Anupama 9 December 2020 Written Update: Kavya’s devilish move against Anupama

The show starts with the song “Ladki beautiful kar gayi chul,” in which Pakhi, Samar and Toshu are dancing. Later on, everyone in the family joins the dance. Meanwhile, Pakhi picked her phone and brought the dance video online by being live.


Kavya sees that live celebration and becomes jealous. Vanraj also saw a live celebration.

Pakhi came after wearing a new dress. Anupama praises her by saying she’s looking very much beautiful. Baa said, why you wear that dress today? You must wear that tomorrow during day time. Pakhi replied, chill, Baa! Papa purchased four dresses for me.

Samar said, see, we got only one pair of jeans and a t-shirt on our birthday. While toshu said she got a complete wardrobe. It’s unfair, but why? Pakhi replied, because I am papa’s favorite. Then Nandini brought the cake and said its cake cutting time.

Pakhi’s phone ringed. She said one moment it’s papa’s video call. Pakhi picked the call, and Vanraj wished her, “Happy birthday my baccha.” Pakhi replied, thank you, papa. While Kavya also came from behind and wished a happy birthday Pakhi. Pakhi looked at Anupama and then said thank you.

Nandini said, let’s go, Pakhi! Cut the cake!

Meenu holds the phone and shows Vanraj cake cutting. Everyone wished her a happy birthday. She cuts the cake and gives a bite to everyone present there. Pakhi showed the cake piece to Vanraj as well.

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Then Pakhi said, so where are my gifts? Toshu replied, you got so many gifts then also you want more. Pakhi replied all those are from papa’s side. Will you all not give me gifts? Bapuji replied, why not? Leela gives it to her. Baa gave FD of pakhi’s name to her as a gift.

Pakhi replied What Baa, such a boring gift. You gave me money but in the form of FD so that I can’t expend them. Bapuji said beta this is the gift that will help you in the future. Baa added, ‘in your marriage.’ Pakhi replied, Please, Baa! Baa said, why? I am not saying it wrong. You are going to get married someday.

Anupama said that’s okay, Baa! But before that, you have to stand on your feet, and this money will help you in your studies. Marriage is okay, but education will help in life.

Vanraj said to Pakhi, okay, beta! We will meet tomorrow after school. Pakhi replied, papa, after school, I am going to the movie with my friends. So, we will meet after that. Vanraj replied, okay, beta! Good night and happy birthday once again! Pakhi replied, thank you, papa! I am waiting for tomorrow.

Kavya hugged Vanraj and thought, I am also waiting for tomorrow because tomorrow me and Vanraj will celebrate Pakhi’s birthday, not Anupama.

The next morning Anupama come to Pakhi’s room and see Pakhi sleeping and said, Crazy girl! For sure, she posted photos all night from her phone. She never brings down her phone.

Anupama then tries to wake Sweety; Sweety beta gets up. Pakhi replied, mummy, let me sleep. Anupama again said Sweety wake up. Pakhi said, mummy, let me sleep.

Anupama then said to Pakhi, you opened entire gifts at night but are you opened Kanhaji’s gift? Pakhi quickly opened her eyes and said, gift! Where is kanhaji’s gift?

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Anupama opened the window, and sunshine came in. she said, this is the gift; every new morning is lord kanhaji’s gift. And today is your birthday morning. Let’s go! Get up, have a bath, and request in front of Lord Kanha. Pakhi replied, mummy, let me sleep, please.

Anupama starts tickling pakhi. She laughs and said, mummy, please, only 5 minutes. Anupama thinks Lord Kanha, please give all the happiness to my daughter. No sorrow and pain will pass out even near about of her.

Anupama said, my dear daughter! Pakhi replied, my dear mummy!

Pakhi asked Anupama, Mummy! Today, please do everything right. My friends are coming for the first time at home, and I don’t want anything wrong to have happened. Anupama replied, nothing wrong will happen. Then they both laughed.

Anupama said this party would be so good that your friends will remember it forever. Pakhi asked, promise!

Anupama replied, indeed, promise! Pakhi clapped her hand with happiness and screamed while Anupama follows her.

Samar joined both of them and said happy birthday to Pakhi.

Vanraj asked Kavya, Can you bring one cup of tea for me? He saw Kavya working in the kitchen and goes there.

