Anupama 12 January 2021: Pakhi: Jealous of Kinjal

Anupama saw Vanraj fallen. She rushed towards him and asked, are you okay? Get up! If you need anything, you must call at once. What was the need to get up like this, if something happens then?

Pakhi, get up! She shouts Toshu! Toshu! Pakhi, Toshu, Kinjal ran towards Vanraj. Baa also came and asked, o god, what has happened? Then everyone helps him to get up and lie in bed.

Baa asked how you have fallen like this? Vanraj replied nothing, Baa. I tried to walk and get misbalanced, so fallen. Paritosh asked him, whether are you alright or should we call the doctor?

Vanraj replied, no, no, it’s okay. Anupama asked, do you fall on the hand’s side; doesn’t stitch get opened? Anupama becomes calm and brings off her hand from the Vanraj.

She asked Toshu to check the stitches. Paritosh replied, mummy; stitches are okay. Anupama said once again to check them properly. Paritosh replied I already checked it, mummy. Anupama shouted, I said do it properly once again. Vanraj said, relax, Anu. I am okay!

Baa said, daughter-in-law, bring warm water and oil. Firstly, I will give him an oil massage and then hot compress it. Vanraj replied, no, Baa.

After Paritosh’s marriage, still, your neck is not okay. You leave it. Paritosh said, Baa, I will do it. Baa asked you ever did it before? Paritosh replied, no, Baa.

Baa said, then stands up right there. This is not a fight that anyone can come and starts doing it. We did kid’s massage, so our hands got habitual of it. Daughter-in-law, you do the massage!

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Kinjal said, Baa, I will call the masoos from outside. Baa replied, why from outside?

One has to realize it from the inside. Paritosh said, Baa, it’s masoos, not mehsoos. It means the one who will do the massage. Baa asked why anyone would come from outside for a massage? Our hands and legs break down.

Kinjal said, Baa, you know everything then also you are asking my mother-in-law to do the massage. Baa replied, I am not saying to do murder while to do massage only.

Don’t show me big-big eyes! Kinjal said it’s not done, Baa. Baa replied, it’s done. Done, done, dana dan done! Now, your mother-in-law will do it.

Kinjal said, Baa, you can’t force mother-in-law. Baa replied, okay. And early morning, you call coffee from your mother-in-law, that’s okay? You came here for doing her advocacy here!

Anupama sat down and started doing Vanraj’s massage. Anupama asked Pakhi to give her the towel. Toshu, Kinjal, both of you go and get up. Pakhi goes and gets ready for school. We can’t do the school’s leave daily. Pakhi replied, okay.

Anupama is doing Vanraj’s massage. She asked Vanraj, don’t you have pain. Vanraj replied, no, now it’s okay.

Earlier I had pain, but now I am getting rest. Anupama gave him hot compression from the towel. Vanraj started moaning from pain. She said you got little pain starting but slowly, it will get better. I hope slowly; everything will be okay.

Anupama replied, if you want anything, then give me a call. When I have gone to school, Samar will be here. Vanraj said Anupama! Anupama replied, yes.

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He said, today, you scolded me for the first time. I liked your scolding with showing your right. Anupama turned around while Vanraj called her and said, no, nothing!

Kinjal angrily threw her shawl. Paritosh came and said I couldn’t understand.

If mummy doesn’t have any problem, why are you creating issues?

Kinjal replied just because the mother-in-law doesn’t say anything; it’s not like that she is not having a problem. Paritosh said, oh, now, without mummy’s saying you know her problems too.

Kinjal replied, you will also understand, Toshu, see everything with open eyes for once. In this house, rather than me, Samar, and Bapuji, everyone’s eyes are closed.

Everyone thinks that whatever is going on in the house is right. Paritosh said I couldn’t understand how it is wrong to help any person? And if mummy had a problem with the father, why did she bring the father home?

