Anupama 10 December 2020: Anupama becomes Upset

The episode starts with Pakhi and Vanraj’s dancing. Pakhi asked Vanraj, that Papa, what’s the time going on? We need to go home as well. Party is there as well; everyone must be waiting for us.

Pakhi asked for the phone from Kavya. Pakhi said, Papa! It’s 8:30 pm, we have to leave. Vanraj replied, Okay! I think we should leave.

Anupama told everyone that Sweety’s phone got connected, but she disconnected my call. Maybe by mistake, that call was disconnected. She will be in the place where the music was loud so that she may be left the phone in her bag. Maybe she cannot listen to the call, or maybe the call got disconnected on its own.

Kavya interrupts Pakhi and Vanraj and said One minute! We didn’t cut the cake till now. Pakhi replied, but Mummy is waiting. Kavya said, just a matter of time, Pakhi. I prepared a cake for you from my hand with lots of love.

Vanraj said It’s true, Pakhi! Bestie made the cake for you with lots of effort. Be here for 10 minutes, cut the cake then we will leave. Pakhi’s friends also insisted on her to cut the cake. Pakhi said, Okay, I would message Mummy.

Vanraj said I would message her. You cut the cake, okay.

Kavya thought after cutting the cake, nobody will stay, neither Pakhi nor V. And if they both reach there on time, my efforts will become waste. No, No, No, this must not happen. I have to do something.

On the other side, Anupama said Baa, Bapuji, Mamaji, you all have your food. Bapuji replied, no, dear, we all will eat together. Anupama told you people need to have medicine after a meal. And Bapuji doctor had told you that you have to take medicines from time to time. Have your meal!

Baa said, yes! But without cutting the cake of Pakhi’s happy birthday, how will we have a meal? Anupama replied its good, Baa, till the time we cut the cake, your food must be digested. Then you can have a cake as a sweet dish.

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Meanwhile, Dolly got Vanraj’s message. She told everyone that Bhai’s message has come. He will bring Pakhi here in 15 minutes.
Bapuji said, then we will wait. Anupama said no, no bapuji. You people sit there to have food. She will not cut cake quickly after coming. Firstly she will become ready; then, she will take 100 pictures and do 50 tantrums. That’s why you people come to have food. I will serve your food.

Pakhi said, Wow! What a pretty cake! Pakhi’s friend said! It’s not looking like baked at home. Pakhi said thank you to Kavya. Kavya said anything for you, darling.

pakhi's birthday celebration

Vanraj said, Come on! Let’s cut the cake. Pakhi cut the cake and give the cake’s bite to Vanraj first and then to everyone else. Pakhi then clicked many pictures there.

Meanwhile, Kavya talked to Pakhi’s friends and said, thank you so much that you all bring Pakhi here on my words. Pakhi’s friends said you’re welcome and significant thanks to you for giving such a happening party.

Kavya replied, I am so happy to hear that. Actually, I have a small request too. I planned games, and if games are there, then prizes are also there. So, in prizes, makeup, accessories, perfumes, headphones, and so on, many exciting items are there. But you people are going, right? And if you people left, then there will be no games. No games, so no prizes.

Pakhi came and said, guys, let’s go. Pakhi’s friends said Pakhi wait! Bestie has planned some games for us. Pakhi said I don’t want to win soft toys but playing birthday party’s boring games. Pakhi’s friend replied, but there were no soft toys in gifts. Pakhi asked then?

Her friend replied perfumes, headphones, makeup kit, etc., all these items are there. Pakhi’s friends insisted some more time please Pakhi!
Pakhi said Mummy would be waiting at home. Her friend said yes, but if you got late for half an hour, nothing would happen. And anyways first time such a happening party takes place on your birthday. Let us enjoy it!

Pakhi replied there is also a birthday party at home. You all will enjoy it there for sure. Her friend said we would go there as well but first enjoy this party. Then Pakhi’s friends were started insisting on being here in games.

Kavya said Pakhi if everyone is insisting that much, then please be here for some more time. Vanraj said, yes, Beta! Friends’ happiness is also important. If they wish to play games, then let them play games. Her friend said Pakhi now uncle also said yes! So now, please say yes. Pakhi replied, Okay!

Kavya thought you spoiled my birthday party, Anupama! Today you will realize how it feels when every plan remains as it is.

