Choti Sardarni 14th December 2020 Episode: Where to begin from?

The last episode was not less than an emotional scene that the Gill Family witnessed before leaving the house. As they were just a few inches away from laying their first steps out of the house, Aditi surprisingly stopped them.
Meher and Sarab stared at Aditi with a hope that their dear Aditi is back again. All their hopes shattered when Aditi told them to hand over their jewelry and other personal belongings as well and then leave.

“You cannot take even a single thing out of this house,” she ordered.

Sarab and Meher started removing their watches, jewelry, etc. One by one made Param think that it was another rule of the game. Overwhelmed by sight, Harleen cursed Aditi to live happily ever and be punished by God one day.

“What you are doing is not right. Today, you have crossed all your limits of evilness. God is watching you and will surely punish you one day. You are doing this to your brother, the person who did everything to get his little sister back home. How can you do this to him?” said Harleen.

After Sarab asked if anything else left to return, Aditi mercilessly said that they are yet to return the ‘Gill’ title from their name. Sarabjeet promised that he would never take the ‘Gill’ title outside the house.

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Sarabjeet said, “No matter what the circumstances are outside the house, I will never use this title. I assure this to you Aditi.”

Harleen continued to curse Aditi, but she retaliated and said that Sarab was selfish enough not to even think about his kids.

“Why are you blaming me for everything? First look at your brother. Does he even care about his kids? Has he ever thought where his kids would live and how they will survive outside? No, he only cares about himself and Meher,” Aditi shouted in reply to Harleen’s allegations.

After dealing with Harleen’s matter, Aditi stared back at Sarab and challenged the entire Gill family that they won’t be able to stay without the luxuries for long and one-day return and hand over Karan them.

“I bed that one day you will come back and yourself bow down before me. You will surely return to this house. The day you will return, I am sure you will handover Karan to me and Manav,” she said confidently.

Meher replied, “You are wrong. Sarab is not the kind of person who gives up easily. So we will never handover Karan to you. Sarab always fights against all odds instead of giving up on the challenges offered by life.”

Sarab said that he would never return to the house as he is the person who never looks back after giving up ancestral properties. In the end, Meher and Sarabjeet finally step out of the Gill mansion.

Their route from the mansion door towards the main gate might be less, but that day it appeared longer than 1000s of kilometers.

The tears continued to shed out of Meher and Sarab’s eyes as they walked slowly and slowly towards the main gate. Manav ran outside to have a look at his kid Karan for the last time. He, too, shed his tears when he saw Karan leaving the house with Meher and Sarab. Harleen, too, wanted to stop them badly but was helpless at that time.

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No sooner did Meher, Sarab, and Param step out of the main gate than Aditi ordered the guards to shut the gate in front of the Gill family’s face.

Nothing unexpected, yet the family was surprised to see Aditi’s severe reaction after they left the house.
Suddenly, Meher’s mother came and pleaded to God to mend the situation. Sarab said I wouldn’t do anything against her sister, but Meher’s mother retaliated and asked whether Aditi was more important than Meher?

Meher defended Sarab and said, “Mom, this is my sasural’s matter, please don’t interefere in it. So, please don’t take any action against Aditi. I have no complaints against Sarab as I trust him.”

Even after her mother pleaded to her to stay with them, Meher continued to defend Sarabjeet.

On the other hand, Manav was angry over Aditi’s decision and shouted at her. He blamed Aditi for everything.
“I don’t know why I trusted you. Because of you, my son Karan, how will he survive?” he shouted.

Aditi said that she did everything for her love and reminded him that they were the same people who had cheated on them before.

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Meher continued to defend her husband and said, “We are Singhs and Singhs always give, never ask for anything. We will live wherever Sarab ji tells us to. I trust him. So please leave us in our state.”

For a very long time, Meher, Sarab, and Param continued to walk in search of a place to live. Suddenly, Param started coughing and said that he was exhausted and couldn’t walk further. He also asked when the game would start and when they would start building their new nest.

Unable to give answers, Meher hugged him silently and the episode ended on a very emotional note.

Finally, the Gill family was out of the house. They were ready to give up on everything, except their relations. Sarabjeet took a massive risk for the sake of his family and Karan’s custody, but will he be able to fulfill all the promised that he made to Meher?

Will the Gill family be able to survive the adverse circumstances outside their luxurious lifestyle? Also, Param is yet unknown about the reality. What will happen when he will get to know that this is not a ‘game’ but ‘reality.’ Watch tonight’s episode to seek your answers and witness the new beginning of the Gill family’s journey.