavya.

Vanraj walking towards outside; meanwhile, Anupama asks, to Listen, you are talking about divorce. Vanraj replied, yes. Anupama remembers past and said, sorry Baa and Bapuji, that I am saying this in front of you all. But I want to speak my mind’s thoughts. You will send me divorce documents. I shall sign them. For you, a relationship is a contract on paper. But for me, it’s on my mind.

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Anupama said in my mind I am already divorced. The signing of any document will not affect me.

Precap: Anupama said to Vanraj, I always being angry for the wrong you did with me. But what you did right, for that, thank you. Vanraj thought Dad gave you the home, but there is a lot of difference in managing and running a home. Vanraj said I would also see how you manage to run the house without me.