In the next scene, Bapuji said Pakhi is a kid, but Vanraj must think. Poor Anupama was preparing for the party yesterday. All the items she makes on her own. Even that cake also and this Vanraj

Baa replied, why are you blaming Vanraj? Maybe Pakhi insisted. Bapuji replied, Look, Leela! Stop taking the side of your son. We all know that who did this delay. Samar said I also think he is becoming late intentionally. Mummy threw this party and obviously he will not like that it will happen happily.

Anupama said Samar; you must not say like this! Samar said, whether I say or not, but this is the truth.

Anupama goes out, waiting for Pakhi. Meanwhile, she saw Pakhi and Vanraj coming from the car. Pakhi looked at Anupama by being hesitant.

Anupama said it took so long, Beta. Everyone is waiting for you inside. Your friends are coming, right? Let’s go and check that all the preparations are adequate or not. Come on!

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Anupama shouted Baa Bapuji and brought Pakhi inside the home.

vanraj confronts that party already happened

Anupama said, let’s go, everybody. See, Sweety is here. She said Nandini and Kinjal, please quickly bring the cake. Vanraj comes inside; everyone looked at him. He put Pakhi’s gift on the table.

Bapuji whispers Baa; your loving son has become very rich. Baa said, then what happened? Gifts must be purchased. Bapuji replied, yes but not kids love. And your son is trying to purchase a kid’s love.

Pakhi looked at the decorations while Vanraj said Pakhi, please show your new mobile to everyone. Baa said this must be an expensive one. Pakhi replied this is the latest one, Baa. Papa has given me a birthday gift.

Mamaji said, but you always said that kids do not need expensive mobile. Anupama asked Sweety where your friends are. Pakhi looked at Vanraj.

Kinjal and Nandini bring the birthday cake. Anupama said, see, we all made all the preparations. Ask your friends where they are? After they come, we will first cut the cake, then dance, and then Samar and Toshu will let them play games.

Samar said your gifts are also ready. You will open it before cake cutting or after the cake cutting. Pakhi looked at Vanraj.

Bapuji asked what happened. What’s the matter, Vanraj? Anupama asked, what happen, Sweety? Vanraj said the birthday party took place at the hotel and Pakhi’s friends also reached there. Party ended a little late, that’s why they leave from there.

Baa said it means? They will not come here. Bapuji asked who thrown the party at the hotel? Vanraj replied by Kavya.

Pakhi said I am sorry, Mummy. It’s a surprise party and was very happening. Cake, decoration, games, everything was very much brilliant. And Mummy, my friends were not ready to leave that place. That’s why we got late. They need to return home till 10:30, so they left from there onwards. I am sorry, Mummy, but the party was perfect.

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Toshu said, if you want to party there only then, you must tell us. We don’t even wait for you. Samar said, and Mummy will also not make that much effort. Mamaji said poor Anupama is busy with party preparations since morning. Bapuji said Beta, your Mummy put many efforts. Baa said, and you have gone to Kavya’s party.

Pakhi replied, Baa, it was a surprise. I don’t know anything. Samar said, after reaching there, you got to know that, right? Then you will come back after some time. Pakhi said, when Mummy is not saying anything, then why are you saying? Samar replied Mummy would not say anything; that’s why I am saying.

Pakhi said if I have to stay there for some time that what’s the big deal? Samar said there is no point in talking to you. Pakhi responded, yes, then don’t talk. Who said to you to talk?

Samar and Pakhi got to argue. Toshu stops them, saying enough! And said Pakhi, you are not able to understand such a small thing. Baa Bapuji is waiting for you in their sleeping time. And Kinjal had to go home, but she is waiting for your cake cutting.

Pakhi said I am sorry you all have to wait for me. But I didn’t do anything intentionally. Samar said whether you did it intentionally or anyone made it intentionally but mistake always be a mistake. Pakhi asked; then my mistake is that much big that I got scolded on my birthday.

Pakhi cried and left the place.

Vanraj clapped and said Waah Anupama! Waah. People used to give gifts to their kids on their birthday. And you have given my daughter tears as a gift. Waah! Oh Sorry! Everyone has given the gift together. Then why I am giving credit to only Anupama. Thank you, everyone, for giving tears to my daughter. Thank you, everybody. Till the time Pakhi was with me, she was happy. And after coming home… It will be better to let Pakhi go with me because her real happiness is with his father.

