What to expect in Aashram Season 3?

Highlighting the dark side of a world behind ‘purity,’ Aashram did win everyone’s attention with the successful launch of all the episodes. Starring Bobby Deol in the lead role, the series portrayed how people can lose everything, including self-respect and purity, by blinding trusting people who work in the Aashram

Not all Ashram is involved in some bad business, there can be genuine ones also, but one must not give them the power to overpower your mind and soul in a way that may become impossible for a person to get back to normal. Nevertheless, the series is highly addictive as it had used fiction in the best way to make things look almost real and connected to all human beings. 

Cast likely to be seen in the third season of Aashram:

As mentioned below, there is no official statement regarding the release date of season 3, so there is no confirmation regarding the cast. Let’s first have a quick look at the major cast of the first two seasons:

  1. Bobby Deol (Baba Nirala)
  2. Chandan Roy Sanyal (Bhopa Swami)
  3. Aaditi Pohankar (Pammi)
  4. Tushar Pandey (Satti)
  5. Darshan Kumar (Ujagar Singh)
  6. Anupriya Goenka (Dr. Nitasha)
  7. Tridha Chowdhury (Babita)
  8. Vikram Kochchar (Sadhu Sharma)
  9. Anil Rastogi (Sundar Lal)
  10. Sachin Shroff (Hukum Singh)
  11. Anurita Jha (Kavita)
  12. Rajeev Siddhartha (Akki)

There are many more characters in the series, but the above are the major ones. Will be able to see Bobby Deol again in the lead role, or some other actor will replace him? This question worries many viewers as their eyes have made a permanent vision of Bobby Deol in the role of Kashipur Wala Baba. Also, the series will be incomplete without inspector Ujagar and the female actors like Babita and Pammi

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Aashram Season 3: Expected Release Rate

Till now, only two seasons have been released, and the viewers are impatiently waiting for the third one. 

The first season was live on MX Player on 28th August 2020, while the second season was released on 11th November 2020.

Since there is hardly a 3-4 months gap between the two seasons, most viewers expect the third season to release around March or February 2021. Since there is no official statement regarding the actual release date or even the possible release date of the third season, all the viewers hope to view Bobby Deol as ‘Baba Nirala’ soon next year. 

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Expected season 3 plotline: ‘Revenge Game’ or ‘The End to Baba Nirala’s Evil Deeds.’

In the first season, the viewers witnessed the series about the real side of an evil business run in the name of an ‘Aashram.’

Bobby Deol portrayed himself as the person who can go to any extent to succeed in his motives. In the beginning, things did appear okay until the skeletons were found near the Aashram now and then.

Many people kept on falling prey to the evil traps laid by the cons of working in the building. Inspector Ujagar was assigned the case, and he did all things that were possible to unearth the reality. 

In the second season, the spectators saw the women, who fell prey to Baba Nirala’s traps, in a revengeful mode. On the other hand, Baba Nirala became eviler. The second season highlighted the revengeful part and more secrets of the Aashram

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Now, the first two seasons bring back to the same question. What to expect in the third season? Will the third season be a continuation of the same storyline, or will it bring in a different plot for the readers to explore another side of the Aashram. Will the season be an end to Baba Nirala’s evil deeds, or will it be another story of revenge? 

The viewers have already kept their eyes focused on their phones to get even the slightest hint of the season to see their ‘Baba Nirala’ again.