ANUPAMA 11 DECEMBER 2020: Anupama faces financial crunch

The episode starts with Kavya thinking of Anupama’s words when she said that Vanraj didn’t come to you. While he was forced to do so. If Bapuji didn’t throw him out of the house, he still lived in this house. 

Meanwhile, Vanraj came to the room and asked Kavya how your day was? But Kavya is thinking Anupama saying Bapuji threw him out and you picked him up. Kavya whispered Worst day of my life. 

Vanraj with Kavya

Vanraj hugged Kavya and said, today is my life’s best day. Today because of you, my Pakhi become very happy. And because of you, I let that Anupama to know her status. Thank you. 

Kavya thought Anupama; you only taunts me. But I gave you the pain. Kavya asked Vanraj, are you happy? He replied more than anything. Kavya said, then I am even happier. 

Vanraj said, now I know when my Pakhi came to live here then how much happy she will. You don’t have any problem. Kavya! Kavya replied, problem, no, why I have any problem. My happiness is in your happiness.      

Kavya said to Vanraj that tomorrow you would also talk to the lawyer. Vanraj asked in which matter? Kavya said in respect of divorce, V. We can do marriage only if along with me and Anirudh’s divorce, your and Anupama’s divorce also occurs.

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Vanraj said I would come back after being fresh. 

In the next scene, Toshu is playing guitar and remembering Kinjal and happy moments with her. The tune playing behind is “bekhayali me bhi bas tera hi khayal aaye.” Meanwhile, Samar remembers his moments with Nandini. 

Toshu said, you know Samar boys are prepared from childhood to be strong. I sometimes think that they must teach even crying. Then if the pain comes in life, it can have the way to go out.

Today pain comes in life and stays like it has citizenship; it can’t get out. Samar said pain is better than expected, Bhai. Expectations have manufacturing fault in them. No matter how we protect them, but they must break down. 

Toshu said to Samar, you never lose hope. Samar replied, you too, brother. Toshu said, sometimes I think when papa thinks for himself, Rakhi aunty thinks for herself, then if Kinjal and I think for our happiness, then what’s wrong with this?

Why we have the burden of family, family values. This is so unfair. Why can’t we make decisions about our life by ourselves?

Sometimes I felt that I would not listen to anyone and think for anyone but think for mine and Kinjal’s happiness because all this results from listening to everyone’s words. 

Baa said that milkman, newspaper vendor, and others come for payment at the beginning of the month. Anupama replied Baa; they also need to run their families. 

Baa said that our family would suffer if we keep thinking about them. Once, Lord Hanuman was going to Lanka. On the way, he met Surasa in the form of a demoness. Surasa’s face kept on growing. The household expenditure is growing in the same way. As long as Vanraj was here, he was managing it. He fills Surasa’s mouth but now… Oh! How can the grocery bill so high?

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Anupama replied Baa, this time we bought extra for Sweety’s birthday party. Baa said electricity bill, telephone bill, water bill, Oh God! Anupama replied it’s okay, Baa. We can manage the house with fewer funds also. All of us will cut-down our expenses. We will spend as per the earning. 

Baa said this is the problem. Once you get used to a particular lifestyle, it is difficult to adjust with any lesser. Expenses can be reduced, but necessity needs to be fulfilled. AC, mobiles, good clothes, all these are necessities in today’s time. Someone without prior exposure can adjust without AC or survive without mobile phones.

One can even manage with raw food. But the one used to great food cannot like raw food anymore. This is the problem with our family. We cannot cut down on our needs. We have to increase our income. But how? 

Bapuji and Mamaji are listening to their conversation from the back, while Samar and Toshu, too, Jhilmil as well.

Anupama said to Jhilmil that Pakhi’s friends didn’t come yesterday, so we have a lot of leftover food. We can eat this after reheating, but I will make something fresh for the Baa, Bapuji, and Mamaji. If there is any food left in this, then you give that in the temple.

anupama and jhilmil conversation

Jhilmil said Bhabhi! Anupama said, yes. Jhilmil told her Ms. Nandini asked me to work at her place. Mr. Pankaj has a new tenant. He asked me to work at their place. So, you don’t take tension about my salary.

