Imlie 15 December 2020 Episode: Aditya decides to send Imlie back to Pagdandiya

As the episode starts, Aditya is scolding Imlie, and other family members come there. Tauji notices Aditya’s anger, and he tries to cover the matter. He asks Imlie, “you fed everyone well?”.

Then, he tells Aditya that he told Imlie to feed those people. Aparna also agrees to this and tells Aditya that it’s a ritual before marriage.

Rupali tells Aditya that the same ritual was performed in Dhruv, a and her wedding. Taiji says that the ritual will give blessings to Aditya snd Malini’s married life.

Aditya goes from there. Aparna asks Imlie, “what happened to those people?”. Nidhi says that those people were running in fear. Imlie tells them that she cooked many dishes and fed the guests well. She tells them that she is always scolded and starts crying.

Aparna tells Imlie that Aditya was very angry, and if they hadn’t come, he might have scolded her very much. Rupali notices that Aditya is standing behind Aparna. Rupali tries to stop Aparna from talking about Aditya. Aparna tells Rupali that she always says her brother is very rude.

Imlie notices Aditya. Aparna asks Imlie, “is Aditya standing behind me ?”.

Imlie nods her head in yes. As Aditya comes near Aparna, he says that everybody tried very well to hide the truth. He tells them he had decided to send Imlie back to Pagdandiya. Aparna and other family members try to convince him.

Dhruv tells Aditya that it’s a small matter. Why is he so angry. Nidhi tells him that he looks like he has locked his smile. Tauji and Pankaj also try to convince him. He tells everyone that he has booked tickets for 15th December and will leave Imlie in pagdandiya.

Satyakam gives Mithi a ticket and tells her that on the 15th, they are going to Delhi to meet Imlie. Mithi becomes very happy. She tells Satyakam that she has to do so many preparations as she is going to her daughter’s home for the first time.

As everyone is trying to convince Aditya, Aparna receives a call. After cutting the call, she tells Aditya that no one is going anywhere.

Aditya tells her that he is serious. Aparna says that she is also serious, but Aditya will not go anywhere. She tells him that he will go to Meerabagh for his marriage. She tells everybody that it was panditji’s call and he has fixed the marriage for 15th December. All the family members congratulate Aditya.

Imlie feels very sad. Meanwhile, Anu shows Malini a costly wedding card. She asks Malini, “isn’t it beautiful?”. Malini tells her that she and Aditya had chosen a very simple card. But Anu is sending many gold coins, gifts with the cards. She tells Anu that there is no need to do this much expense.

Anu feels bad and tells Malini that she can’t do anything of her choice. Dadi tries to convince Anu and Malini by saying that it’s Anu’s love for her daughter. She tells Malini that Anu loves Malini very much, and therefore, she wants to do everything best for Malini.

Malini gets her point and tells Anu that the card is gorgeous. Anu tells Dev that they have to go to Tripathi’s house to give the wedding card.

Malini goes to get ready for her college. At Tripathi’s house, Imlie goes to Aditya’s room to give him the clothes which Aparna sent. Imlie asks Aditya to try those clothes.

Aditya tells her to put on the clothes, and he will try them. As Aditya close the door and Imlie hear the sound of something falling.

Imlie opens the door of Aditya’s room and finds that Aditya is stuck in a tight kurta. As Aditya is not able to see anything, he consistently hits himself with nearby objects.

Imlie starts laughing at Aditya. Aditya asks her to help him. Imlie tells him that he had to come near the door as he ordered Imlie not to come inside his room.

Aditya manages to come near the door. Imlie helps Aditya to remove the kurta. She tells Aditya that Aparna had asked him to click a picture of clothes that are not fit. Aditya remembers that his camera is with Malini.

He tells Imlie that he will try them later. He calls Malini and asks her to meet at the coffee shop. Malini agrees. He asks Malini to bring the camera with him.

Malini teases him by saying he wants to go on a date with his camera and not Malini.

Aditya tells her that he wants to tell Malini something that he was hiding for a long time. Anu comes to Tripathi’s house. She tells Aparna that she wants to see Aditya and Malini’s room.

Aparna tells her that she had done painting in Aditya’s room and ordered some new Almirahs for Malini. Anu, along with Aparna and other family members, goes inside Aditya’s room. At the coffee shop, Aditya finds Malini sitting near a table. He goes near Malini, and she hugs him.

Malini gives Aditya his camera. Aditya tells her that he wanted to tell her the truth, which can affect their married life. Malini tells him, its s a good thing as there should be no secrets between husband and wife. Meanwhile, Anu is not happy to see Aditya’s room. She asks how Malini will live in such a room.

Dev tells her that Aditya will also live with Malini. Anu again tells how her daughter will manage in such a room. Imlie is standing on the door with a tray of tea in her hand. Imlie tells Anu that she is sorry for interrupting her, but that room is wonderful.

She further adds that she will be very happy if she gets a chance to live in that room. She says that if Tripathi can give so much love and affection to an unknown girl, how much love they will give to their daughter in law