Vanraj asked Kavya what she is doing. Kavya turned around and smiled.

Meanwhile, Anupama prepared a cake for Pakhi with the help of Kinjal and Nandini.

Pakhi came out after watching the movie and talking to her friends about the movie that it’s fantastic. She said Varun Dhawan looks so stunning that I thought maybe he would come out of the screen or I will go inside. Everyone laughed after listening to her thoughts. Her friend replied, really but after you, if your Baa will also come, what will happen?

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Pakhi said, okay, then we will meet at home. What happened? You all are coming to my home, right?

Everyone replied, yes, yes. One of pakhi’s friends said, but before that, could you come with us somewhere? Pakhi asked where? Her friend said, it’s a surprise for you; just come with us.

Pakhi said, surprise! I love surprises. Her friends said, then let’s go. Pakhi said, yaa but I have to go home also as my mummy is waiting for me. Her friend said it’s okay. If you went a little late also, then what will it matter? After all, it’s your birthday. Come on! Please.

Pakhi’s friend talked on the phone, hello!! The movie has ended, and we are just going from here.

Samar shouts, mummy; where is the confetti? Nandini said, here it is, Samar. Samar replied, thank you. He was shocked and said, mummy… Everyone came together and looked at Anupama in shock.


Baa came forward and said, daughter-in-law, you are looking the same as Rekha. Anupama replied; actually, Kinjal gets me ready.

Sweety always thought that her mother is old-time, so she never let me meet her friends. That’s why I thought that today is her birthday, her all friends are coming to the house. So let me try to be a little new.

Otherwise, also her father is not there, so I need to deal with her friends. Anyways how could I take to such high-fi kids? I am not able to understand, but I will do it right.

Baa said, you self become Rekha, so you must get me to be Reena Roy. Now in front of everyone, I will look like Niroopa Roy. Everyone laughed loudly.

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Bapuji said, God, bless you, beta! You are doing very much for the kid’s sake. You are learning new things. It’s effortless when we see this but very tough in reality for doing. After one specific age, it’s tough to change ourselves.

Mamaji said you are absolutely right, brother-in-law. We get tired of changing our shirts, but you never get tired. You can do anything.

Samar happily said Mama Buddy, that’s why my mummy is a rock star! Everyone clapped to appreciate Anupama.

Anupama asked, where is Sweety? We are ready and merely waiting for her now. She will be delighted to see us and the house like this. What does she say in English when she gets happy?

In the next scene, Pakhi reached the party place and said OMG! This is so beautiful! Isn’t it awesome? Vanraj came and said Pakhi beta. Pakhi was shocked and said, papa.

Vanraj presented the gift to Pakhi and said Happy Birthday! Pakhi replied, Thank you! Thank you so much, papa! I am so happy you did it all! Thank you so much. Vanraj replied, I didn’t do all this, but your bestie did this.

Meanwhile, Kavya came and said, happy birthday Pakhi! And give the gift to her. Pakhi replied, thank you! Kavya asked, are you still upset with me, Pakhi?

Can anyone be angry at their friend for so long? Pakhi, you know how much I love you, right? Pakhi replied, thank you for doing all this for me.

Kavya said all this is nothing. The real party will begin now! Pakhi looked at Vanraj and then said, thank you, but I must go home. Mummy is waiting for me. Kavya replied the party at home is at night. We can enjoy ourselves here till then.

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Pakhi’s friend insisted, yes, Pakhi! She is right. Now that we are here let’s enjoy the party here. Your bestie has made such excellent arrangements here. It’s all cool and happening in here! Just imagine, we would be clicking some amazing pictures here!

Vanraj said, yes! It’s my princess’s birthday! Today, there is not only one party, while two parties will happen. One party is here and the other at home.

Then Pakhi’s friends started to insist on her, yes, Pakhi! Please, Pakhi!

On the other side, Anupama is making arrangements and saying not just my Sweety’s birthday cake; even the knife to cut the cake has to be beautiful. Where has she gone?

Anupama tried calling Pakhi, but the engaging sound comes. She said her phone’s battery must be dead! She must have been clicking pictures all day! Anyway, she was told yesterday that she would be going to meet his father after the movie. Maybe she is with him.

