Anupama: Kavya warns Vanraj

Kavya saw Vanraj at her home and, being frustrated, moves from there. Meanwhile, Nandini caught her and said, Wow! Uncle left the house with such enthusiasm yesterday that I did not expect him to return so soon. But I can indeed say by seeing your face that he has not informed you. You know what? Earlier, I used to get furious at you. But, now I only pity you. I mean, the person who used to lie to his family, for your sake, now, is lying to you, for the sake of his family.

Kavya said, Enough V! What do you think of me?

Vanraj touched Baa’s feet and said I take your leave, Mom! Baa replied; Say, you would keep visiting us!

Vanraj asked Pakhi and Toshu to take Baa inside. I will leave. While leaving, Vanraj heard Anupama’s voice saying, make sure you get the remaining medicine tomorrow, mister. The other replied, Okay, madam. Anupama said thank you and returned home.

Anupama and Vanraj faced each other. While Vanraj blocks Anupama’s way when she tries to go inside.

Vanraj and Anupama’s conversation:

Vanraj said it has not even been 24 hours since I left home, and everything has changed. The hands from which Baa slapped me, she fed me today with those hands only. I convinced Pakhi and Toshu too. I have reduced half of your supporters. And very soon, I shall make sure you are left entirely alone. The entire family would be by my side. Do you know why? Because I am a son! And a son runs the family, not a daughter. You just wait and watch! Both the house and the family would belong to me, very soon. You broke my family, right? I shall break your attitude. I shall snatch away everything from you. Even, Baa, Bapuji, and kids too.

Anupama with Vanraj

Anupama replied, that will you snatch? We need to snatch something that does not belong to us. Baa, Bapuji, and the kids all belong to you. And always be yours. A woman is loyal to her enemy, too, while a man…. Do not stoop so low that you cannot face yourself after you have overcome your anger.

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Vanraj shouts Anupama!

Anupama replied; do not raise your voice! Otherwise, the family that you wish to snatch away would be hurt to see your behavior. Bapuji is not able to take good sleep even after taking sleeping pills also. And Baa’s knee pain also raises along with their heart’s pain. As far as the relationships are concerned, one needs to fulfill them, live them, and not snatch them away. And if you try to do so, then you will end up losing the ones that you love. Anupama goes inside the house.

Vanraj, being frustrated, hit his hand to the door and got hurt.

Vanraj reached Kavya’s home with the bouquet and presented that to Kavya, saying, this is for you!

Kavya said, Wow!

Vanraj said, sorry, baby! For being late, the client had a lot of questions for me. You know how they are. Kavya replied, I know.
Vanraj asked, is it okay if I have a bit late dinner? Let me freshen up first. I had enough snacks with the clients during the meeting that I am full. I am not hungry right now. You have it.

Kavya said V, what is this on your fingers? Vanraj replied, I don’t know. It must be something. Kavya said, I guess you had snacks with hands with clients. V, I very well know where and which food you have with your hands. Even I have had the food cooked by Anupama many times V. You could have told me if you had been there. Why did you lie?

Vanraj replied, were you spying on me? Kavya said, okay! I did not intend to. But while I was talking to you over the phone, I heard Baa’s voice. So, I could not stop myself. And I was hoping against hope. But unfortunately, I was proved to be right. I thought it is your helplessness to be on two boats at a time. But now I feel you are used to it.

Vanraj answered that I went there to bring my belongings. Baa and Pakhi insisted that I should take food. Then what I do? Say no, and was I supposed to hurt them? Moreover, what is the problem if I had food? What is the big deal?

Kavya got angry over Vanraj’s lie:

Kavya replied, No big deal. If you have gone home to bring your belongings, there is no big deal. Even if you got emotional there after seeing Baa, Bapuji, and your kids, there is no big deal. If your Baa asked you to have food and you had it, then also there is no big deal. But V, you lied to me. And that is a big deal! V in these eight years relationship, you lied to me many times, but I have forgiven you every time. Because I thought it is your helplessness. Like you always said, you are stuck. But what made you helpless now, V?