Bapuji said and yours far away from your father. You are not relaxed after leaving the house, so you are here to break the house. He said you have to do a party; you did it. And you have to show yourselves big; you also did it. Now, what are you doing here?

Vanraj said, fine! I am leaving! Baa said I would try to convince Pakhi.

Anupama asked Samar, Toshu, Nandini, Kinjal that you people have dinner. She brings up the cake, and the light goes away.

Anupama put the cake’s plate in the kitchen and cried hard.

Anupama's breakdown

Samar came there and consoled her. Anupama said I had… I had planned Pakhi’s birthday party with lots of love, Samar. But my love lost against money. It wasn’t enough. Samar said, no mummy! Your love doesn’t lack anything. While Sweety’s understanding remains less. That’s why she is not able to understand the difference between love and slyness. No one can match you, Mummy. No one at all! Don’t cry, Mummy! You gave it your best, isn’t it? So, if the other person failed to see and understand your hard work, it’s her problem.

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Anupama understands and said, listen! I don’t know when the power will be back. So, switch on the emergency lights and have dinner. Serve everyone beta.

Anupama got Kavya’s call. She picked the call. Kavya said whether Vanraj regards me as his wife or not, but I will always be my kid’s mother. Hadn’t you said that? But what happened? Your daughter ditched your party and celebrated with me. What do you think? That under the pretext of Pakhi’s birthday party, you will invite Vanraj to home and try to snatch him from me by emotionally blackmailing him, yet I will be a mute spectator? This was just a trailer, Anupama. If you ever try to use your kids to separate Vanraj from me, I will separate your kids from you! Don’t play such a game with me.

Anupama replied you and Vanraj have the habit of doing so. I don’t. As far as the kids are concerned, when they see buskers perform a street show, they forget their mother for a short while. But when the show ends, they go back to their mother because there is a big difference between a short drama and lifelong responsibility. A busker can only perform a show, but only a mother can shoulder a lifelong responsibility. No matter how hard you try, you cannot take away my loved ones from me.

Kavya said you had that trust in your husband too. But what happened? He left you and came to me. I never served your husband day and night, as you did. Even, I didn’t cook a variety of dishes for him or washed his clothes. I did nothing as such. Yet also he left you and came to me.

Anupama replied that he would have come to you eight years ago if he wants to be with you. He didn’t come to you, Kavya, but he was forced to be there out of compulsion. If Bapuji hadn’t ousted him from home, he would still live here, in this house. Forget about snatching a relationship; you couldn’t even steal my husband from me. Bapuji threw him out, and you picked it. You should not be so proud of things that you picked up from the street.

Anupama gone to Pakhi’s room and said won’t you show me your party photos? Pakhi said, I swear, Mummy! I wanted to come but my friends, Papa and Kavya, insisted on me. So, I could not come. Anupama said no problem.

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Pakhi replied, are you upset with me? Anupama replied mother gets upset over her daughter’s problem, not about her happiness. Pakhi said, still, Mummy! I am sorry. I know Kavya has snatched Papa from you, but I went there only for Papa and was quiet for his sake only.
Anupama replied, you did the right thing.

Anyways, kids should not interfere in elders’ affairs. Pakhi said, Mummy! Let me show you the photos. Look at this! Saloni is looking so funny in this. And this Sujata, she received headphones, and she went crazy.

Anupama said, Oh! Pakhi said, and this Priyanka, she got makeup it, and she screamed so loudly that I am afraid. The return gifts are so expensive, Mummy, that everyone was impressed. And when Papa gifted me an expensive phone, then my friends went crazy! They were stunned!

Anupama with Sweety:

Anupama said Sweety, forget what Papa gave you; remember what he did for you. He organizes a birthday party for you with so much love. Sweety said, Mummy, everyone does that, but who gifts people headphones and branded makeup kits.

pakhi sharing party moments

Anupama thought maybe your father forgets that you can buy things with money but not love. He does not understand that if a father buys everything for kids, then the kids will learn to put a price tag on everything.

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Precap: Baa said as soon as the month starts, the bills for newspaper, milk… Samar said to Toshu; you don’t worry about money. I am doing my job. Toshu replied that I am an elder, so the responsibility is also mine. Bapuji said I don’t need these calcium and vitamin tablets. I will keep these two medicines of heart. While Anupama calls Vanraj and said, we are facing financial problems. Rakhi said to Anupama that the relationships of you middle-class people depend on your needs. People like you are even willing to befriend your husband’s mistress for money.