Anupama 14 December 2020 Written Update: Anirudh Creates A Disturbance

The episode starts when Baa asked Anupama, you want to do the job again? Anupama replied, yes, Baa! I wasn’t allowed to do it last time, but I will do it this time for my family. Please support me, Baa. You told me that the expenses couldn’t be released and we need to increase our income. I want to do that. Let me try, Baa!

Devika is sending a voice message to her sister that I know you were disappointed because of Anupama. But I told you why she came late that day. Sister, please give her another chance. I am taking her guarantee that she won’t repeat this mistake. Sister, please agree, please. Please give her another chance.

Devika thought, I hope my sister agrees to give Anu a job.

In the next scene, Kinjal and Rakhi are in the car. Rakhi remembers when she brings out the ring from Paritosh’s hand. She thought, I know that you guys won’t listen so easily. Even after getting humiliated so badly, you will come to my doorstep shamelessly. Anupama will beg, Vanraj will shout, and I will enjoy it a lot. I am waiting! I am waiting!

Samar and Nandini are doing some work together. Meanwhile, Nandini said, if you made the friendship, then follow the friendship too. Listen, Anu aunty has a lot of problems to deal with. So, please don’t make her worry more. Tell me what the matter is.

Nandini and samar conversation

Samar replied, I have two problems. First, I need a job. Nandini said, Don’t worry! I already talked about it to someone. Hopefully, you will get the job. Samar replied, Seriously! But I didn’t mention anything to you before. Nandini said people used to wait for you to mention anything but not friends. Tell me

Nandini asked, now tell me about your second problem. Samar replied Toshu Bhai! Rakhi aunty broke off the relationship of Toshu Bhai and Kinjal. He is not able to handle it. Even, he is sad all the time; he takes out his anger and frustration on my mummy because he cannot meet or talk to Kinjal. And, within a week, Rakhi aunty will send Kinjal to the USA.

Nandini said, Can I say something? Don’t leave Toshu Bhai alone. When a person is sad, he feels very lonely. Samar replied, you are right; Toshu Bhai doesn’t even have a friend. Only Mr. Shah was his best friend.

Nandini said, exactly, Toshu Bhai doesn’t have a friend, and he can’t meet Kinjal right now. So, it’s normal for him to react like this. You will have to support him, you may fight with him or talk to him, you may sing or dance but don’t leave him alone. I don’t know! God knows what he will do in the state of depression.

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In the next scene, Vanraj came outside the room and saw a parcel on the dining table. Kavya said I ordered Thai curry! Go, change, and come soon. Then, we will eat.

Vanraj responded, Can you make dal for me? The rice will be there with this ordered food. I will have dal and rice. Kavya replied V; I spend the same amount of time in the office as you. Even I am tired! I will make something tomorrow morning for breakfast. Not now, please.

Kavya looked at Vanraj and thought he must be thinking that if Anupama is there, she would have done it immediately. She said to Vanraj Okay, fine! I will make Khichri for you. Okay! Vanraj becomes happy and hugged Kavya and said Thanks!

Meanwhile, Anirudh enters the house and saw Kavya and Vanraj together.

On the other hand, Anupama said to Paritosh, Don’t worry, Toshu! I have talked to your papa already. We will surely do something.

Toshu replied, What can you do, mummy? You and papa close all my ways. Didn’t you hear what Kinjal’s mom said? Nothing can be done. Papa went out with her girlfriend. But, who is paying the price for it, mummy? I and Kinjal.

Samar said, Bhai, why are you getting angry with mummy. Say everything you want to say to Mr. Shah! The problem is him, not the mummy.

Toshu replied, I don’t want you to lecture me. Only I know what I am going through. Samar said only mummy knows what she is going through. If you can’t lessen her pain, please don’t increase it. Please stop blaming mummy for your problems.

Anupama said Samar, stop fighting among yourselves. Toshu, let us try, at least. We can solve it by talking. Toshu replied, mummy, it’s okay if you can find a way, but if you can’t, then don’t blame Kinjal and me if we take some wrong step.

Anupama becomes shocked and said, Toshu! Toshu! But he leaves the place.

