Anupama 12 December 2020: Paritosh’s Breakdown

Anupama bumps into Rakhi’s car gate as she instantly opened the gate when Anupama crosses from the car’s side. Rakhi said Oopsie daisy! Did I hurt you? I mean, you are not injured, are you? I am sorry. Unknowingly, I keep hurting you.

Baa said snake’s world queen! Snake panchmi left from many days before. Now, what are you doing here? In our neighborhood, everybody has cable TV. So, you don’t need to entertain us. Whatever you want to talk about, come inside and then talk.

Rakhi goes inside with Anupama. Rakhi said I came inside Baa. But you know very well that Rakhi Dave never comes here to have a talk. I came here to create a scene as I made in the resort. And drama only becomes interesting when there are peoples who can watch this. Let me call them by myself.

Rakhi shouted Bapuji, Mamaji, Samar, Paritosh, and Toshu, come here quickly. Baa said, female snake! Whether you kept on biting, or will you even speak up? Kavya replied, Wow! Female snake and all. I didn’t know that you would give me such lavish compliments. But today, I am here to compliment you all so, Ladies and Gentlemen, here presenting the world’s most shameless family of the Shahs and starts clapping.

Rakhi warns shah's family

Anupama replied Rakhi, sister, please. Rakhi replied Mrs. Shah, do you genuinely think that your pleading is going to stop me? Then she said to Baa, that moreover, you are the mother-in-law. You know the basics of being despicable. So, you know that I will do what I have come here to do.

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Rakhi said, after what happened at the resort that day,

I thought you would sever your ties with Mr. Shah. You would oust him out of this house and your lives. But no! Here, he is being invited to parties. No. Kinjal did not tell me anything. Finding this out is very easy for me.
Then Rakhi said to Anupama, and you! The man who betrayed you so badly…You still welcome him into this house and are hospitable to him! Seriously! Are you all so great?

Then, she said, that I thought about this a lot. I deliberated a lot and understood that this isn’t greatness. This is needed. You must be mad at your son, and you must be mad at your husband. However, anger doesn’t pay for household expenses. You need money for that, and Vanraj Shah earns money! That is why all his heinous sins are forgiven! It doesn’t matter if he has an affair, lives at his girlfriend’s house, or marries her. It’s all right. He just has to give you money, right?

Rakhi continues taunting Anupama:

These husbands put up pictures of ‘Karva Chauth‘ on social media. Everyone knows what they do outside their house. My friend’s husband had an affair with his co-worker. When they came to know about it, he was fired overnight! I wonder what you will do if the same happens to Mr. Shah. How will you pay for your household expenses? Even after that, will you not sever ties with Mr. Shah? I don’t think so, because the relationships of the middle-class people are dependent on their needs. For the money, you can even befriend the other women in your husband’s life.

Baa replied, what nonsense! Rakhi said, let me explain you this nonsense, Baa! My friend’s husband was a habitual offender. Oops! ‘Habitual Offender,’ new word! I don’t think you have understood. Let me explain it to you. The one who makes the same mistake every time! He did the same with the previous job as well. He used to have affairs again and again, and his wife used to forgive him each time. Why? For the sake of money!

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Rakhi continues and said, a family can be managed without a husband but not without money! Maybe that’s why you forgave your husband as well! Forgive Kavya as well, then! She earns too. And I feel that your husband is bringing home her money as well. This TV, refrigerator, AC and there’s also a luxurious car, right? Did your husband do it by himself alone or take Kavya’s money in this as well? Ohhh! Now I understand! Is that why you are tolerating the other woman for eight years? And I have heard that you have started online dance classes now a day. Well, that’s good. You finally got some benefit by sharing your husband with the other woman.

Baa was shocked and said Chiiiiii!!!

Rakhi said, you guys are amazing! I mean…;Even, I am amazed; I am appalled… By knowing that disgusting people like you still exist in this world. Ohh! New word? You might not have understood. I mean…

Anupama replied angrily I understood what you are trying to say, Ms. Rakhi. Even though I don’t understand the language, I understand your way of speaking. Toshu’s father comes home because he still has a relation with this family.

Anupama_ replying rakhi

Baa said God sent Kavya here so that we get used to the wretched woman coming to our house; when you visit us, that comes in handy. Anupama said the money helps in the running of businesses. To run a family, you require decency along with the money! Sorry Decency… It must be a new word to you! You must not have understood. It means goodness. Honesty…we have never taken money over which we don’t have rights. And about relationships.. it would be better if you speak about your daughter’s relationship instead of talking about other’s relationships.