Pakhi’s friends were shocked and said, Wow! So pretty! Vanraj and Kavya looked there, and Pakhi came from there after being ready.

Kavya thought I know that you are waiting, Anupama. Wait for more, because this party is going to happen for a long.

Anupama, being excited, see herself on the plate.

Kinjal is seen talking on the phone, Mom; I told you that I am at my friend’s place. I will be coming home early. Okay, bye! Toshu came, and Kinjal said, well… I haven’t told mom that I am here. And if I don’t reach home on time, she will get suspicious, and she will come here.

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Toshu said Pakhi’s phone is not reachable. So, if you want to go home, then you can go! I don’t want any problem to have happened at your home.


Kinjal said Toshu, I am not scared of going home while from U.S. Mom wants to send me to the U.S. forcibly, and I don’t want…

Toshu replied she wants to send you, but she won’t be able to. I don’t know how I am going to stop her or will be able to stop her or not. But this isn’t the time to discuss all that! Today is a day of celebration so let’s focus on that! Smile! Come on.

Everyone is together in the hall. Baa said, listen to me. It is the alphabet ‘T,’ right? So it’s ‘Tushar,’ ‘Tokyo’ and ‘Tota’! Samar said you said ‘P’ for ‘Parrot,’ and now you are saying ‘Tota.’ This is the cheating Baa.

Baa replied, it’s not cheating. The parrot’s name could be ‘Tota.’ Just like the name, ‘Mittu’! Similarly, ‘Tota’!

Anupama again tried calling Pakhi but said her phone is still not reachable. Let me call her papa… No! She will come home on her own.

Pakhi and Vanraj dancing together:

On the other side, Pakhi is dancing with her friends. Kavya insisted Vanraj join the dance. Pakhi tried to leave the stage, but Vanraj came and started dancing for her on the song “Ankhiyan Milau kabhi ankhiyan churau.”

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Kavya surprise to see Vanraj dancing and said Wow, V! Pakhi’s friend said to her, that wow, Pakhi! Your dad is so cool.

Anupama is waiting for Pakhi. Meanwhile, Samar said its 8’o clock now. Sweety hasn’t arrived yet. Toshu said she is missing her birthday party.

Baa said, wait, let me call Vanraj. Bapuji said No need. They know there is a party here. They will come on their own. Mamaji said after so many days, father and daughter got time to spend together. They must have gone somewhere.

Baa said that would be good. Vanraj will feel good. Otherwise, staying away from home is not that easy. Bapuji said Anu beta! Don’t worry. They will be here soon. Anupama said, okay, Bapuji!

Samar said to Anupama, Mummy, what if Sweety’s dad is doing it intentionally? Anupama remembers Vanraj’s words saying I will take away everything from you. Even Baa, Bapuji, and my kids too.

Anupama asked Samar will you ask Baa or Dolly to call him. Samar said yes and leave from there.

On the other hand, Vanraj is dancing with Pakhi. Kavya brings Vanraj’s phone aside and gone to Pakhi. She asked Pakhi, give me your phone. Let me make your dance videos. For social media, so that people will know how great Pakhi’s birthday was.

Pakhi said, thank you. Please make some slow-motion videos, too. Kavya said absolutely! Pakhi replied, thank you!
Pakhi said to Vanraj that this is the best birthday party ever, papa. Vanraj hugged her. She said thank you so much. I didn’t expect that much fun today.

While Dolly and Anupama were tried calling and become disappointed.

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Kavya is making the video; meanwhile, she got a call on Pakhi’s phone from Anupama. She rejected the call.

Anupama becomes shocked; after so much difficulty, the call was connected, but she also rejected the call.

Kavya thought, Anupama, there is only wait in your fate before waiting for your husband. Today, you will keep waiting for your daughter.

Precap: Bapuji said Pakhi is a kid, but Vanraj should have thought about it. Poor Anupama was preparing for the party since yesterday. Anupama cries hard. Kavya said to Anupama that this was just the trailer Anupama. Anupama replied that no matter how hard you try, you can’t take away my family. Kavya replied, you believed that in your husband’s case too. But, now he’s here, right? Anupama said if Bapuji didn’t throw him out of the house, he would have stayed here. Kavya, don’t be proud of usurping other’s belongings.