Anupama 8 December 2020: Pakhi is Excited for birthday

Bapuji shouted, Vanraj! Ask Kavya to leave my daughter-in-law’s house now. And after today, if you want to do anything for your kids, then take permission from Kavya first. Or else, you will do it, and she will yell at Anupama by coming here. I don’t want any drama in my house or street. We can’t let us step out and face society but let us live in our home in peace.

bapuji warning vanraj

Vanraj angrily looked at Kavya and said Sorry Baa! Sorry, Bapuji! Let’s go, Kavya!

Vanraj holds Kavya’s hand and brings him out of the house.

Kavya said, What are you doing? Vanraj replied, Get into the car Kavya. Kavya said V; Vanraj angrily said, get into the car Kavya.

Kavya looked at Anupama angrily, and then Vanraj and both leave the place.

Baa said my son is not happy even there. Anupama said, lord, if you gave sorrow at one house, he must be happy in another house. We are also not happy. At least someone deserves to be happy after all this.

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In the next scene, Samar and Nandini are having coffee together. Samar remembers when he said I lots of love you, Miss Lol, and Nandini goes away. Nandini remembers Anupama’s words that your friendship may not transform into love, but it shouldn’t end.

Samar and Nandini both said at a time; I don’t want to lose a friend, LOL. Samar said we delayed lots of late. Nandini responded that in realizing that one can’t lose a friend. Samar said Mummy says right friendship relationship is very different and unique. No matter any relationship is built or not, but we must not lose the friendship.

Nandini forward her hand and asked friends? Samar replied happily, friends! Both shake hands together.

In the background tune played, “Yaaro jee bhar ke jee le pal, Lagta hai aaj kal daur apna aayega…” Samar and Nandini happily danced to the song.

Vanraj said I am talking to you, Kavya. Kavya replied, no! You are not talking to me; you are screaming at me. Vanraj replied, then what else will I do? If you go and create a scene at my home, then what else will I do? And I don’t understand. What is your problem? I understand your insecurities earlier, but I live with you. Why are you so insecure now?

Kavya replies, you must think this V. Why can’t you ever make me feel secure. Vanraj asked Oh! Even this is my mistake. Kavya replied, then whose mistake is this? You hide things from me, lie, and transfer money to your family! Won’t that make me feel insecure?

Vanraj said, Oh God! Kavya seriously! If I gave money to my daughter for her studies, then you will react like this. Kavya replied, it’s not about money. It is about hiding things. And I was sitting right in front of you. But still, you didn’t tell me.

Vanraj said, Listen, Kavya! I have always done everything on my wish. I am not used to seeking anyone’s permission or to tell anyone. It is not my habit, nor can I do so. I have three children. It’s my responsibility to fulfill every wish of theirs. My children can call me anytime or meet me anytime. I will also meet them, pick them, or drop them off, send money. And if you think I will seek your permission before doing any of this, I am sorry. That is not possible.
Kavya replied, I am not asking you to seek permission, but you could tell me at least. Don’t you think I have the right to know what’s going on in your life? V, I don’t want to lose you because I know that Anupama is not as naïve as she seems to be.

Vanraj said she’s not as conniving as you think her to be. So relax! You need not feel insecure about Anupama. As far as my kids and parents are concerned, you know very well how important they are to me. So, I can’t abandon them. Even in the future, my kids may live with me. So be prepared for that. And don’t expect me to tell you everything. I can’t. I should either focus on my work or may I need to spend all my time keeping a logbook for you of whom I met, when I met, what I spoke etc. Also, it’s useless to tell you all this because you are not interested in my children.

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Vanraj continued and said Kavya! I am not saying that you need to do anything for my family but do what I want to do. And yes, let me clear this for one last time. I consider my parents like God. And my kids are my life. I can’t leave them for anyone. Not even for you.

Vanraj went inside the car and pressed the horn, and shouted, let’s go! Kavya also gets into the car, and both leave the place.

Baa said, look at her audacity! She is over smart after making a mistake. Bapuji replied, Anyway, our daughter-in-law has already rebuked her. Baa replied she would go and rebuke my son. Bapuji responded that’s their personal matter.

Samar said, Oh, no! These also got burnt! Anupama said, give it to me, I will do it. Meanwhile, Pakhi came and said loudly, mummy! The list is ready. Anupama said, really? Samar said whatever happened every year will happen again, an impressive birthday gift list, right? Pakhi replied, yes, papa’s presence will make it more memorable. S-Sorry, I didn’t mean to…

Anupama said it’s okay. Pakhi asked papa will come, isn’t it? Anupama replied, as it is your birthday, so for sure, he will come. Pakhi asked mummy, shall I meet papa before going to school? I have to plan for the birthday shopping along with him, so… Samar said Sweety came with me for shopping.

Pakhi responded, why? Every year I go with papa, right? It’s our day. Bapuji said, this year, do it with your brother. Pakhi replied, no, Bapuji, thanks. Samar said, okay, if you don’t want to come with us, go with mummy. As you need to buy a dress only. Pakhi replied, keep your suggestions to yourself. I want to go with papa means I want to go with him only.