Rakhi replied, Right! I came here to talk about Kinjal. Paritosh beta and Rakhi went towards Paritosh and pulled off his engagement ring.

Anupama shouted Ms. Rakhi.

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Rakhi said to Paritosh, did that hurt? Good, it should because that’s what you deserve.

Baa said, Are you drunk? Or what? Rakhi replied, not at all. I am here to help you all come to your senses. You guys have a misunderstanding that Kinjal and Paritosh will get married. I am here to clear that doubt. Anupama said Ms. Rakhi. Rakhi replied, don’t you dare call me that. Call me Mrs. Dave, because we don’t share any bond anymore. And tell your son clearly to stay away from my daughter. This is my last warning. I am sending Kinjal to the USA. If you and your son try to interrupt in between that, it won’t be right, Mrs. Shah. I know very well that you bring my daughter here and try to brainwash her. So that she marries Paritosh against my wishes, but I won’t let that happen.

Rakhi finger towards Samar, Pakhi, and Paritosh and said, you, you and you. Three of you should never meet my daughter. And never invite her here in the name of parties, veneration, or funeral. Paritosh, next time if I see you outside my coaching class or my house or even if you try to call up Kinjal, cops will come here, not me.

Anupama said, what will you get by separating them and destroying their happiness? Why don’t you understand that Kinjal is happy with Paritosh? Rakhi replied, don’t teach me what’s right and what’s wrong for my daughter, Mrs. Shah. You couldn’t handle your husband, and now you are lecturing me.

Baa said, No one can lecture you. You should be ousted. Rakhi replied, Excuse me.

Anupama said three kinds of people visit when the house is on fire. The first one is those who try to stop the fire. The second type is just glad that there is no fire in my house. And the third type comes to bask in that fire. You belong to the third kind.
Rakhi asked so?

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Anupama said, well, that’s it! Stay away from this fire. Or else, you might burn yourself. As for Kinjal and Paritosh’s matter, then you aren’t calling off this alliance out of Love for Kinjal. You are doing this because of your ego. You gave birth to a daughter but couldn’t be a true mother. Had you been one, you would have realized how much Kinjal and Toshu love each other.

Rakhi replied, Love, my foot! Even you have loved Mr. Shah, hadn’t you? But what happened. Mrs. Shah, I want my daughter to live a life of happiness and luxury, not betrayal, and poverty! I have made myself clear and consider this meeting as our last meeting. And this day onwards, I sever all ties with you folks. And listen…let me warn you once again before I go. If any of your family members even lurks near my daughter, your whole family will be in jail. Then don’t complain later that I didn’t warn you. Goodbye!

Rakhi angrily came and sat in the car. When she tries to close the door, Kinjal came and opened the door and asked her, what’s wrong with you, Mom? Nandini saw you and called me. Just tell me, why did you come here? And what did you tell Paritosh’s family? Wasn’t the resort drama was enough.

Rakhi said, Just shut up and sit in the car. Kinjal asked first, tell me, why did you come here!

Rakhi stops kinjal to meet paritosh

Rakhi holds Kinjal’s hand and brings her inside the car by saying I said, get in the car. I am here only because of you. Despite my several warnings, you come here to meet them by telling me lie behind my back! Enough already! Your VISA will arrive anytime. Then I will take you to the USA. Then, I will get you engaged there to a groom that I choose.

Kinjal shouts Mom; you can’t do this!

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Rakhi said I would do this! By the way, if Paritosh is seen outside our home or the institute or if you come here to meet him, then I will file so many cases against them that they will have to visit court for the rest of their lives. Bloody hell! They don’t have the capacity to hire a lawyer. Even they will spend the rest of their lives in jail. And you have come here for the last time. If you repeat the same, it will be your mistake, Kinjal. But, they will get punished for the same and especially, your beloved, Ms. Anupama. The driver, let’s go!

Kinjal cried and looked behind Paritosh’s house.

While Toshu brings the pillow and throws it off, Samar, Pakhi said Brother! Brother! Samar said Bhai; it’s okay.
Paritosh cried hard and shouted by being upset.

Anupama asks Pakhi to go and get some water. Everyone tries to calm him down. Baa said it seems he has suffered an attack again. Pakhi brings the water, and Anupama tried toshu to drink water.

