Imlie 12th December 2020 Written Update: They saved the girls

As the episode begins, the goons discuss crossing the border with girls. They say that once they cross the border safely with the girls in the truck, there will be no problem. All the kidnapped girls are crying when imlie says that they should keep faith in god. God will save them, and they shouldn’t cry.

Aditya arrives there, and he finds goons standing outside the house in which girls are locked. He clicks some pictures of the goons and says, “why haven’t the cops arrived yet ?”.

Aditya tries to get inside that house, and Imlie tries to help the girls get outside the house. As Imlie opens the door to escape out, she finds Aditya at the same door. Aditya and Imlie get surprised to see each other.

Imlie tells Aditya that he should help the girls to escape from there. All girls get outside, but as Imlie was getting outside, goons arrive there.

Aditya starts fighting with the goons. The goons try to frighten them by showing them guns but, Aditya fights with them. But a goon points his gun on Aditya. Imlie is behind Aditya, and the goon was about to fire his gun. A sound of gunfire comes, and Imlie shocked in fear.

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The cops do the gunfire. All the girls are rescued, and Aditya and Imlie are in the police station with constables. Aditya says that his work is completed and he should leave now. The cops stop him and ask him to click Imlie pictures. Aditya asks the cop why he should take Imlie’s pictures.

The cops tell him that the girls gave their statement and told him that Imlie helped them escape. The cops ask Aditya to click their pictures with Imlie. A constable pushes Aditya, and Imlie gets angry about this.

She then pushes the constable back. The constables get angry about this. A constable says to Imlie that it is not a good thing to push a cop.

As Aditya tries to calm the cop, the cop became angrier. In the engagement ceremony, pandit Ji says that engagement is passing; they should call Aditya.

Anu asks Tripathi’s to call Aditya. Malini looks tensed. In the police station, Aditya and imlie are in prison. Aditya gets angry at Imlie and asks her why she pushed the cop. He asks her why she came from the engagement ceremony. Imlie answers in a low tone that she was trying to find her father.

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Aditya remembers that once Imlie told him about her father in pagdandiya. He says that Imlie should ask him for help if she wants to find her father as many dangerous things can happen if she wanders on roads like this. He says that the constables may force her and ask her about her and Aditya’s truth.

Imlie starts crying, and Aditya gives his handkerchief to Imlie. Malini arrives at the police station Imlie notices Malini in the police station. Malini asks about Aditya to a cop. She says she is Aditya’s fiance.

Malini funnily asks Aditya that he is afraid of marriage because he is hiding in prison before marriage. Aditya says that it’s like a surprise for Malini. But then, Aditya notices that he and Imlie are locked together and feels sad. Imlie and Aditya are released from prison, and they sign the bail papers.

Imlie sees a poster in the jail and removes the poster from there. A cop asks her that does she know him. She is to reply, but then, the cop tells her, ” this goon has forcefully married a village girl to a city boy.” Imlie then says that she doesn’t know him, but he is from pagdandiya.

Meanwhile, Anu is angry, and she asks the guests to leave. Aparna stops her and says Aditya is about to come. They should wait. Anu asks servants to remove the decorations. Aparna again asks anu to wait. Dadi also requests her, but Anu says, “pandit ji said the time for the engagement has passed.”

Anu tells Aparna that she thought Aditya is not rich, but he will always love her daughter. But Aditya always puts his carrier before Malini. He always gives more importance to his carrier. Anu says to Aparna that she wants to break this marriage. Malini stops her and says that this relationship can’t break so easily.

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She then tries to calm Anu and tells her Anu she knows the time for engagement passed, and the guests also left, but when she decided to live with Aditya, she never gave importance to a good time. She says that Anu had made many efforts for the best decoration, and she will not let it go in vain.

Aditya says sorry to Anu and promises her that he may be late to come, but he will always come to Malini. Malini and other family members try to convince anu for the engagement, but Anu is silent.

Dev also tries to convince Anu. Anu agrees to the engagement and allows to start engagement. Dhruv asks everyone to get together as he wants to click pictures.

Imlie is standing away from others, and Dhruv asks her to get in the frame. Aparna asks Imlie to come near her. Imlie, Malini, and Aditya are standing together. As Dhruv clicks pictures, he asks Imlie why she looks like she has been tortured to 3rd degree. Imlie asks him, “isn’t she looking good.”

Dhruv says no. Imlie tells him that she is just coming. As Imlie goes inside a room to check her look, she notices beautiful paintings. Dev makes those paintings. One of those paintings is of Mithi, which catches her eye, and she thinks she has seen the person whose eyes are drawn in the painting.