Kavya continued and said; you started to lie at the start of our relationship. Why V? Why? If you had plans to have food from there, then you can tell me. I would not do that much preparation and would not have waited for you. V, I cannot argue every day on the same issue.
Vanraj replied; Okay, sorry. This will not happen again. I shall inform you first. Kavya said that is not the point, V! The point is to stop visiting both the houses. You spend half time at my house and the other half at Anupama’s house. This is not done, V! You used to hate Anupama because her hands were smells of spices. Today, your hands smell spices too.

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Vanraj remembers when he shouted at Anupama that bring away these hands smelled like spices.

Kavya said it is okay if it smells for one day. But if it often smells on hand, our relationship would take the same path; V. Kavya said Excuse me and goes away.

Vanraj remembers kavya's wording

Vanraj then remembers Kavya’s wording, ‘I thought it is your helplessness,’ ‘to be with two women,’ ‘but now, I feel, you are used to it.’ ‘V, I very well knows where and when you take food from hands.’ ‘Stop visiting both the houses.’ ‘You spend half time at my house and half at Anupama’s house.’ ‘Either have desi food of your wife’s hand or your girlfriend’s hand.’ Choose one!

Anupama and Bapuji’s conversation:

In the next scene, Anupama is doing the calculation, and Bapuji visited the room.

Anupama asked Bapuji! You are still away! Bapuji replied today, Vanraj and Leela… Did you not feel bad? Anupama said I am a mother too. I do understand a mother’s love and the helplessness of a mother too. 5300… 600… 326… 5300 plus 300… 53 plus 3… 54, 55, 56… 56 plus 6…62, 62 plus 26 bapuji said 88. Bapuji said the total is 8,800.

Anupama was amazed and said, Wow! Bapuji, you are good at calculation. Bapuji tells me when I was in college; people used to call me ‘Calculator Shah‘ and not Hasmukh Shah. I do one thing, I have toshu’s old calculator. Let me give it to you. It will make calculations easy. Anupama said, but still, it would be tough to run the house.

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Bapuji replied, do not worry, dear! Both of us will find a way out. Anupama said I am not worried, bapuji. But it is a fact, is it not?

Bapuji said I have some savings. And Samar said he would find any job. Your dance class will go right too. All of us will find a way together. Anupama said despite… Bapuji replied every household has problems beta. Money tends to get significant in the family that needs it.

Anupama happily said that you always believe that a business needs money while a family runs by love! Bapuji said, but some amount is a must. Anupama said, yes.

The next morning, Anupama works in the kitchen Samar came and said Good morning, rock star! Anupama asked you woke us so early! Samar replied, just wake up. Anupama said, you wake up or did not fall asleep at all?

Samar said, how did you know? Anupama said it has got very cold. So, I used to visit to check the blanket has slipped away. Every time I came to see you were awake. Tell me if something is bothering you. If you do not want to tell me, say it to Bapuji or your Bhai. But just share it; don’t keep it in your mind. Well, you can tell me that you love Nandini.

Samar shocked and said, who? Whom do I Love? Anupama pulled Samar’s ear and said nothing could be hidden from a mother. Samar said, you did not say anything even though you knew it. Since you did not share anything, so I did not say anything. The way you talk about her looked at her; everything can be seen. Even I am a mother, I have been observing your body language. Tell me whether you confessed your love to her or not.

anupama talking to samar

Samar replied, I said it to her, but she does not love me, mummy. I proposed to her, but she ran away from there. She is my first love. And my first love remained uncompleted, mummy.

Anupama said, your father is my first love too. My first love, too, remained uncompleted. Anupama remembers Vanraj saying I love you to Kavya.

On the other side, Vanraj awakens and feels back pain and said apply the bam. The alarm rang, and Vanraj opened his eyes and sat on the bed and remembers the time when Anupama used to apply balm on his back.

