Choti Sardarni 11th January 2021 Written Update: Will Param follow his new timetable?

Meher tried to explain to Param how he was spoiling himself by playing with the tab 24×7. But Param’s addiction didn’t seem to come to an end so quickly.

Even if Meher thought for a while that she could convince Param, Harleen would defend him and influence him more.

After several hours, Meher finally realized that it was pointless scolding your kid as it would only increase his stubbornness.

Meher received Sarabjeet’s call and told him how Param didn’t bathe, brushed his teeth, etc., as he was too busy with the tab. Sarabjeet said that he would explain to Harleen, but Meher stopped him and said that whatever has to be done would be done by her only.

Suddenly, Param came looking for Meher. Instead of talking to him, Meher hid in the room, and Param went out after failing to find his mother.

Meher immediately thought of an idea and told Sarabjeet that she would go outside to get Vitamin D and was sure that Param would come looking for her.

After some time, Meher applied warm oil on Karan’s body under the sunlight. When Sarabjeet came to see what was happening at home, she said she was sure Param would come looking for her.

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“Meher ji, your idea won’t work,” said Sarabjeet.

Meher replied, “A mother knows her kids the most and I am sure he would come here in 10 seconds.”

Sarabjeet challenged her that he won’t come so quickly and said that he would do whatever she would order if she won the bet. Meher confidently accepted Sarabjeet’s counting.

“Param will be here within 10 second. Saradarji, I am starting my counting,” said Meher.

Meher started to count from 10 to 1. After she said one, she was upset as Param didn’t come. Sarajeet told her not to get upset and said that he would explain Param in ‘Jatt style.’

Meanwhile, in the room, Harleen offered Param some chocolate muffins as he was still playing with the tab. Suddenly, Param went outside, running, and hugged her mother. Meher was happy to see him out of the ‘tab zone.’

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Param asked, “Meher mother, where were you? I looked for you in each and every corner of the house.”

Meher said, “I was in front of you, but you didn’t see me as you were busy with your tab.”

Param felt guilty and said, “I am really sorry Meher mother. I know I have hurt you a lot. Please forgive me.

The truth is that no matter how much one enjoys playing with the tab, at the end everyone needs their family. The day looks incomplete if you don’t get to see your family members with you.”

Meher and Sarabjeet smiled. Meher said that she would forgive Param only if he fulfilled her condition. When Param asked her about the condition, she told him that he would have to follow the timetable set by her. He agreed.

Amrita finally completed putting pickles in the jars in Kulwant Kaur’s house. She told Yuvi to take care of the jars in her absence.

On the other hand, Jagga was getting angry as he got late for the office and blamed it on Amrita. She requested him to take her along as she had completed her housework.

As they were about to leave, Kulwant told them to stay. Amrita and Jagga thought that she would give her a new task. Instead, Kulwant offered her sweet yogurt.

Kulwant said, “Whenever we start something new, we should always eat a spoonful of yoghurt and sugar.”

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The other son of Kulwant was surprised by her act and thought that she is not the kind of woman who would do anything without any rhyme or reason. She must have done it for some selfish motive.

In the Gill Mansion, Meher prepared a timetable for Karan and Param. At first, Param was puzzled when he saw his timetable, as it was a highly-strict one. When Harleen saw the timetable, she got angry and started shouting at Meher.

“How can you make such a harsh timetable? Param is just a kid. How will he follow this timetable?” shouted Harleen.

Meher thought that it was useless arguing with Harleen. She instead agreed with her sarcastically and said, “You are right di, how will Param follow this? Param can never follow this timetable. I better remove it.”

Meher’s plan worked, and Param stopped her. He said, “No Meher mother, you are wrong. I will definitely follow this timetable.”

Meher smiled and narrated to him the entire timetable. When Param asked if she had included tab playing hours in the timetable, she agreed and showed him. He said, “Meher mother, only half an hour for the tab?”

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Meher said that it was the challenge. Param got upset but pretended to be okay with it. He agreed.

Starting from that hour, Param strictly followed the timetable. He brushed, bathed, studied, and played on time. The only problem was that he looked distracted as he continuously asked everyone about the time as he was eagerly waiting for his tab playing hour.

The moment the clock struck at 7.30 pm. He snatched the tab and started playing. After half an hour, Meher took away the tab from his hand and told him to sleep. He did as he was told.

After some time, Sarabjeet returned home and praised Meher for making Param follow the timetable. Meher, too, felt happy that Param listened to him.

Harleen said, “Too much of strictness is not good for a kid.”

Meher replied, “This is not called strictness, it is called discipline. If we won’t teach our child to be disciplined from this age, he will become the same when he grows up.”

Meher and Harleen continued their argument, but Meher said that Param would follow her timetable and forget the tab soon.

Meanwhile, Param was secretly playing with his tab inside the blanket in the room. Will Meher catch Param red-handed? Will Param give up his habit? Watch tonight’s episode to find out.