Kumkum Bhagya 11 December 2020: Abhi and Pragya came across at the jewellery shop

The episode started with a cheerful conversation between the Mehra family and the Kohli family at Abhi’s home.

In the last episode, we saw that both the families were happy to hear that Abhi was getting married to Meera, and Pallavi had asked for Riya’s hand, to which Abhi and Riya had agreed happily.

Today, while answering Riya’s question that “Does Ranbir like me?” He memorized exchanging rings with Prachi but said “yes” to Riya with a heavy heart.

Riya hugged Meera in ecstasy. She said, “You have brought luck for me. You still haven’t got engaged to my dad and I got Ranbir.” All the family members clapped and congratulated Riya and Ranbir. However, Vikram could sense that something was bothering Abhi.

While Mitali was offering sweets to everyone in her comic style, Riya persuaded Abhi to invite Meera to come shopping. When Meera offered coffee to Abhi, he recollected the past when Pragya made coffee. “I have quit coffee,” Abhi replied with a straight face.

On the contrary to everyone’s happiness, Dadi was sad. She could conclude that both Abhi and Ranbir were not happy. She thought perhaps Ranbir loves someone else.

At the jewelry shop:

Pragya and the rest of the members headed inside the jewelry shop to get Sarita Ji’s chain repaired. “I am not feeling it, let me go back,” Pragya said. Sarita Ji replied, “Come with us. You will feel better.”

Next moment two men bumped into Pragya. Prachi reacted and told them to be careful while walking. One of the men tried to react in anger, but his companion held his hand, raising suspicion with his gesture that they were up to something and didn’t want to get into any trouble.

Though this scene was suggestive of a big fight initially, Sarita Ji handled the situation, and they all moved ahead.

Conversation between the jeweler and his employee:

Here we saw the jeweler was talking to his employee, Tony, with those two men beside him. Tony convinced the jeweler, saying due to the shortage of staff today, these two were here to help because a new consignment was reaching.

The jeweler at first hesitated then allowed them inside as Tony was his trustworthy employee. Through this conversation, we came to know that Abhi was also coming to this shop.

On the other hand, when Pragya explained to Prachi in person, Sarita Ji and Shahana initiated arguments with another employee, Rohan stating no one was assisting them properly.

Pragya said to Prachi, “You should not have reacted over the incident. You should not argue with such people. When will you learn to understand people?” Prachi asked if Pragya was smelling something fishy? Pragya said they didn’t seem to be good people, and you should also be careful.

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In the next scene, we saw Abhi with Riya and Meera reaching the same shop. Though Abhi was reluctant, Riya managed to get him to accompany them.

Ranbir talked to his inner-self:

Ranbir was memorizing past events. He was crying and shouting in anger as to why he agreed to marry Riya? Then appeared his conscience, trying to convince him that “He can’t be selfish. He has to forget Prachi. His mother has brought him into this world, and that’s why he has met Prachi. He should smile because it will make his mother smile eventually. There is nothing comparable to a mother’s love.” Ranbir was seen in a dilemma.

The next moment, Aliya came and asked Ranbir if he was free and could attend a business meeting. Ranbir was surprised as this company belonged to Mr. Mehra.

“You are going to be the son-in-law of the Mehra family. You should take interest in Abhi’s business too.” Said Aliya. She further added that she had spoken to Vikram about this. Ranbir replied, “I will join you in two minutes.”

Abhi at the jewelry shop:

The jeweler was aware of Abhi getting re-married because Aliya had told him this. When he offered Abhi to look at some exclusive jewelry pieces, Abhi, unwilling for all this, told him to show stuff to his would-be wife and daughter and pointed towards Meera and Riya. However, the jeweler misunderstood and saw Pragya and Prachi instead of them.

Shopkeeper looking at Prachi asked Abhi, is she your daughter? Abhi, while looking at Riya, replied, I have two daughters. Show them whatever they want and left the counter.

Abhi and Pragya were wandering in the shop, feeling each other’s presence nearby. In a dramatic moment, Abhi suddenly called Pragya’s name, and she responded with “Han ji” (yes) though they were not within earshot to each other. Romantic background music was playing, meanwhile.

The “pallu” of Pragya’s saree got stuck in a vase, and she felt as if Abhi was pulling it. Her happiness was shattered the moment she turned.

Sarita Ji and Shahana were having a fun time.

Amidst the problematic situation, viewers got a chance to smile when Sarita Ji and Shahana were scolding Rohan and threatening to sue them.

Meanwhile, the jeweler called Rohan to make arrangements for Abhi and his wife. Before reaching there, Rohan requested them to wait to say the chain will be repaired in 30 minutes. He also committed that he will give them a box of sweets as compensation if it is not delivered timely. Shahana, as per her argumentative nature, shouted, “Are we kids? You want to please us with just sweets. Give us 5-10gms of gold as compensation.”

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Rohan then offered them 1000 rs. Cash if it gets delayed. A victorious smile came on the faces of Sarita Ji and Shahana.

With ongoing conversation, Tony and the two men know that Abhi is a filthy rich celebrity.

On the other hand, we again saw a glimpse of Abhi’s love for Pragya when a female fan asked for Abhi’s autograph, and he wrote: “love you Pragya.”

Pragya and Prachi were clueless about the jeweler’s behavior.

At the counter, Pragya, Prachi, Sarita Ji, and Shahana were receiving great hospitality from the jeweler and his staff, considering that they were with Abhi. While Pragya and Prachi had no idea behind this, Shahana and Sarita Ji enjoyed it, thinking it is because they argued with Rohan. Shahana said if she had scolded him more, they would have offered us lunch too.

Conspiracy at the jewelry shop

In this scene, it was revealed that those two men, Prachi argued with, were con men. It was also shown how that trustworthy employee, Tony, had plotted to win his employer’s trust. Those three men were after an antique necklace that was coming with the consignment.

Con man planned to take advantage of Abhi’s presence:

One of those con men greeted Abhi claiming to be his big fan. Abhi greeted him in response and moved. The man thought if anything goes wrong with the plan, Abhi will get us out safely. Now with this scene, we could guess to witness a high voltage drama in the upcoming episodes.

Pragya and Abhi met:

Pragya holding their mobile in her hand looked distracted. She overheard Abhi speaking to someone about wedding cards. Abhi’s words echoed in her mind. “You must not compare Meera with Tanu as she is very nice. She has loved Riya more than a real mother.” After he finished the call, they both saw each other, then turned faces.

Abhi, initially taunting Pragya, considering her to be still there, tried to explain himself later and said, “I will clear everything. I am getting married to Meera because of Riya only. It was you who wanted to get rid of me.” When he turned, he found her already gone.

This episode left the suspense that what will happen at the jewelry shop? How will the con men execute their plan? Will this bring Abhi and Pragya together? Let’s see what the following episode brings…


In the next episode, we will see misunderstanding continuing between Abhi and Pragya. Pragya has the thought that she still loves Abhi while he doesn’t love her anymore.