Samar told mummy I think only you should talk to Rakhi aunty. Mr. Shah’s ego is so much big that he will make things wrong and then come.

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Anupama replied, no, Samar. There are a few things that the parents should do together, and Toshu is our child. So, we will discuss it together.

Anirudh entered the room and said, it’s okay. I am used to seeing my wife with his boyfriend. So, chill! Kavya said, How dare you, Anirudh?

You know very well that now V and I are living together. Then how dare you to come here. And who gave you the house keys?

Anirudh said we could get the duplicate key in just Rs.100, Kavya. I make them and keep them.

Kavya said, just get lost! Get out right now. Anirudh said Kavya, you are shouting too much. It caused me ear pain. And by the way, you sold out your manner along with shame. Won’t you serve your guest?

Vanraj came and shouted whose guest and which guest! Before I kick you out of this house, stand up and get put. Anirudh replied, who are you to throw me out of my house.

Vanraj said in a loud voice, this house belongs to Kavya. Anirudh replied Mr. Vanraj Shah looks like that your general knowledge is also weak, like your character. So, let me tell you. This house is mine and Kavya too. Right, Kavya?

Vanraj said, Shut up! Anirudh said, Kavya, you threw my golden shirt away by saying that it’s too loud. Your boyfriend is louder than my golden shirt. When are you throwing him out?

Anirudh's came back

Anirudh laughed and said, Whenever I came to Ahmedabad, I stay here in my house always. If you guys have an issue, you can make your lovenest elsewhere, but I will stay here. Anyways Kavya, if you want, then we all can live together. You, I, and Vanraj. Small family, Happy family! I have no problem being a part of this small family. If anyone has, then he can go away.

Anirudh goes in and lie down in the bed and saw a towel. He said, what… what’s this? Wet towel in the bed. Kavya, I think you haven’t trained your boyfriend properly. Come on, Kavya! You say me irresponsible, but your boyfriend is worse than me. I never threw the wet towel in the bed.

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Vanraj said, Kavya, tell him to get out of here. Kavya said Anirudh, please. Vanraj shouts, why are you saying ‘please’? Why are you begging in front of this man?

Kavya said Vanraj, please. Anirudh said, what is this, please, please? Why do you need to beg before this man? See, the point is till the time I am in Ahmedabad. I will stay here. If you two want to live, then you are most welcome. Anyway, what’s the big deal if a man interfered with our relationship for the past eight years and enters our home too.

Vanraj shouted, Anirudh! Anirudh reverse shouted Vanraj! Keep in mind that you and your girlfriend will get humiliated by shouting. And the news constructs that a husband caught his wife with her boyfriend red-handed.

Vanraj said to Kavya; you listened to all this. All this is happening because of you. You never say anything to him; that’s why he dared to do this. What was needed to give him house keys? Kavya replied V; I didn’t give him.

Vanraj said, because of you, I am in such a condition. I become “Dhobi ka Kutta” I don’t belong anywhere! Because of you, I left my home. And today because of him I am leaving your house. Thank you very much! Great!

Kavya pleased V! Please don’t say that. Neither I asked him to stay here, nor I gave him the keys to the house. V! where are you going. You can’t go to your home. V! you can’t go to Anupama. Vanraj replied, wherever I go, what’s the matter to you? You look after your husband. He shouldn’t be uncomfortable. Whether I live in a hotel, in a car or on a footpath…

Kavya replied, V, please calm down. It’s okay, you go and check-in at a hotel. I will reach there with other things. Vanraj said, Stop it, Kavya! Please stop it! Don’t you need to tell me what I do? I will do what I like to do.

Kavya tries to stop Vanraj, V; please stop. Please try to understand, V. V, please! Vanraj angrily replied, Why should I stop? Should I play ludo with your husband and wait till I get six? You made me an object for the joke.

Vanraj left the house, and the flower vase broke. Kavya looked at it and cried. She thought, Oh, God! What if Vanraj goes back to Anupama?

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While Vanraj reaches Shah’s house and though Anupama’s wordings saying we need to meet. It’s becoming difficult to handle Toshu. I am afraid that he may take some wrong steps.

