Kumkum Bhagya 15 December 2020 Written Update: Robbery at the jewelery shop

In the previous episodes, we saw Abhi’s wedding announcements with Meera and Ranbir’s engagement with Riya. We also saw Abhi and Pragya were at the same showroom where robbers were up to something.

As today’s episode started, we saw Abhi and Pragya in the middle of a conversation in the restroom. Abhi asked why she was quiet?

“You are asking me to assert myself more. We can behave this way only with our loved ones and not with the outsiders. What sort of right is this if it is begged? I am fade up asking you for my rights. Give it to whosoever you want to.” Responded Pragya.

She then tried to remove the ring from her finger. However, she was finding it difficult because it was stuck.

Abhi approached her immediately and said, “Isn’t it hurting you, but it is your stupidity that is hurting more.” He removed it in a romantic style, hugging her from behind.

At the same moment, Meera tried to enter the restroom, but Pragya indicated her presence. Meera was embarrassed realizing this, but she could not see Abhi there.

She apologized and said she was not aware of Pragya being inside. Else, she would have knocked. Abhi kept quiet.

Pragya taunted Abhi and said, “You are getting married to the lady who lacks even basic manners.”

Meera started talking to her, standing outside. “I wanted to talk to you and you just are inside as I might not be comfortable for a face to face conversation with you.” Said Meera.

She continued that she wanted to understand if Pragya was comfortable with her getting married to Mr. Mehra?”

Pragya, while looking at Abhi, replied sarcastically, “Which issue are you talking about? I am pleased in fact. What right do I have to object? There is nothing between me and him anymore.”

Meera sighed in relief and thanked Pragya. She said, “I was holding myself responsible for coming between Mr Mehra and you but having said this you have taken my burden away.”

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Pragya also thanked her. She said, “I can also move on now. It was painful sticking to the past but you have made things easier.” She handed over the necklace to Abhi, looked at him angrily, and came out.

Meera thought, “I was worried about your reaction but you’ve got sorted it out.” Abhi also came out in a few seconds. Meera was shocked to see this. She was seen dialing Aliya’s no while Pragya was crying in a corner.

On the other hand, those goons were finding Pragya to get the necklace from her. They were speculating that after knowing that it was meant for Abhi’s new wife, will Pragya still be wearing it?

A goon said that she might have removed but must be keeping it with her. A woman can leave her husband but never jewelry.

Ranbir got a call from Riya

After sending the picture of the ring to Ranbir, Riya made a video call to him. He started calmly talking to her. Riya said that she was upset; hence she called him. Ranbir asked, but she didn’t tell why she recalled an argument with Prachi and Shahana.

Then she asked if he saw the ring? Ranbir casually replied, “Who the ring was meant for?” She said, “Are you kidding? Obviously for you. Did you like it?” “Yes,” he replied. “Why have you got it now? You could have waited.” He said.

Riya was astonished. She asked if he was doubtful about the engagement?

Ranbir tried to cover up by saying our engagement date is yet to be announced. This design might become old fashioned by then. We can get a trendy design later. Riya got agreed and said she would cancel this order.

Ranbir then saw Prachi and Shahana behind Riya. He asked Riya if Prachi was also there? Riya said yes, and so was Shahana. She added that because of them, she was upset.

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Ranbir tried to find out what happened between them, apprehending Riya might have told Prachi about their engagement.

However, she replied in a relaxed way. Before Ranbir could ask anything more, the call got disconnected because of a network issue.

After that, Pragya passed by Riya but did not notice her since she was lost in thoughts. Riya contemplated whether she could not see her or just ignored her? Then concluded she must have done this deliberately.

Meera called Aliya

Meera called Aliya and told her that she saw Abhi and Pragya in the same restroom. At first, Aliya didn’t believe the saying, but Meera told her about the restroom incident.

She asked Meera, “Did you talk to Bhai? Where is he now?” Upon knowing that he might be with Pragya, she blamed her for all this. The call got disconnected after that.

Pragya shared her feelings with Sarita Ji.

Sarita Ji saw Pragya crying. She asked about it. Pragya remained quiet initially, but when Sarita Ji asked her to swear on her, she told her everything.

Pragya said, “I thought I have got my husband and daughter back in my life but when I met him last time, he revealed proposing Meera.

He has come here to buy jewelery for his would-be wife and the jeweler misunderstanding me to be her, made me wore it. I don’t weight him moreover jewelery but I am not able to cope with it.” Expressions of profound sorrow clouded her face.

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Sarita Ji thought of something and asked Pragya to wait to say she will come back shortly. Pragya recalled having a good time with Abhi and Riya.

As a promotional activity, we saw a bite of Shubhra from the new show Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti, sharing her problems with Pragya. The show is based on the same theme Pragya is going through now; a relationship on the verge of breakup. Pragya encouraged her to be healthy and make all efforts to save her relationship. Shubhra, too wished her good luck.

Chit-chat between Prachi and Shahana

Prachi and Shahana were talking to each other. Prachi said, “Why Riya behaves this way? I try to avoid all this, but it goes in vain.”

Shahana replied, “Both you and masi are alike; too genuine. Have you forgotten what she has done with you? It’s better that you maintain a distance from her.” Prachi said she had imagined a lot about her sister.

“Treat me the same way. You will never get a sister like me.” Said Shahana, to cheer her up.

Prachi recalled that she was to call Pallavi. Shahana suggested calling Ranbir instead, and Prachi called Ranbir. When he saw her number, he thought Riya must have revealed everything, and Prachi has called me to clarify things.

Ranbir felt relieved when he came to know that Prachi was concerned about his mother’s health only.

He then asked her if she was aware of the wedding announcement of Meera aunty and chief (Abhi). Thanks to the network issue, they could also not talk properly.

Shahana overheard the talk and started teasing Prachi for not having the typical conversation as the lovers do. She also suspected that the place was equipped with a jammer leading to call drop.

And there Ranbir was trying to speculate, “If they all are at the same place then Riya must have told Prachi, but if Prachi is aware of everything, why is she reacting normally? She doesn’t even know about Meera aunty and chief. Should I tell her? If she comes to know this, she will get tensed, but I must tell her about my engagement.”

The grave situation at the showroom!!!

While Abhi was about to hand over the jewelry to the jeweler, Sarita Ji came. He greeted her nicely, but she responded rudely.

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By that time, goons came to know that the necklace was with Abhi.

Abhi asked Sarita Ji to wait and went after the jeweler to give the jewelry back.

Riya, on her way towards Abhi, bumped into Shahana, whose dress got spoiled by the juice. Prachi said sorry to Riya. Riya said, you better practice this word as you will say this often in the future.

Prachi saw her mom and dad and asked Shahana not to react anymore. They moved towards the restroom to clean the dress.

Riya reached near Abhi. Tony also came. The jeweler gave him the jewelry received from Abhi to keep it safe, but he started running outside. Jeweler called security. Security held Tony at gunpoint. Other goons took out their weapons too and held other customers at gunpoint.

Now the situation is critical as Abhi, Pragya Riya, and Sarita Ji are in the same room where goons execute their plan. What will happen now? Will their life be in danger? What will be the next step for Aliya? Stay tuned for further updates.