Moreover, you had already given me the salary in advance till December. I will take my salary further when you have the money. Even, I don’t need money. I can manage, you don’t need to worry. Oh, God! I have to wash the clothes. Let me do that, Bhabhi

Samar said to Toshu; I talked to Varun’s uncle Bhai. I will get a job at the call center this month. Toshu said I am planning to give lectures at the coaching centers or offer private tuition. I have my studies, so I can’t do a full-time job, but I am not useless to sit idle. 

Samar said, Bhai, you don’t worry about money. I am getting a job. You concentrate on your studies. Toshu replied, I am elder right. I should be more responsible than you. Forget about the call center and concentrate on your dance center. Samar said Dance could wait, but the family can’t.

Moreover, earning from online dance classes will not be enough for household expenses. So, I will have to take a job Bhai. Anupama is listening to their conversation.  

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On the other side, Anupama listens when Mamaji says to Baa, that Didi, I want to go back home. I have no job; I sit and expand your expenses only. Even I don’t want to be a burden on you.  

In the next scene, Bapuji was checking medicines and said not needed. Listen beta; these are the tablets of calcium and vitamin. I will keep the two medicines for heart disease. The delivery boy replied; you will need the calcium and vitamin supplements at this age. Bapuji said these are tantrums of the shopkeepers and producers.

Tell me, did people take these in the old days? They didn’t. Yet they lived for hundred years. So, do one thing for today, only bring the medications for the heart. Go!

Bapuji coming inside, and Anupama looked at him sadly and remembered Vanraj’s words saying, “Let me see how you can run the family without me.” Here is some money for household expenses, and Anupama said Baa, We don’t need this money. Bapuji agrees Anupama is right. We will handle our expenses. Vanraj said, How can you not need it, Baa? I have been paying for everything until now. Anupama said, now, I will do it.   

Anupama thought, now whatever happens. I will have to manage the family’s responsibility. But, my dance class’s income is not sufficient to run the house. At their age, Baa-Bapuji is sacrificing their needs. They are giving up even their medicines. I will not let that happen.

Anupama takes his phone and calls Vanraj. Hello! There is a shortage of money. So… Vanraj becomes happy after hearing this. 

Kavya came to Vanraj and said V, Pakhi has unblocked me from her social media. She is following me too. I am sure; eventually, she won’t be upset with me. Vanraj replied, Wow! that’s nice! Kavya said, yes. Vanraj replied, Okay, I am coming back after some time. Kavya asked, Where are you going, V? Vanraj replied, I have some important work. Kavya said, but now there is no meeting too. Vanraj replied, I have some other work; I will go and come back. Don’t worry. I am not going home. So, please don’t follow me. 

Kavya thought Did Anupama call him for something? She may have asked the kids to call. Vanraj is so happy only when his ego goes satisfied. I am sure he is hiding something from me. 

Samar said to Pakhi, Sweety, you added Kavya again. Even you started liking her pictures too. Pakhi replied, well, she did so much on my birthday. Samar said, you can see what she did for you, and you forget what she did with mummy? 

 Pakhi replied Mummy said that not to interfere in matters of the elders. Samar said it doesn’t mean that you make a friendship with that Kavya again. Whatever she did with mummy is entirely wrong. Pakhi replied I know she is wrong. But maybe papa also did wrong. Still, I meet him. How do I ignore Kavya? When I meet papa? Samar said Sweety; I am not asking you to ignore or misbehave. I am only saying to stay away from her. We are very impressionable at this age; we get manipulated easily. So, be careful. That’s it. 

samar and pakhi's arguments

Pakhi said, neither am I that much small that I have to learn anything from you, nor are you old enough to teach me anything. There are enough people at home to give lectures. So, please spare me! If I go to meet papa and stay with me, then obviously I have to deal with Kavya too. If anyone has a problem with this or if anyone feels sad, then I don’t care.

Anupama is waiting in the restaurant. Her friend came and said, Sorry. I got stuck in traffic. Anupama replied, no matter. Devika said, Listen, I have spoken to a few peoples. You don’t take tension. Everything will be fine soon.

Anupama said I was stressed; I don’t know what to do. So, I called you.

Devika replied, you did it very well. Call me whenever you need me or anything else. If I say in Baa’s language, then call your tattooed friend. Anupama said Devika! Please don’t make fun of her. Devika said, okay, fine.  

Anupama said everyone become very difficult, Devika! After Vanraj left, I had decided that I will become independent. But, I was not prepared to stand up quickly again after falling. Devika said There is never enough time to brace ourselves. But, you have to get up and steady yourself. And then, just get going. 