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Vanraj said Kavya do you have a balm. But Kavya was not there, so he starts searching for her. KavyaKavya? Oh! My God, this mattress is so soft. It hurts my back. She is not even there. Then Vanraj remembered Kavya’s wording, you spend half time at my house and a half on Anupama’s house, this is not done V.

Vanraj thought, where has she gone early in the morning? What if she got angry at me and went to… She must go jogging.

Anupama and Samar conversation about Nandini:

Anupama said to Samar that our love doesn’t need to be acknowledged. Every letter doesn’t get a response. But never forget a thing; you will lose heart in love but not courage. Moreover, your relationship has something which never being in my relationship; friendship. Your father is my first love, but we were not friends. We never become friends. Perhaps, that is why the relationship broke. The love which doesn’t have friendship, we can show excitement by looking at each other. But we cannot share sorrow and happiness mutually. Love forms a relationship but runs through friendship. There was no friendship in my relationship, but yours has it.

In the next scene, Vanraj is searching for Kavya in the jogging park. Where is she? How irresponsible! First of all, she has come without informing me and even not picking up my phone! Ah, My back pain!

Meanwhile, Vanraj saw Kavya talking to someone happily and laughing a lot.

Anupama said to Samar, in the world, destiny decides our relationships. But friendship is the only one which we choose by ourselves. In this relationship, we can be what we are; we can breathe freely. So, this relationship should never break. Anupama saw Nandini standing outside with a Yoga mattress.

Anupama said no matter friendship changes to love or not, but it must never break. But good friends get by destiny.

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Anupama said to Nandini, today we need to go big garden for yoga, right? I will quickly wear my shoes and come.

Samar looked at Nandini and remembered the old days.

Vanraj saw Kavya talking to someone:

Vanraj went towards Kavya and said it seems to be very funny. Can I also know the joke? Kavya said V, what are you doing here? Vanraj replied, why did you both get disturbed by me?

The other guy said, okay, Kavya, I will see you later. Call me. Vanraj asked why? The guy said bye to Kavya and leave the place.

vanraj and kavya's argument

Kavya said in anger, what the hell, V? How could you talk to my friend like that? Vanraj replied he must be a very special friend of yours, that’s why you came here so early to meet him.

Kavya replies, just stop it, V! Please! Vanraj said, what happened? Did you feel bad that he left? Vanraj turns around and shouts, hey, you special friend? Why don’t you come back? She is already missing you. Sorry, Kavya. Kavya said, what is wrong with you? Why are you creating seen in a public place?

Vanraj replied, then why you are talking to him in a public place like that. You do yoga well at home, then why you got interested in doing jogging instantly? Kavya replied, V whomsoever I talks, I do yoga, jogging or walking. It’s all my decision because it’s my life, okay? Kavya then looks behind at Anupama and is shocked.

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Vanraj, Kavya, and Anupama, Nandini crossed each other. Anupama serving food to everyone and remembers Vanraj and Kavya’s conversation. Baa said Vanraj is fond of this chutney. If he comes again.. and stops saying. Toshu said, where is the Pakhi? Pakhi came and told Mummy I told you that my classmates are doing a special course. I also want to join it. Anupama replied, but that is a little expensive.
Baa interrupts and said how much it cost? Bapuji replied that if it’s essential for Pakhi’s study, then we will make her study. Baa said, but we must know how much it cost. Pakhi replied its not much costly only Rs. 80,000. Bapuji was shocked and said Rs. 80,000.

Precap: Pakhi said, I know you don’t have that much money. So I asked papa for this. He will transfer the amount to your account just after some time. Vanraj thinks here is the first attack on your self-respect. Baa said attitude must be shown by those who have the status to show that. Kavya noticed Vanraj’s mobile and looked at him angrily. Anupama thinks in between out fight, don’t make my kids bad.