Kumkum Bhagya 14 December 2020 Written Update: Pragya and Meera met

In the last episode, we saw that Abhi and Pragya reached the same jewelry showroom. Some goons were also there to steal jewelry.

This episode started with Pragya’s monologue about Abhi. “What has God planned? Now he is getting married to someone else then why we often come across?” Thinking this, she saw Meera. She recalled Abhi’s words of appraisal about her. Meera also remembered the time when she couldn’t realize who Pragya was. She tried to avoid Pragya first, but Pragya started the conversation by saying thank you to her.

Meera felt as if she was caught thinking Pragya will ask her clarification for marrying Abhi and advise her to refuse.

However, in contrast to her anticipation, the conversation started on a lighter note. Pragya said, “It will not be enough to say just thank you. It is a very small word to show gratitude for whatever you have done for me. I am grateful to you for the upbringing and loving Riya like a mother. She has told me everything. I owe you this. I can’t repay your debt.” Said Pragya in a humble tone. She held Meera’s hand and said she could ask for her help anytime without hesitation if required. She will be obliged. Meera was speechless and kept looking at her while Pragya was leaving.

After that, Pragya saw Abhi upstairs with the jeweler and recalled how he praised Meera for handling Pragya’s responsibilities in her absence. She seemed heartbroken.

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Meanwhile, Meera was bewildered when she saw Pragya staring at Abhi.

Tony, along with his two companions, started executing the plan to steal jewelry. He sent the other staff persons out. They started stealing jewelry and also searching for that antique necklace worth Rs. 50 cr. They got more men with guns to help them.

The jeweler got Abhi there to show him jewelry. They shortlisted a ring. The jeweler asked a female employee to call Mr. Mehra’s wife there to choose jewelry for herself.

Aliya called Meera:

Concurrently Aliya called Meera to know about the shopping and said it is lovely that you both marry. Pragya will stay away from us once you get married to Bhai.

Meera told her that Pragya was in the same showroom, and they met. Meera said, “She was feeling guilty and didn’t want to marry Mr. Mehra after meeting her.” Aliya asked her what guilt was she feeling?

She replied, “Pragya is a very nice lady. She thanked me for raising and taking care of her daughter. I feel that I am snatching Mr. Mehra from her.”

Furious, Aliya responded, saying, “It is Pragya who has snatched everything. Only you can give happiness and companionship to bhai which Pragya can never offer. Pragya is only pretending to be nice. She has been the reason behind every chaos and the one who complained against Riya to spoil her life.”

She then asked Meera if she wanted to Marry Abhi or not.” She replied affirmatively.

“Then do marry him for the sake of Riya and him. Save them from evil intentions of Pragya. Go, accompany Bhai because if Pragya is there, she will try to manipulate Bhai.” Said Aliya.

Though Meera seemed convinced, she decided to meet Pragya to find out if she was ok with the marriage?

Aliya thought she would be significantly affected if this wedding is called off. Pragya can influence Meera easily as she is very naive. She will have to handle Meera delicately. She decided to keep an eye on her so that things go as she had planned.

Riya had a heated debate with Shahana and Prachi!

Riya liked a ring and bought it for Ranbir. Then she saw Prachi and recalled how Prachi had insulted her. “You are unlucky. If mom were with you, she would have imprecated herself daily. That’s why mom chose me to be with her.” Riya recalled Prachi’s words.

Shahana confronted Riya when she tried to give her a miss. She asked, “Why are you going like this? You would have misbehaved if masi (Pragya) or Prachi were there. Are you afraid of me?” Riya tried not to indulge in this by saying, “You are not of my level, mind your way.” But Shahana started criticizing her.

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“Earlier you used to admire masi a lot. You used to long for a mother like her. How did it all change after you came to know the reality? Are you aware after that incident she cried a lot the whole night?”

She tore a strip off Riya for misbehaving with Pragya and Prachi despite knowing their relationship. “I was aware of your dumbness but you have proven to be stone-hearted too. Don’t you dare do this again or else I will teach you a lesson?” Said Shahana.