On the other side, Vanraj meets someone for the project in the same restaurant where Anupama is with Devika. He said your project is approved. Here are the papers of the deal. Vanraj replied, Thank you, Mr. Gupta. Kavya and I worked very hard for this project. And, I want to surprise Kavya that’s why I called you here. 

While Devika said to Anupama, Anu, I understand that you need a job desperately. But I am not giving you false hope. I am trying my best, and I will keep doing it. But if… Anupama replied that when age is more and education is less, it’s tough to get the job. But Devika, I don’t care if it is a menial job, but I need one. My and Samar’s dance classes and Bapuji’s money are not enough to run the family like earlier. So…

Devika said, See Anu! If there is an imminent issue, then do one thing, have my card. Whenever you got the job, give it back to me. Anupama replied I don’t need this, Devika. If I need this, then I asked you. By the grace of God, the family is running well. There are some issues, but we can manage them. Devika said, what if you need it later? Anupama replied, I, have you. I will ask you about this. For now, I need a job. 

Devika asked Anupama to tell me one thing; you are not blaming yourself for the financial crunch that came in your house. Or for the problem, your family is facing because Vanraj left? I hope no Anu Please!  

Anupama replied, it is true that this happened because of me. I know it’s not my fault, but life doesn’t always make you pay for your mistakes. Some times for self-respect too. It is alright if I have to pay for my self-respect. But if my family has to pay for it then… It isn’t about money, Devika, but it is about relationships. Parents parted away from their son and kids from their father. I may try to console myself, but then also I felt bad. I had support for 25 years. Now that it is gone, I don’t know what to do and can’t find any way. I am going on aimlessly.

Devika replied the one who keeps moving finds the way. And you will see you will find the way and destination also. Anupama said, forget about way or destination. I can’t even see small light also. Job… It will be enough if I can find a job. 

Devika’s phone is ringing, and Didi’s name is displayed on the screen. Devika switched off the phone’s light and said she is the elder sister of my ex-husband. I stay in contact with her. In fact, I have spoken to her about your job. Anupama asked her? Devika said, yes, why? Do you know her? Don’t tell me. You were working for her as a teacher. Right? Anupama said, yes!

Devika said, Oh my God! I don’t believe this. I had extreme hope from her that she wouldn’t have judged you for your age, qualification, or education. And you could get the job. But now… 

KAvya and Vanraj got project

Vanraj gave the project documents to Kavya. She was shocked and opened the file. Kavya said this… we got this project? Vanraj replied, yes, I went for this surprise. Kavya replied, Oh, Wow! V. I wish you will bring your and Anupama’s divorce papers like this one day. I will be super happy. Vanraj said, Let’s go for food. I am very much hungry. 

Kavya said, By the way, I have informed Anirudh that we are living together okay. I am pushing for my divorce, so please, you should also do it fast. Okay? Vanraj replied, you did well by informing Anirudh. Very nice. 

In the next scene, Kinjal whispered Sorry, dear. Mom is at home, so I will have to come discreetly. Yes, I am on my way. Meanwhile, Rakhi calls Kinjal from the back. Rakhi said, you are going somewhere. Kinjal replied, No, Mom. I wasn’t able to find some books, so I came here to check in the car. Rakhi said there are some books in the TV room too. Shambu must have kept them, ask him. Come on, and Let’s have some coffee.

Kinjal’s phone message tone came. Rakhi turned and looked at her. Kinjal said Mom Shreya messaged me. She wants to meet me, see this! Should I go?

Rakhi said, Why would I stop you from meeting Shreya? But I know that this is not Shreya; it’s Paritosh! Shreya speaks in English, the message in English, and the one who messages you in Hindi is only Paritosh. So don’t try to fool your mother. Okay, Baby! 

Rakhi thought I could stop my daughter, but I don’t want her to be sad. I will have to do something. She looked at a flower, picked one of them, and started pulling its petal one by one, saying I should, I shouldn’t. In the end, she got I should. Now, I just have to do something. 

Precap: Rakhi said to Anupama that the relationship of middle-class people depends on their needs. People like you accept even the mistresses of their husbands for money also. If I see any of the three of you near my daughter, it won’t be me but the police here. Anupama said Kinjal and Paritosh love each other. Rakhi said, Love my foot! You also made love with Mr. Shah; what happened? I want happiness and comfort in my daughter’s life, not cheat and poverty.