Sex Education Season 3: Everything you want to know

An amalgamation of comedy and romance, ‘Sex Education‘ was in every teen’s everyday-watch list when the web series was launched. The series portrayed a unique romantic plot of teenage love and showcased the sexual problems faced by them. 

Sex Education‘ brought forth a teenager’s capabilities to run a ‘sex clinic’ to help his fellow mates deal with their sexual and relationship problems. 

After a successful release of two seasons of the series, the viewers got addicted to the episodes and are curious to watch its third season. The second season ended on a very suspenseful note, and the ending appeared ‘incomplete.’  

Expected release date of Sex Education Season 3:

The first season of the series was launched on 11th January 2019 on Netflix. The season comprised of eight episodes

After a year, the second season of ‘Sex Education‘ was released on Netflix on 17th January 2020 and the second season too comprised of eight episodes

The first two seasons of the series were ‘super hit’ as the viewers couldn’t take their eyes off how the characters developed and presented the story in a very realistic way. After watching the ending of the season, many viewers did expect the third season as most of them wanted to witness Otis and Maeve’s chemistry in the third season. 

There is no official statement regarding the release of the third season or its release date, but the viewers are curiously waiting for its third season.

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The same cast in the third season or some new faces to be introduced?

Since there is no official notice on the release of the third season, the cast list has not been released. The first two seasons give the viewers a hint of the ‘possible’ cast of the third season. 

In the first and second season, we saw the following actors in the leading roles:

  1. Asa Butterfiled (Otis )
  2. Gillian Aderson (Otis’ mother)
  3. Ncuti Gatwa (Eric)
  4. Emma Mackey (Maeve)
  5. Connor Swindells (Adam)
  6. Kedar Williams (Jackson)
  7. Aimee Lou Wood (Aimee)
  8. Patricia Alison (Ola) 
  9. Tanya Reynolds (Lily)
  10. Mickael Persbandt (Jacob)
  11. Sami Outalbali (Rahim) (Only in season 2)
  12. Chinenye (Viv) (Only season 2)
  13. Mimi Keene (Ruby)
  14. George Robinson (Isaac) (Only season 2)

While most of the above list characters appeared in both seasons, some appeared only in season one. Hence, there is a ‘possible’ list of casting in the (expected) third season from the above list. 

We can expect Asa Butterfiled (Otis ), Gillian Aderson (Otis’ mother), Ncuti Gatwa (Eric), and Emma Mackey (Maeve) to be there in season 3 as well as these are the souls of the series. Other than them, Ruby, Isaac, Adam, and Jacob are also a part of the third season of the series. 

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Will Otis and Maeve become a ‘couple’ in the 3rd season?

The last episode of season 2 was very ‘open-ended’ and raised several questions in the spectators minds. 

In the first season, Otis fell in love with his friend Maeve while she was in a relationship with Jackson, unaware of Otis’s feelings. Also, Otis’s friend Eric was in love with Adam, but Adam never reciprocated to him as Adam hesitated to bring his sexual preferences before everyone. At the end of the first season, we saw Otis enter into a relationship with Ola. 

At the beginning of season 2, the viewers saw Otis satisfied with his love and sexual life. He continued to run his clinic, even in the absence of Maeve. But, Maeve returned to the campus as her suspension got canceled by the principal of the school. Meanwhile, Ola felt hesitant to tell Otis about being incapable of satisfying her sexually. 

Eric entered into a relationship with Rahim after Adam left him the city in the last season. After a few episodes, Adam re-entered the school and arose Eric’s love once again.

Maeve finally realized her love for Otis and, with confidence, expressed her love to Otis, but it all went complicated instead.

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On the other hand, Ola broke up with Otis as she fell in love with Lily. In the last episode of the season, Otis had sent a voice note to Maeve confessing his love for her, but Isaac deleted the voice notes without letting Maeve know about it.

Analyzing the plot of the first two seasons, the viewers have considerable expectations to see Otis and Maeve as a couple in the third season. Also, there was a hint of Jackson likely fall in love with Viv. 

There is no official confirmation related to the broadcast, launch date, casting, or plot of the third season. Nevertheless, our channel will always keep the viewers updated if there is any such information in the future.