Kinjal replied, Toshu, what mother-in-law is doing, is doing in the humanitarian ground, but everyone must understand it. The girlfriend is for hanging out while the wife is for cooking and caring.

Just like a typical man. Paritosh said, where are you taking this conversation? I can’t understand what do you have a problem with my father?

Kinjal replied, I don’t have a problem with him but from living at this house. Meanwhile, Pakhi came and opened the door. Kinjal said, Pakhi, please come inside after knocking on the door. Pakhi said I am not habitual to enter my brother’s room by knocking.

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Paritosh said, Pakhi, so become used to of it. Now, your brother is got married. Pakhi replied, wow, brother! Now, you would also talk in kinju baby’s language.

Paritosh said Pakhi behave. Kinjal is your sister-in-law. Pakhi replied, I know. Sister-in-law! Kinjal replied, yes. Pakhi asked I want your red dress, for my school’s maker Sankranti function.

Kinjal replied, yes, Pakhi. I just get fresh n up, and then I will bring it out for you. Pakhi said I don’t have that much time. Kinjal replied, Pakhi, just give me 5-10 minutes; I will give it to you. Pakhi said I would get it on my own.

Pakhi goes towards the cupboard, searched the dress, bring it out, and started going.

Meanwhile, Paritosh holds Pakhi’s hand and said that Kinjal said she would give it to you then? Pakhi replied, so what happened, brother? I take it after asking her only. Paritosh said, but you must not touch other’s stuff like this.

Pakhi replied, I always take your and winter’s stuff without asking you. That time nobody said anything to me. Paritosh said, understand what I am explaining to you.

Don’t argue without any reason. Pakhi replied, nowadays, everyone does the argument in this house, brother. Paritosh said don’t you think you are saying extra. Pakhi replied others are also saying more in this house, but nobody says anything to them.

Paritosh asked what you are trying to say. Pakhi replied that if you don’t understand it, let it be. Paritosh said, I understand everything, but I do not understand your attitude.

Can you tell me what your problem is? Pakhi replied, my problem is that nowadays you and mother do kinju baby, kinju baby all the time.

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Anupama came and said, Sweety! It’s not the way to say anything about your sister-in-law. Paritosh said mummy see her! Firstly she came into the room without knocking, then touched Kinjal’s stuff without asking her, and now when I am saying something, she is arguing with me.

Anupama said, Sweety, parents, things are different. But you must never come to brother and sister-in-law’s room without asking them. And after today, never touch Kinjal’s any stuff without asking her.

Pakhi replied, Kinjal, Kinjal, Kinjal! You can only see your daughter-in-law, not your daughter. I know why you are taking that much side of your daughter-in-law because she supports you against Papa.

In this house, only you and your daughter-in-law are those who have a problem with Papa. Whenever he comes to this house, both of you don’t like it.

On the wedding day, too, you brought him out of the house. Now, when he is not well, he is in such a situation, and then also you want to take him out of the house. Mummy, you are behaving like he is not Papa while he is any stranger. I understand that you are angry with him, but why this Kinjal is after him?

Paritosh said, Pakhi, behave yourself! Anupama said, Sweety, it’s not like that.

Pakhi replied, it’s like that, mummy. I know you are planning to throw Papa out of the house. But let me tell you, one thing mummy, I will never let it happen. I will ask Baa to stop Papa here.

You both mother-in-law and daughter-in-law try so much then you can’t put him out of the house. Papa will stay here in this house always. Even she will not go to Kavya.

But if you try to put him out of the house, mummy, he will not alone. I will also go with him. And never come back to this house. She threw the kinjal’s dress and said I don’t want this dress, and goes away.

Paritosh called her, Pakhi, Pakhi, listen to me!

Kinjal asked Anupama, mummy, why Pakhi is bringing the wrong meaning of everything? Anupama replied that there are many turning points of age where stubbornness is more than wrong and right. Sweety is also crossing such a turn.

