Kumkum Bhagya: Abhi’s haldi got applied to Pragya

Sarita Ji asked Pragya to reunite with Abhi. Dadi told Raj and Mitali not to forget that Abhi and Pragya are a perfect couple. When Pragya tried to apply haldi to Abhi at the ceremony, she fell on him, and haldi got applied on her face. Prachi tried to convince Ranbir once again that she never loved him. Riya doubts Prachi’s intentions when she reminded her about the promise.

Pragya was cooking in the kitchen while remembering Abhi. Sarita Ji asked if she was angry with Abhi and was uncomfortable to see him with Meera? Initially, Pragya tried to cover up but then accepted that she was hurt. Sarita Ji encouraged her that she should fight for her love. She said, “When robbers attacked, you both fight for each other. Why do you let misunderstandings spoil this relationship? Those who have love in their lives are lucky.”

Pragya said it is too late. Sarita Ji replied, you have stepped back. Please initiate to save this relationship. You will get your life back. Don’t hesitate.” Pragya seemed puzzled.

Dadi scolded Mitali and Raj!

Mitali was excited to receive a necklace from her mother-in-law and showed it to Raj. She was eagerly waiting to get a docile sister-in-law like Meera so that she can dominate her. Dadi reminded her that Pragya is her sister-in-law. She said, “Dallo would never replace Pragya with anyone. Aliya can forget Abhi and Pragya’s, but how can you forget that no one can separate them? Dadi questioned Raj too that he has known Abhi since childhood, then how can he turn a blind eye to his feelings? Dadi thought no one is bothered about Abhi. It is only Poorab who is trying to unite them, but Abhi is not listening to him.

Poorab and Aliya pretended like a happy couple in front of Aryan. 

Poorab was sleeping in the guest room when Aliya reached there. He was dreaming of Disha and calling her name in sleep. Aliya got jealous and said she would vanish memories of Disha from his mind. She broke a vase to wake him up and pretended it broke mistakenly when Poorab got up.

Aliya asked why he doesn’t behave like a typical husband? Poorab replied, “You behave like an admin then how can I treat you as a wife?”

However, they started pretending like an average couple when Aryan reached there. He was happy to see that his parents are a perfect couple. Aliya thought, we married because of Aryan and will stay together because of him only. I will throw Pragya out of Bhai’s life the way I threw Disha from yours.

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Pragya reached Haldi Ceremony:

Dadi was delighted to see Pragya in the ceremony. She hugged her. Meanwhile, Prachi and Shahana were looking for Riya. Pragya and Meera greeted each other.

Aliya didn’t like Pragya in the ceremony, and though she has to keep an eye on Pragya so that she cannot spoil her plan.

In the next scene, Raj told Aliya that Digvijay was here. Both of them seemed worried. She asked Raj to make him sit in the library and not let anyone know that he was here.

Abhi asked Pragya to apply haldi to him.

When Ranbir tried to talk to Prachi, she avoided him and went aside. Abhi was looking at Pragya when he was coming downstairs with Poorab, who also noticed that and thought if Abhi wants to marry Meera, why is he looking at Pragya di?

Abhi asked Pragya to apply haldi to him because she also wanted his happiness. Then he asked Poorab too, who gave a cold response.

Mitali was noticing the change in Abhi’s behavior towards Pragya. Aliya asked her not to talk foolishly when everything was going as per their plan.

Dadi and Sarita Ji applied haldi to Abhi. He asked Sarita Ji why she was angry? She replied if he doesn’t value love, then why was he concerned about her anger.

Abhi called Pragya to apply haldi to him. However, when she tried to, Abhi moved back, and Pragya fell on him, and haldi got to apply to her face. Meera felt awkward, but dadi was happy to see this.

Abhi asked Aliya to start the ceremony with Meera and went to wash his face.

When Mitali applied haldi to Meera, she developed an allergic reaction and went inside. Pallavi asked Vikram what was happening there as both Abhi and Meera left? Vikram asked her to watch everything silently. Poorab asked Vikram about Raj, who was seen shaking hands with Digvijay. Nothing more was shown about him.

Ranbir applied haldi to Prachi:

Ranbir told Prachi that she avoided him because if he looked into her eyes, he would see her love for him. Prachi stood firm on her decision and said she doesn’t love him because she is after money. Ranbir asked, did you forget our commitment, engagement, plans, etc.? It is you who said that love is the most precious thing in this world.

Then he applied Haldi on her wrist and said that he could have applied it to her cheeks as per the ritual, but he is not that guy who finds reasons to touch his love. He said, “Our engagement and Haldi Ceremony is done. Now only the wedding remains to complete our relationship.”

Prachi asked him to stop being childish. Ranbir got angry and said, “I can understand that you lied about breakup the way I lied to you earlier. I know you didn’t mean that. You only need love and I am the one who loves you the most.”

“I will not chase you or beg you for your love. I would rather start loving you so much that you won’t be able to resist coming to me. You also know that I am the one who loves you the most.” He continued.

Riya saw them together and got angry. Meanwhile, Ranbir got a call from Aryan and went aside. Riya asked Prachi about her conversation with Ranbir. Prachi reminded her of her promise.

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Riya said I need to break a wedding, and it is not easy. Prachi said it was not easy for me to break a heart, but now it is your turn. Riya doubted her intentions, but Prachi said she had separated herself, but Ranbir took time to accept this.

When Prachi was going, Ranbir ran after her, but Riya held his hand and asked why was she chasing her when she doesn’t love him? Ranbir warned her not to interfere. Riya shouted, “How dare you?”

Abhi pinned Pragya to a wall. She asked him not to come close as his Haldi might get applied to her again. Abhi said Haldi is good to heal the injury. He came closer and applied haldi to her. The episode ended.


Pragya asks Abhi not to come closer. Meera sees them and gets upset.

Who is Digvijay, and why Aliya and Raj were tensed with his arrival? How will Ranbir find the truth? Read the next article for updates.