Anirudh’s words, the point is as long as I am in Ahmedabad. I will stay here at my home. If both of you want to stay, then you are most welcome. Vanraj’s self words that now I do not belongs anywhere.

Anupama and the entire family is having dinner. She said Pakhi; it’s enough! Keep your phone aside and have your food. Pakhi replied, yes, mummy, only one minute. Anupama said, no one minute, keep your phone aside and have food.

Pakhi said yes, mummy. Samar took Pakhi’s phone and said, have food. Pakhi replied, don’t come in between and do your work. Bapuji said enough! Both of you don’t start again. Let’s have food peacefully.

Meanwhile, Vanraj entered and said Jai Shree Krishna!

vanraj reached anupama's home

Pakhi happily said papa and hugged him. Vanraj asked, how are you, beta? She replied I am fine, papa. Baa surprisingly said Vanraj!! Vanraj said I came here for Toshu.

I do not delay when it comes to my kids. Baa said, you have come to the right time. We have just started dinner. And daughter-in-law has cooked ‘Baigan Bharta,’ come one. Vanraj replied n-no Baa; you people carry on.

Baa said, How can a mother eat when her child is starving? Please have a little, or else I will not be able to eat. Pakhi said, yes, papa, please. Vanraj looks towards food while Anupama stands and bring a plate for him. Baa said, come on, beta, you can talk while eating food.

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Vanraj said I found out that Mrs. Dave had come here. What else can one expect from that woman? I was thinking us; I mean Anupama and I should talk to Mr. and Mrs. Dave. I am ready to talk to her for Toshu’s happiness by going to that lady’s home.

Anupama said, Have you come here to say this? I will get more rotis.

Samar follows Anupama, saying I am going for mummy’s help. Bapuji thought the one who left home’s Laxmi gets deprived of happiness, prosperity, and good food.

He didn’t get good food to eat. that day, I was angered, but today I am pity you, Vanraj. On the other hand, Anupama is making Roti for Vanraj. Samar said, mummy, he never left any time to humiliate you, and you are generously applying ghee on his Roti. What was needed to serve him the plate?

Anupama replied, Samar, he was hungry. No one returns hungry from our home. Even though I have no feelings for him, but I still have a sense of humanity. Baa asked, Vanraj, you look so weak. You don’t eat properly there?

Anupama brings Rotis while Vanraj’s phone rings; Kavya’s name is displayed on the mobile screen. Vanraj cut’s the call.

Kavya thought he disconnected the call. Anirudh said Relax, Kavya. Vanraj is not a small kid that he gets lost or gets run over by a car. In fact, he should call you up to ask whether you are alright or not? You are safe with me or not. It’s far that he should call you up even he is not attending your call.

Kavya angrily pushed Anirudh and said, everyone wants to ruin my happiness. After such a long wait, finally, Vanraj and I had got a chance to stay together. But nobody can bear to see us happy. Anupama was already enough trouble! Now even you have come between us. What is it?

anirudh and kavya _talking about vanraj

Anirudh said, you know what, Kavya? Had it been anyone else in his place, then he would have beaten up the ex-husband of his girlfriend and throw him out. Or he would have taken his girlfriend along. But he didn’t do either of these. He acted arrogantly and left. I can bet on it.

Your boyfriend is so pampered, spoilt, arrogant, typical Indian male that he cannot sleep in his car or hotel. He has just one place to go, his own house. So, you see, he will definitely 100% go to the Anupama’s place.

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On the other side Vanraj though today, I have realized that I made a grave mistake by leaving the house. I got separated from my parents and children, and I don’t even get good food to eat. While I was like a king as long as I am here. And now, I don’t even know where I will sleep tonight.

Precap: Anupama has seen doing worship. Meanwhile, the phone rang; she picked the call, and Rakhi asked her where my daughter is? Anupama asked Samar, where is Toshu? Samar replied, mummy, yesterday Bhai met Kinjal, and then he told me to go home. And never tell anyone anything till morning. Kinjal’s phone is also switched off. Rakhi said, if I don’t find my daughter, then you all will be in jail, Anupama.