Samar said Pakhi, don’t be so adamant about everything. Pakhi said, then don’t come in between the conversation, and they both start fighting.

Anupama said enough! Baa said we already have more than enough arguments in our house. Anupama said Samar; it’s okay if she wants to go with her papa. Anupama said to Pakhi; you will go beta but ask your father first on call and then go there. Pakhi said, okay, mummy, anyway, I will go to his office. And I hope bestie… Kavya will be absent from the office. I don’t want even to see her face.

Anupama said, you should not say like that beta. Baa said to Anupama, I fear that Kavya may create the scene on Pakhi’s birthday. But you will see, there is a massive difference between a wife and a girlfriend. My son will realize that soon and that Kavya too.

In the next scene, Vanraj and Kavya are seen on the bed. Vanraj brings his hand over Kavya’s hand, but she didn’t respond, so Vanraj turned around. And by seeing this, Kavya also turned on another side.

The next morning, toshu is exercising in the park, and Kinjal came there. Both of them become happy and hugged each other. Kinjal said; finally, I missed you so much, Toshu. Toshu said I missed you too. Kinjal asked, are you okay? I mean everyone in the home, how is mummy? Toshu said I have something for you. Toshu brought out the ring and said, mummy said that this is yours and I must put into your finger whenever I meet you.

Kinjal brings back her finger. Toshu said Kinjal, don’t tell me that because of your mummy, you are breaking up?

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Kinjal said that’s not the matter. Toshu asked then what the matter is. Kinjal said, putting a ring on my finger now is of no use. My mom wants to send me U.S. Toshu, shocked what! Kinjal further tells that me and dad were trying hard to convince mom. You know that mom doesn’t obey anyone.

Toshu said I would tell my mom to talk to your mom. Kinjal said, No point Toshu. When she is not listening to dad and me, then how she will listen to your mom. While she will say many things to her, which I don’t want to happen at all. We need to find some other way. Toshu, I only do not need this ring but want to wear a mangalsutra of your name also. This is about our life and happiness.

Vanraj is talking on the phone, okay! You guys inform me. Okay. Meanwhile, Pakhi turned around from Vanraj’s chair, and he becomes shocked.

Vanraj planning for Pakhi's birthday

Vanraj happily hugged her and said Pakhi, my dear, how are you? Pakhi said I am good, papa, sit. So, how was my surprise? Vanraj said, best surprise ever. Pakhi asked, tell me, why am I here? Vanraj replied, because your birthday is coming. Pakhi said, you remember it. Vanraj said, can I ever forget that, crazy girl? Okay, tell me what is on the shopping list this time. Tell me where you want to do a party in the club or restaurant?

Pakhi replied at home. Papa, every time I celebrate my birthday outside with my friends. This time I want to celebrate it in the house with my complete family. Also, I will invite all my friends to my house. Also, I have shared my favorite decoration with the mummy. See! It’s nice, right?

Pakhi said, papa! The birthday party will happen only if you come home. If you don’t come, then there will be no birthday party.

Vanraj remembers Bapuji saying that I don’t want to have any scene in my house or street. Pakhi said its okay papa, if you are not comfortable, then we will party next year. Vanraj replied, how can we not celebrate your birthday? I will come.

Pakhi becomes excited and said thank you, thank you, thank you, papa. You are the best. Mummy will handle the food, and Samar, Toshu Bhai, and Nandini will manage decoration. Vanraj interrupted and said, but I will bring the birthday cake, your favorite, okay? Pakhi replied, okay, done.

Kavya looked at Pakhi and Vanraj from outside.

Samar shows some themes to Anupama and Nandini and said it is so good. Nandini said no, no, will pakhi like it? Samar said she would like it. Anupama asked, are you sure? Samar said yes, mummy. Anupama said Sweety must not felt that her father is not with us; that’s why her birthday party was ruined. I think that along with Gujarati food, I will make Pizza and pasta too. Sweety’s favorite and along with that some Chinese items too.

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Samar said Mummy, we will order Pizza. Anupama said no, no, it will be costly. I will watch internet videos and prepare them fastly. Samar, is there enough money in my account that I will buy a dress for Sweety? Samar replied, yes, mummy, and even I have the dance class’s advance in my account. Don’t worry at all. We will celebrate Sweety’s birthday in the same way you want it to be.

While Pakhi is clicking pictures with Vanraj and Kavya entered the room and said Hi Pakhi. Pakhi said Vanraj, See you, papa!

Vanraj tries to stop Pakhi as Pakhi beta, listen but she goes away. Vanraj said to Kavya, please don’t mind. Pakhi is young. You know how teenagers behave these days. Pakhi’s birthday is coming. Every year she celebrates outside, but this year she wants to celebrate at home because of Anupama. If I throw a party outside, Bapuji’s ego will hurt, which I don’t want. Also, Pakhi will celebrate birthday only when I will be there, so I have to go. Then you will say that I didn’t tell you. That’s you, I am telling you in advance.

Kavya said Pakhi’s birthday!!

Samar said, so the list is ready. Anupama said my Sweety’s birthday should be memorable.

Anupama and Bapuji

Anupama is watching the album and Pakhi’s old photos. Bapuji came and said our Pakhi had grown so much, right?

