GUM HAI KISI KE PYAR MEIN 14th December 2020: Virat is suspended by the Police Department

Virat informs Pakhi that he wasn’t meant to accept Gadchiroli’s posting; he wouldn’t have been blamed if he hadn’t taken it. If the police suspend him, his name, his future, and his dreams will all come to an end, and he won’t have a second chance to demonstrate himself; he loses the integrity he gained through his hard work. 

It scolds Sayi that she is responsible for all this, and she even then came and fed him food.

While he is profoundly sorrowful, how can he? Pakhi says he shouldn’t blame himself for a solution and think calmly about it. He says that in GadchiroliVithal’s very strong and not fast. 

Pakhi says there needs to be a way out to demonstrate that he’s married forcefully. When she doesn’t understand anything, she asked Sayi to take his department why she interferes.

Aid and escape from Gadchiroli; she knows that. Pakhi says she doesn’t want to know anything, and she knows how to help her best friend. Sayi blames Virat for pleading him not to marry her, so he did, and now he’s trying to prove she’s wrong in front of his best friend. 

Virat wonders whether she means he’s ready to marry her. Pakhi asks him to relax and find a solution. 

Sayi screams that instead of talking to her, he’s chosen to talk to the most intelligent person here, his mate, she’s not going to forgive this insult, and she’s not going to let him forget it.

Karishma sees that Sayi is going with a pillow to Usha’s room and thinks that Virat and Sayi have fought. Sayi knocks on the door and sleeps on Usha’s bunk. She wonders if Damadji said something to her. Sayi says nobody said anything. She’s supposed to sleep right now because they need to go out tomorrow. 

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Usha wonders where they’re going in this unknown city; if she battles Damadji, she should be grateful instead of getting such a good family, she doesn’t know that Damadji started to love her. Sayi is smoking. Virat knocks at the door and asks if she should see SayiUsha says yes, she’s inside the room. Sayi does not signal to. 

Usha says she asked Sayi to sleep in here tonight. Virat says he’s a cop, and he knows what’s going on.

If Sayi doesn’t go back to her room, she will have to stay here forever. Sayi shouts that she will sleep forever in this bed, and she doesn’t want to hear his taunts.

Virat goes to his room, and without her, he doesn’t get to sleep, wonders why he feels funny if he gets used to her blabbering. Sayi discovers the film on his bed and feels that he is thinking wrongly. Even, Sayi doesn’t get any sleep that remembers the words of Virat.

The food list will be written down by Bhavani and Saloni the next morning. Karishma asks Saloni to order oats because she is losing weight. 

Bhavani shouts costs must not be raised. The waste has been negotiating for many days now. She asks Pakhi if she loves and insists on something. Pakhi tells her that she loves cornflakes. Once again, Bhavani allowed her and shouted at Karishma.

Ninad asks her to command both oats and cornflakes. Bhavani looks up to Sayi and Usha and asks them where they are going. Sayi’s got something Usha says. Down Virat. Down Virat.

Ninad shouts to Virat that she should teach his wife Vahini’s permission wherever she goes.

Sayi says she wants no permission from anyone to go. Saloni says that it’s not jungle raj, and everyone is taking Vahini and asking her where they are going. 

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Virat asks Sayi where she goes to tell Badimaa. Sayi says she has not to. Sayi says she doesn’t. Shivani says Virat is concerned about her, so at least she can tell him where she’ll be. 

Sayi’s becoming stubborn. Virat is insisting on saying and moving. With him, Sayi argues. Badi Maa threatens, she’s going not to let her go out of that house if she doesn’t inform. Sayi’s taking her stick and telling her to cut her legs. 

Angrily Bhavani throws away the stick. Virat says it would be impossible for her to stay here for a long time if Sayi’s rude behavior persisted. Sayi informs him that she’s not going to stay here long.

Virat says Kamal sir’s promise is difficult to keep. Sayi tells him about it, and though she doesn’t push him. She’s telling Shivani to relax. Pakhi asks him not to annoy him and go into his office with Sayi’s drama. Sayi is walking toward the entrance.

Usha pleads to let Sayi go with her. Bhavani warns Sayi that she will not let her leave the house until she knows where she is going. She says she’ll be back home.

Precap: Ashwini Sayi leaves the cab ignoring her, and asks Bhavani if she scolds Sayi. Sayi reaches the police headquarters and informs Usha that she will meet Virat’s boss and notify him of Virat’s misbehavior towards her kin.