Kumkum Bhagya 11 January 2021: Ranbir got the clue about Riya’s involvement in the breakup

Abhi told Pragya that she might lose him forever if she doesn’t confess her feelings. Ranbir asked Riya to stay away from Prachi.

Pallavi told Vikram that perhaps dadi is against this marriage. Aliya gave Digvijay a file and planned to use it if Abhi denies marrying Meera. Ranbir talked to Shahana to know the truth, but she didn’t reveal anything. Then he thought Riya might be behind his break up when Aryan told him about the Diwali night incidents.

Abhi said, “This is the last time when my coloured got applied to you. Earlier I used to apply colour to you on Holi. Then you became the colour of my life. That colour is fading. Now someone else is replacing you. How do you feel?”

Pragya told him not to remind the past. Abhi responded, “We are connected because of our past. Whenever you try to go away from my life, I remind you so that we can stay connected. Let me reveal the truth. I had never found you so beautiful.” Pragya interrupted, “Then go to the beautiful one.” Abhi said, “Let me complete.”

“I started finding you beautiful later. So I can’t let you go and try to knock your door again and again. You must be wondering, how I fell in love with you, without finding you beautiful? It is because initially, I loved you for your internal beauty.

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Then you became the most beautiful girl for me in the world and you know I am the best of the best man. If we split up, we both are in loss. You will lose me forever. You might realise it but it will be too late by then.”

Pragya saw Meera coming and felt awkward. Abhi asked if she was afraid of her? Pragya said she is your would-be wife. “But you are my wife.” Replied Abhi. Then he asked if she was fearing him coming close to her or that she won’t be able to resist him?

Pragya stepped on his foot, and Meera heard him shouting.

Riya fought with Ranbir!

Meanwhile, Riya asked Ranbir how dare he cheat her? Ranbir retaliated, “Who is the cheater? Why did you tell Prachi that I prefered you over her? Did I do so? Was she taking advantage of my inebriated state?”

Riya told him that Prachi intended that. “Do not to take Prachi’s name. I know many of your secrets. And if I reveal them, you will have to bear a lot, so don’t force me to do so.” Warned Ranbir.

It ignited Riya. She asked Ranbir if he was blackmailing her? Ranbir said it was just a suggestion. Riya said he must not forget that their Roka ceremony will be held soon.

Ranbir asked her to clear her misunderstanding. He reminded her, under which circumstances he agreed to this proposal.

Before the argument could get more intense, Mitali intervened, and Ranbir left. Riya thought, “Whether you want or not, only I will be your life partner. I will have to stop dad marrying Meera aunty.”

Mitali saw Abhi and Pragya together:

Meera entered Abhi’s room when he heard him shouting. However, they managed to hide behind the door, and Pragya put her hand on Abhi’s mouth so that he cannot speak. Meera left when she saw no one around.

Pragya said, what would Meera think seeing us like this? Abhi replied casually, “EFA.” Then explained to her that it is an extra fiancee affair. The way married people have an extramarital affair.

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Pragya said Meera would be heartbroken, and for you, it is a matter of joke. Abhi asked why she was concerned about Meera, and the relationship between you and me will still be termed as an extramarital affair after two days.

Pragya said, you have changed. You were never like that. Abhi said, “Yes, I have become a bad person and that is the reason you are leaving me.” Then he wiped haldi from his face with Pragya’s saree.

Mitali saw them together and got confused that if Abhi wants to marry Meera, what are they doing in a corner?

Ranbir talked to Shahana to know the exact reason for Prachi breaking up with him:

Meanwhile, Prachi was trying to remove haldi from her wrist while remembering Ranbir’s words; “Our engagement and Haldi is done and next would be our wedding.” Tears welled up her eyes.

She hugged Shahana and said it is difficult for me to stay away from Ranbir. Then she wiped her tears and said, it will be an immense pleasure for me to see maa and papa happy together. I will cry only today and laugh forever after that.

Prachi started walking, and Shahana was behind her. Aryan looked at them and then saw Ranbir standing behind Shahana, about which neither she nor Prachi was aware. Ranbir signed him to keep quiet, put a handkerchief on Shahana’s mouth, and took her with him silently. Prachi could not sense that. Shahana gestured Aryan to help, but he stood still.