Anupama said, yes! Lord will do well for the one who made the camera. We will never stop time, but these photographs do capture moments. Remember Bapuji; this is the picture of Sweety’s second birthday. She was crying all day because of teething. But she became quiet once she saw the cake.

Bapuji said she’s always very excited about her birthday parties. Anupama replied yes, so she wrote a letter to Lord Krishna too that please Kanha Ji brings my birthday two times in a year.

Bapuji said when we used to celebrate Pakhi’s birthday at home; then you are alone able to handle everything. But Vanraj used to come to cut cake only that time, and now also he will come to cut the cake. Baa said, that’s okay; I wish he attends at least the cake ceremony.

Bapuji said we got this happiness with great difficulty, so we will celebrate it grandly and forget the sadness. Anupama replied, okay, Bapuji, we will celebrate Pakhi’s birthday party so grandly that the guests and the happiness will stay back.

On the other side, Kavya said preparing ‘Dahi Vada’ with ‘Sweet Chutney’ at home doesn’t make it a birthday party, Anupama. I will show Pakhi how a birthday party is celebrated lavishly.

Meanwhile, Vanraj entered the cabin. Kavya said V, don’t you know how close Pakhi and I were? After so much age difference also, we were best friends. I was her bestie, V., And I want to remain her bestie. Hence, I want to do something special on her birthday.

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Vanraj asked, really? Kavya responded, yes, can I do it? Vanraj said, of course, but she has a party at home as well. Kavya responded, but that will happen at night, right? So if I organize the small party in the evening or afternoon then? So after that Pakhi can attend home’s party too. Otherwise, for the world’s cutest girl, one party is not enough.
Vanraj asked you want to do all this for her? Kavya responded, of course, I love her!

Vanraj hugged kavya

Kavya hugged Vanraj and thought, you want to call Vanraj home on the party’s pretext, Anupama! But if you can play the game, then I can change the game. I will throw such a grand party that Vanraj and Pakhi will not notice your party and your attempt. Before you make the first move, I will overtrump it.

Anupama said, four packet burger buns, three packets of pasta, one bottle of Jaitun oil. Baa said it’s olive oil. Anupama: yes, it’s olive oil. Baa said, what about broccoli? Anupama said yes, here they are two pieces of broccoli and bread for the Pizza.

Meanwhile, Sweety’s screaming voice came, and Baa and Anupama were shocked, and everyone run towards outside saying, Sweety! Pakhi!

Pakhi said Mummy; it’s my birthday! Baa said, oh, God! You screamed due to that reason. Pakhi said, yes, Baa, my birthday, will start after six hours.

Anupama pulled Pakhi’s ear and said, you scared us, you crazy girl! Baa said, what if I had suffered a heart attack?
Mamaji replied, Oh, God! Then we need to celebrate your birthday and didi’s death anniversary together. Everyone looked at mamaji in shock.

Bapuji said no, it would never happen. Baa said, yes. Bapuji then said even God wants peace at their home. And everyone laughed. Pakhi said to Anupama, Mummy, you know my entire birthday shopping is completed, yes! Yes!
Mama said, look at the face of this Koolie; it looks the same as Samar. Samar replied, if I were Koolie, then I would not have minded. At least I got money, but here I don’t even get thanks. Pakhi said if you did little work in a day, then what’s wrong with this? Samar said these are your shopping bags, not mine. Pakhi replied, it’s my birthday; why will I carry them?

Samar said, today is not your birthday; it’s tomorrow. Nandini replied, but all this shopping is for birthday only. Samar said, see mummy; by saying this, they make me carried all the bags.

Toshu came there with Kinjal. Baa said, you came here again. Toshu said she didn’t come; I bring her here. Kinjal said Baa because of Pakhi’s birthday. Bapuji said, you did very well, beta. In our happiness, if our loved one is not there, then who will come?

Anupama said Baa, whatever happened, there is no fault of poor kinjal. Baa said, it’s okay, but behind you, your mom came, then I will be awful. Kinjal replied, no, baa, she will not be here. Baa said, then it’s okay. You can join us.
Anupama calls Samar aside and asks so many items. Have you spent all the money? Samar said no, mom. Pakhi’s dad let her shop for everything, and she kept shopping, and her papa kept paying for everything.

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Anupama said, and what I said that the birthday dress would be from my side. Samar said I told Pakhi, but the dress she selected for her birthday was out of our budget, so his dad also pays for that. Samar asked the Rock star what happened?

Anupama said even I wanted to gift my daughter something. Samar said, you are giving such a good party. Anupama said, yes, let’s go from 12:00 pm; her birthday will start.

Pakhi came with excitement and hugged Anupama saying Thank you! Thank you, Mom! Anupama said you will see this birthday of yours will be the best birthday ever.

Precap: Anupama said not just my Sweety’s birthday cake but the knife she will use to cut the cake will also look beautiful. Anupama tries calling Pakhi. On the other hand, Pakhi is at another party where Vanraj said Happy birthday; she replied, Thank you, papa. Kavya thought I know you are waiting, and you keep waiting as this party will continue for longer.