Paritosh replied, mummy, please! Samar and I were also teenagers, but we didn’t behave like that. Pakhi is self-centered from starting, she never listens to anyone, and even she never shares her stuff with anyone.

Anupama replied, but now she has to share his brother and father. Everyone can see Sweety’s stubbornness and irritation, but no one can see her fear.

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She had lost her father at once, so now she wants to hold every relation tightly. She thinks that like Kavya brought her father away from her in the same way, her sister-in-law would not bring her brother away.

Eventually, she would understand. Even new cloth takes time to become used to it, and then it is a new relation. But for Sweety’s misbehavior, Sorry!

Kinjal replied, no, mother-in-law! Please don’t say sorry. It’s okay, I understand. I am ready to share my real stuff with Pakhi. Anupama replied, I know that! Now, let’s go, get ready, and then come. Kinjal replied, okay.

In the next scene, Kavya brings her bag and starts putting on her clothes. She remembers when Anupama is taking Vanraj’s care.

When Vanraj said, I will go back to my house. Anupama says, remove that fear from your mind that I will try to take off your Vanraj from you.

Kavya said, regardless of how much guarantee you take, Anupama, but now I couldn’t trust anybody, neither on you nor Vanraj. That’s why now I am going to take matters into my hand.

Anupama is passing out from Vanraj’s room; meanwhile, Vanraj called her, Anupama! She asked, yes. Vanraj replied, Sorry I called you like this.

Anupama asked do you need anything. Vanraj said, no, I talked to the doctor. He said tomorrow he has some important surgery in the morning, so he wants to make tomorrow’s appointment today evening.

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Anupama replied I would talk to anyone between Samar and Paritosh will take you for a checkup in the evening. Vanraj said, thanks. You all are getting troubled because of me, right?

Baa forgets her neck pain and always revolves around me. Bapuji had stress. Pakhi can’t focus on her studies. Samar can’t go outside and instead all this you had workload very much.

Sometimes I thought I must not come here. But I want to come here. I feel good here, get peace here, and look like I will recover here soon. But I got angry over myself too. It looks like I have become a burden over you all.

Anupama replied, you are not a burden but a guest. Besides, this house is not yours, but this family is still yours. And when one got hurt, then firstly he remembers family.

Vanraj said, and I also want to be well soon. I want to join the office again and want to handle a new boss. I want to achieve targets, earn money, and settle kids; right now, many things remaining to do, Anupama.

Anupama replied everything would happen. You get well first. When you get recovered, you can work, Baa Bapuji’s tension will shorten, and everything will be fine with Kavya. I am placing breakfast till then do you need anything? Anupama goes from there. Vanraj thinks I want, but what? Still, I don’t know about it.

Kavya is in a taxi with her luggage and remembered Vanraj saying I need time to think Kavya. I want to come back to you or not.

Baa asked Pakhi what had happened to you. Pakhi replied nothing. Paritosh helps Vanraj to be at the dining table. He asked Paritosh, how are your exam preparations going on?

Paritosh replied, it’s going well, Papa! Only revision is going on. Vanraj said after the exam, what do you think about the job and other entrance exams?

Paritosh replied I had a job offer from Dave’s coaching center. Kinjal added, but we won’t take it. We will try for campus interviews.

We have decided that we will work for some time and then prepare for further studies. Anupama said, dear, discuss it with your father for once before taking any decision. Then do whatever you would like to. Kinjal and Paritosh agreed.

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Baa said it means now that her daughter-in-law will also go for a job and her daughter-in-law. Bapuji said after so much study, she would not sit at home.

Baa said, yes, there is no need as well. I am here to sit at home. These two will go for the job, and I am in the kitchen. Anupama replied, Baa, you don’t need to do anything. We will handle everything.

Mamaji said, sister, don’t worry. For household work, my wife is there; she will handle everything. Samar replied, mama, buddy, you are always the single club’s president. Mamaji replied, I know, I remember it.

