Choti Sardarni 15th December 2020 Episode: Gill family finds a ‘new nest’

After leaving their house, it was a long walk for the Gill family as there was no roof to call their own. Helpless, Meher, Sarab, and Param, along with Karan, continued walking for several kilometers till they felt tired and stopped at a destination.

Param asked Sarab, “Father, where are we right now.”

With a smile on his face, Sarabjeet replied, “Son, this is a very well-known place of Punjab.” Sarab took his entire family near a tube well and explained to Param the purpose of a tube well.

While Meher and Sarab continued to wash their faces and hands with the tube well water, Param complained that his clothes were dirty and asked his parents to order new clothes for him.

Sarab and Meher stared at each other in grief as they knew that it was something that they couldn’t give their son at that moment.

Sarabjeet handled the situation maturely, washed Param’s clothes with the water, and said they are now clean.
Param objected and said that he is only used to mineral water.

Sarabjeet smiled and replied, “The water that comes from tubewell is the purest form of water as this water gives rise to grains. So it already contains a lot of minerals.”

Sarab drank a little bit of water and said that it was delicious. After Sarab’s sweet explanation, Param happily used the tubewell water. For some time, the viewers got to see a cute family moment among all the four members.

Meanwhile, in the Gill mansion, Vikram called someone and asked them to keep an eye on the Gill family, especially the two kids, and ensure that they are not in any trouble. Harleen, too eavesdropped his conversation from a corner of the room.

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Suddenly, Meher’s mother entered the premises forcibly and started shouting out Aditi and Vikram’s name angrily. Vikram rushed towards her, and Meher was starting shouting at him angrily.

“You have made two biggest mistakes in your life. The first mistake was to marry my daughter, and the other mistake is to chuck Meher and Sarab out of the house.

You have already been punished for your mistake but I won’t spare you for the second one. Remember, Yamraj is always watching you and he won’t give discount everytime,” she shouted.

Vikram interrupted her charges and said, “If someone wants to learn how to create a scene then the person should learn from you. It’s been one year since the incident took place. That time also it wasn’t my fault and this time too it isn’t my fault.”

Meher’s mother continued to blame him and called out Aditi’s name again and again.

The scene shifted back to Meher’s story, and the viewers saw the entire family still walking. Suddenly, Param stopped and started shaking his footwear. When Meher asked him, Param replied that his footwear has broken and said that he can’t even get new ones now.

Sarab again dealt with the problem maturely and carried Param on his back so that he wouldn’t require any footwear to walk further.

After showing a happy family moment, the scene shifted to Gill’s mansion. Irritated by Meher’s mother’s continuous screams, Aditi came out and asked her how she entered her premises without her permission.

Aditi even warned her to get out of the house immediately; she wouldn’t like an aged woman like her to be thrown out by the security guards.

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She suddenly ordered a servant to put her mother’s frame on the wall instead of Sarab’s mother’s frame. When the servant hesitated to do so, she fired him and did the same herself.

Meher’s mother looked at Vikram as he was shedding tears. She said that she knew these were crocodile tears, and he was taking revenge by keeping his guns on Aditi’s shoulder. Vikram shouted out at Aditi and went to the other room.

Harleen came and said to Aditi that she could not mend her life after ruining other’s lives.

Harleen picked up the picture and said that Aditi could change the picture, name easily, but she can’t change the house’s soul. She added that her bad time has started.

Meher’s mother looked at Harleen and said, “Great Harleen, look at yourself. There was a time when you wouldn’t stop singing about your brother, but when he needed you the most in his bad times, you left him. It is easy to give advises to other but difficult to follow yourself.”

Harleen angrily replied that she didn’t need her point of view and promised to get her brother back in the house.
On the other hand, Meher and her family faced the challenges with a smile. They knew that till the time they are together, nothing could break their will power.

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After walking for a few hours, they sat under a tree to take some rest. Vikram’s staff and Meher’s mother’s staff kept an eye on the Gill family from a distance. Both of them directed their staff to take care of them and keep an eye on them continuously.

Meanwhile, the Gill family worried about where they will stay that night. Param went to Meher and told her that they should pray to God as Meher always told him that the fear vanished automatically by taking God’s name.

For a few minutes, the entire family started chanting God’s name. Suddenly, a vast dust storm enters the scene, and a man appears before them. Due to dust, they were unable to see the man’s face. He handed over a chit to them and vanished.

When they looked at the chit, they realized that he was God’s man. Sarab said, “God’s man came to direct us and now I am sure we are at the right path.”

They saw a hut and went inside. They decided to make that hut their new ‘nest.’ Sarab said, “From today, this is our new nest and by collecting each and every twig, we will decorate it with the passing time.”

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Sarab boosted his family’s will power, but will it be so easy for them to survive in that house with their new identity? Watch tonight’s episode to spectate the Gill family’s journey and struggles.