Pallavi could sense that dadi is planning to break the wedding:

Pallavi found it weird dadi was shaking hands with Sarita Ji. “Dadi was never happy with this wedding then what made her change her mind, why she looks happy?”

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She told Vikram, who asked her to be neutral. Pallavi said, “Sixth sense of a female is very strong and I have a feeling that dadi wants to break this marriage. Meera is my friend and I will feel bad for her if this happens.”

Vikram reminded her that Prachi is her daughter-in-law. Pallavi said she used to be her daughter-in-law in the past. The present is different. Vikram thought why Pallavi has so much against Prachi and her family, despite no valid reason?

Meera came downstairs. When Pallavi asked her why she left in the middle of the ceremony, Meera explained the allergic reaction.

Aliya asked Meera to start the ceremony. Meera said she couldn’t apply more haldi. Dadi joked with Sarita Ji that let’s apply some haldi to Aliya and Pallavi to soothe their pain. They thought God is with us. That’s why this ceremony remained incomplete. However, Poorab reached there and told them that Abhi’s haldi got applied to Pragya di, so the ceremony was complete. Dadi told Sarita Ji that Poorab is also on our team. Sarita Ji praised him. Poorab also said that your efforts are commendable.

Abhi taunted Pragya!

In the next scene, Pragya and Abhi were seen coming downstairs. He offered Meera to apply haldi to get his color the way Pragya had once. Then he taunted Pragya that she had wiped that color off.

Meera told him too about the allergic reaction. Abhi said, fine, then this ceremony is complete and congratulated her. She congratulated him too. Then Abhi turned towards Pragya and said Meera’s dream and your wishes came true. Congratulations!

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Mitali took Aliya aside and shared her doubt. She said Abhi and Pragya are coming closer. They might get married. Aliya said, never! “I know how to tackle it. Raj bhaiya also knows it.” Mitali kept thinking about the plan while Aliya left to meet Digvijay.

Ranbir thought that Riya might have forced Prachi to break up with Ranbir:

Aryan, too reached where Ranbir had brought Shahana, who was still unaware of who abducted her. Upon seeing Aryan, she scolded him to stand still and not help her. Then she saw Ranbir and asked why did he bring her like this?

Ranbir said because we could not talk in the presence of Prachi. Then he asked her to reveal the truth. Shahana kept saying that she didn’t know anything.

Ranbir said, “I have to know the exact reason to help her. Please tell me the truth, I can’t see her like this.”

Shahana reminded, promising Prachi not to tell anyone the truth. She said all I know is that she doesn’t love you.

Ranbir said, fine! Go but do tell Prachi that I love her and go to any extent for her. I will never leave her. He apologized to Shahana for bringing her like this.

Amidst this, Aliya was seen meeting Digvijay and giving him a file. She said I would tell you when to use these papers. Then she thought if Bhai doesn’t go according to me, these papers would be my trump card.

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Ranbir told Aryan that he has a feeling that Riya may be the reason for all this. These are not Prachi’s words. Aryan said, your mother forced you, but her mom is very sweet. Then he said it is all because Riya forced Abhi to marry Meera. It all happened on Diwali night. Then he told Ranbir the incident.

Ranbir was clear about Riya’s involvement listening to this. He told Aryan that Riya was playing the same game she played with me earlier. She had asked me to break Prachi’s heart once, and now she is doing the same with Prachi. He decided to speak to Prachi about it.

Pragya asked Abhi which of her wish he was talking about? “That means whatever I say, still affects you.” Smiled Abhi.

Pragya got irritated and said, it’s fine if you don’t want to tell.” Abhi asked her to have patience. Pragya congratulated him for the ceremony and said her happiness lies in his happiness.


Ranbir tells Prachi that he is sure that Riya asks her to do so. Prachi is in a dilemma. Aliya and Riya argue with each other, and she calls Riya selfish. Riya said, you are a selfish sister and selfish aunt. My dad will marry only my mom.