“Keep yourself away because you are not a family member.” Reacted Riya in anger. Shahana said, forget about me. You are a daughter for name only.”

“You are an orphan and have been brought up by my mom and not the real daughter of my real mom. Prachi and I are real sisters, ‘Mehra sisters’. So don’t try to make a relationship with me.” Riya said to Shahana.

Prachi listening to this, scolded Riya that she must not talk about relationships. She added that “Shahana addresses Pragya, masi (maternal aunt). Masi means like a mother and hence she is my sister. Mom loves her like a daughter. Shahana also shares the same bond with her.”

Prachi said, “Shahana has no intention to build up a new relationship with you.” Shahana said she would never like to have an ill-mannered sister like her.

Riya told them to keep those relationships with them. She said, “Just wait and observe. I will show you.”

Pragya wore the antique necklace.

While at the counter, Sarita Ji ordered tea. Pragya did not like that and persisted in her thought to move from there, stating she felt awkward.

Sarita Ji was keen on window shopping and wasn’t willing to pay attention. A female employee asked Pragya to come upstairs to see the surprise for her. Pragya refused straight away, saying she didn’t want to buy anything but walked with her when she said, “Ma’am, I will lose my job if you won’t come with me.” Meera walked towards Pragya; however, she was distracted by Tony bumping into another lady accidentally.

When Pragya reached upstairs, Abhi was not there. The jeweler and his staff insisted she tries that necklace and ring. Confused with this treatment, Pragya said she didn’t need all this.

Meanwhile, the jeweler called Tony and asked him to get Abhi there.

Then they managed to get Pragya to wear jewelry despite her strong denial. At the same moment, Abhi entered with Meera coming after him.

One of the employees there reacted with excitement, “Sir, see how beautiful your wife is looking!” A stunned Abhi replied, “Very beautiful!”

To intensify the drama, Riya also entered there. They all were shocked.

The jeweler asked if they have done something wrong? Riya made this misunderstanding clear by telling it is Meera who is getting married to Abhi and not the one who is wearing the necklace. Meera left the room, being disappointed. Riya taunted Pragya saying, “You both have the habit of snatching. First,

Prachi snatched my dad. Then you are trying to snatch my mom. Abhi tried to stop her. She said Pragya couldn’t bear that I am getting a mother and also left the room. Pragya tried to go after her. Abhi stopped her by holding her hand. Pragya said in anger, “You have moved away. Though I am not your wife, I am still Riya’s mother. No one can stop meeting a mother from her daughter.”

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The employee apologized for the misunderstanding and compelling Pragya to try jewelry. Irritated, Pragya tried to remove the ring, which didn’t come out. Abhi took her with him.

The jeweler asked Tony to go after them and get the necklace from the ex-wife of Mr. Mehra. He handed over him a key to put it back safely.

Ranbir decided to reveal the truth.

While waiting for Aliya in her cabin, Ranbir recalled his past. He decided to tell the truth to Prachi. “Prachi will come to know eventually.” I need to clarify. He dialed her number but disconnected, considering he might not convey this over the phone. He thought of meeting her but was in a dilemma as he might not get the courage to reveal it.

The necklace hunt was on the peak!

Those robbers decided to go after Pragya to get the necklace. They even decided to slit her throat if she resisted.

Abhi took Pragya to the restroom.

Abhi closed the door. Pragya asked to open it. Abhi said I need to talk. Pragya said, “It’s enough. It was me who wanted to reconcile. It was me who said let’s start afresh. I am the one who always requests you to come back in my life. I always miss you.” She then addressed Abhi as Mr. Mehra.

Abhi got angry listening to this. She tried to remove the ring, saying, don’t worry. I am taking this ring out that you had selected for your would-be wife. Abhi said, be clear if you have any issue with this wedding, and don’t be sarcastic. They recalled their wedding with respective internal monologues.

Pragya said, “Will you not marry if I ask you?” Abhi said, “Just say once not to marry.” The episode ended there.

What will be the outcome of the conversation between Abhi and Pragya?

What situation will the robbers create?

Will Pragya be in trouble?

The next episode has the answer to all this.