Bapuji said if the thing is about household work only, then Jhilmil is there. Kinjal said, yes, and Baa, we will hire someone to cook.

Baa replied, do you know how much money they take for making three times food. Income is reducing, and you people are talking about expanding expenditure.

This time we don’t know when Vanraj’s salary will come. He won’t have a government job that he will get money on holidays as well.

Bapuji said if the expense increases, then income also increases. And Toshu will earn, both the daughter-in-law will earn. Meanwhile, Kavya reached Shah’s house.

Bapuji asked Vanraj that daughter-in-law told me, you will go to the doctor for a checkup. Vanraj replied, yes, Bapuji. Baa asked, but how will you go. The car is still not repaired.

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Paritosh replied, Baa, and then we will go from the cab. Kinjal said it’s not needed, Toshu. I have got a car from my house. It’s SUV so that it will be comfortable for you.

Vanraj replied, no, no, I am okay with the cab. But thank you. Baa added, yes, no need to do any favor. Once you brought a car from your home, then your mother will make us listen to your whole life.

Kinjal replied, Baa, apart from mom, I had my father in my house, which is very lovely. And what is this house? Now this is also my house, right? Baa said, no, it is your law’s house.

Kinjal said it is expected from daughter-in-law that she will understand law house as hers, but in-law too understands daughter-in-law as theirs. Daughter-in-law becomes of law’s, but the law never becomes her. How convenient.

Anupama said, Kinjal dear! Baa said congratulations; now, the second person came to the house sharing the pearls of knowledge.

Your mother is running coaching classes, now you both open it as well and give it name as “Kabhi Saas Kabhi Saheli.”

Kinjal replied, Baa, please! Why always you over-react over every matter? Vanraj said, enough Kinjal, enough! Anyway, I would like to go walking, but I can’t go to your mom’s car. Kinjal replied, but Papa, that car is of my dad’s as well.

Vanraj replied, that’s now how your mom would think about it. She would think that she did a favor over us. And still, I am not in such a bad condition that I will take favor from Rakhi Dave.

Kinjal replied, but Papa, I told you that it was my Papa’s car as well then how mom’s favor comes in between. Anupama asked Kinjal dear, Dave coaching classes are alone of Rakhi sister or Pramod brother.

Kinjal replied that is of my dad. Anupama asked then why you had said no to the job offer came from there? If you want, then you can take help from your father.

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Because you know that if anyone shows help, then it got converted to favor. And the person who even has little self-respect can take help but not favor.

That’s why he doesn’t want to go from Pramod and Rakhi’s car. Their way of talking might be wrong, but the thing to talk about was not wrong.

Kinjal agreed that. Baa said daughter-in-law said right. Vanraj got up and tried to go inside but misbalanced. Anupama supported him, and Baa asked, where are you going?

Vanraj replied I couldn’t do an argument in the morning, Baa. I am going to my room. Anupama said, at least do your breakfast. Then you have to take the medicines too.

Vanraj replied, send that to my room. Anupama said, one minute, she had your supporter, and give it to you now you can go, Toshu (help him).

Baa said, why you are leaving your breakfast in between. The daughter-in-law is there; she will help him. Go, I will send the breakfast with Jhilmil. Goo! Anupama helps Vanraj go towards the room, while Kavya is watching them from outside the house. Anupama said carefully!

While Nandini shouted after seeing Kavya there, she said, what the hell, Masi! Everyone becomes shocked after listening to this. Samar said Nandini! Mamaji replied, not Nandini; it’s Masi. Baa added Masi means Kavya! Vanraj and Anupama turned around and saw Kavya standing there.


Anupama and Paritosh bring Vanraj to the doctor; meanwhile, Kavya came with a taxi and said, let’s go, V! I will take you to the doctor. Vanraj replied Kavya; our cab is coming. Anupama gave the file to Kavya and said, go with her! Kavya said People take care just a few days in sympathy, but those who love always take care. And I love Vanraj so that I will take his care always.