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Bapuji said, Toshu, control yourself! Anupama said enough! Don’t worry! Everything will be fine. Toshu replied, nothing will be fine, mummy. Rakhi aunty will take Kinjal away from me. My Kinjal…I can’t live without her. And you are responsible for all this. You and papa are responsible for this. Kinjal will go away from me.

Samar said Bhai, what are you saying? Bhai relax! Don’t say like this, Bhai! Baa said, Oh God! Something will happen to my Toshu. Anupama calls Vanraj up immediately.

Bapuji said it’s not required.

Baa said it’s required. Paritosh is his son, and Vanraj is his father. Bapuji said, not just father, he is a worthless father. Baa replied, whatever you say, but in this condition, only Vanraj can calm Toshu down. Call him up immediately.

Bapuji said, can’t you heard my words. No need to call him. Baa said something terrible would happen with my kid (Toshu) because of you and your son’s ego. You don’t love your son. But my son loves his son. Anupama, call Vanraj up immediately.

Baa said to toshu, just calm down! We will handle everything; we all are here, aren’t we? Vanraj will come and will… You know how that Rakhi is…

Anupama is being tensed and looked at Paritosh and called Vanraj.

Anupama talked vanraj

Vanraj’s phone rings! Kavya and Vanraj saw Anupama’s name on the phone’s screen. Vanraj looked at Kavya. Kavya said, pick up the call, V. I am going outside so that you can talk.

Vanraj picked the call on the loudspeaker and asked, yes, tell me! Anupama said we would have to meet. I know you don’t want to meet me, and even I don’t want to meet you. But as the parents, we will have to meet. Vanraj asked why? What’s the matter? And what’s that noise in the background? Anupama said ToshuVanraj asked what happened to Toshu? Anupama replied Mrs. Rakhi.

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Kavya said that women, seriously!

Anupama said it has become challenging to handle Paritosh. I am scared that he might take the wrong step. And then Anupama cuts the call.

Vanraj angrily shouts, that bloody Mrs. Dave! She’s out to harm my family; she has already called off Toshu and Kinjal’s engagement. What does this woman want?

Kavya said V if marriage is happened then also Kinjal can’t adjust at that house. Mrs. Dave could have created an issue every day. Then what happens? It’s all for good.

Vanraj replied angrily, Kavya! How could you say that? Toshu and Kinjal love each other. Whatever the issue is, they are because of Mrs. Dave, Anupama, and us. Otherwise, they are very happy with each other. Kavya replied V; I didn’t mean that.

Vanraj said Kavya, please! It would be good if you don’t talk about my family matters. Kavya replied, yes, right! This is your family matter. Issue related to your kids… go talk to your wife about it. I am not anyone to say anything. Vanraj said, seriously! Look Kavya! I am already very stressed with Mrs. Dave.

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Kavya replied, then go and beg her. Maybe then she will be agreed. Vanraj said I have to talk. As Vanraj Shah, I can’t tolerate her, but I have to as Toshu’s father. Anupama was right. We need to get a solution as parents. I will go tomorrow and decide with Anupama on what to do.

Kavya thought Anupama… Anupama… Anupama… she has one reason every day to poison our lives.

Anupama talked to Bapuji and said Sorry, Bapuji! I called him (Vanraj) while you said no to me. Not my husband or your son… I called him because Toshu is his son. As a father, it’s his right to know about his kids. Rakhi has stirred up a storm. It would need Toshu’s mother and father to deal with it.

Bapuji said, you are right. Anupama replied, Toshu is fine. Don’t worry. Bapuji, I have another thing to discuss; I want to do a job so that I can manage the house life before. I don’t want Mamaji to go back, and you don’t need to reduce your medicine. If I am not able to get you complete treatment, Baa has to think twice before spending. If the kids have to let go of their desires, I won’t tolerate it. I don’t know when I will find a job. Even I don’t know I will get it or not. I want to try Bapuji. Baa shouts, job!!

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Precap: Anirudh came and saw Vanraj and Kavya at their home. He said whenever I come to Ahmedabad; I stay at my home. If you guys have an issue, then you can make your love nest somewhere else. Kavya, If you are okay, we all can stay together. Small family, happy family! Vanraj angrily shouts I left my home for you. I am about to leave your home because of him. I have nowhere to go now. Vanraj came back home and said Jai Shree Krishna!