Choti Sardarni 12 December 2020 Episode: Gill family recalls sweet memories

Till now, the viewers have witnessed how Aditi demanded Karan’s custody in exchange for property. Even after Sarab refused to grant her wish, Aditi didn’t melt and told Sarab and his family to leave the house. Meher was about to leave the house alone with Karan, but Sarab stopped him.

Sarab made her realize that a mother’s love is above all, and a child needs a mother more than a father. He said that Karan maybe her blood child and her life, but his life is Meher.

“Since you are my life, Karan is my blood child and how can I hand over such a precious organ to any outsider. Today I have more respect for you. Meher ji, your eyes are like a mirror to me. I can see my reflection in them.

If you are happy, I feel that I am also happy. But when you are upset, I can see myself upset and feel difficult to deal with all the situations of my life,” cried Sarab.

Meher promised Sarab that they would face all the hurdles and deal with this ‘big’ hurdle.

“Till the time you are with us, I am not scared of anything. You keep us safe. This property and wealth means nothing to me. My sardar makes me a sardarni,” said Meher.

For some time, Meher and Sarab get lost in each others’ eyes, but Param interrupted and reminded them about the house.

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Meher and Sarab ride on an emotional roller coaster that takes them back to the sweet memories they had spent in the house. Both of them continue to explore every segment of the house while recollecting their moments together.

First, they had a look over the bedroom and remembered how they used to play small games like kids. In the other room, Param went to check his height and told Harleen that he would recheck his height when he returns. Sarab recalled how he used to check Param’s height in the same room.

Next, they stared at the dining table and tried to memorize the funny moment when they played ‘April Fool’ with Meher, and she too did the same with them. Last but not least, they looked at the kitchen for the last time. Sarab and Meher remembered the romantic moments they had spent in the kitchen.

After taking a glance over their house for the last time, they prepared to bid their servants goodbye. Sarab directed all the servants to continue serving their new boss with the same passion and dedication.

One of the servants handed over the resignation letter to Sarab and said, “I only want to work for you and till my last breath I will only serve you.”

Sarab replied, “No, this house, Harleen di and Aditi need you. Please don’t resign.”

Overwhelmed by Gill family’s state, Vicky was about to interfere, but Aditi stopped him and told him not to mess up her plan.

Harleen continued to weep a lot when Param said that he would miss her a lot. In return, Harleen hugged him tightly and said that she would miss him too.

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He consoled everyone and told them not to cry as it was just a game, and they would return soon. Param even said ‘bye’ to Aditi.

“Aditi bua please wish me luck for the game so that I win,” he requested.

When Aditi didn’t reply, he said, “It’s okay if you don’t want to wish me luck. I will anyways win this game as I have Meher mom and dad who never lose.”

Param went to all the servants one by one to say goodbye. One of the servants pleaded with him to take him along.

Param requested his father to take the servant along, but Sarab said that they were not allowed to take any other person with them in the game.

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Param went back to the servant and wiped his tears. He said, “Sorry Ajay uncle, I can’t take you with us. Please don’t cry. I am not going for a long time. I am only going for a few days to build a new nest. When I will return please make delicious drinks for me.”

Sarab turned towards Aditi and said, “As you have said Aditi, I am not taking any belongings or luxurious with me.”
Manav tried to stop them and said that they needn’t take this step. “Sarab ji, you don’t need to do this,” he cried.

Sarab turned deaf to his words and told Meher that it was time for them to leave the house.

Param gave each servant instructions and told them to take good care of his house in his absence.

The climax of the episode went at a slow pace. Meher, Sarab, and Param were walked closer and closer to the house entrance to leave. Harleen, too was badly emotional at sight she had to perceive. The servants, too, couldn’t control their tears as they were treated like family members.

When Sarab, Meher, and Param were about to keep their step out of the house, Aditi stopped them.

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“One minute,” shouted Aditi.

That pause was the last ray of hope for everyone. Meher, Sarab, Harleen, and Vicky stood still waiting for Aditi’s statement. The way Aditi stopped them raised several questions in the minds of the viewers.

Will Aditi change her decision? Will Aditi stop Gill family from leaving the house? Is there any hope for Gill family to stay in the house, or is this a new beginning to the new lifestyle outside the house? Watch tonight’s episode to seeks answers to the questions.