Kumkum Bhagya: Aryan fought with Ranbir

Prachi asked Shahana not to tell anyone why she separated from Ranbir. When Aryan tried to explain to Ranbir that Prachi is a genuine girl, Ranbir denied it, and they fought with each other.

Abhi and Pragya met in the market. Prachi told Riya that she had done her job, and now it’s her turn to convince Abhi to marry Pragya.

Prachi told Shahana that she broke up with Ranbir because of her mom. She couldn’t deny Riya offering Pragya’s happiness. She said, “I love my mom a lot, and she loves papa.

He got engaged to Meera aunty because of Riya, though he loves mom. Riya told me that she could convince papa to call off this wedding and marry mom if I split with Ranbir. So I accepted her offer.”

“Mom has sacrificed a lot. I have seen her crying. She also deserves to be happy and I will do anything to make her happy.” Prachi continued.

Shahana asked, “Will you break your heart and forget your first love for that any cry for the rest of your life?”

Prachi replied, “I will find my happiness in mom’s happiness. If I will see her smile, I will forget all my sorrows.” She asked Shahana not to tell this to anyone. They both hugged each other.

Aryan and Ranbir fought with each other:

Meanwhile, Aryan was trying to explain to Ranbir that Prachi can not do this just for the sake of money. He said Prachi is not that kind of a girl who craves money.

There must be some other reason. Ranbir disagreed with him. He said it is Prachi who has said all this. When Aryan tried to convince him more, he got irritated.

Aryan took the car keys with him and got down. When Ranbir asked him to give it back, he denied it. It made him furious.

Ranbir asked him why was he advocating Prachi? Aryan replied, “I am not supporting her. I am just supporting the love that you both have for each other. Prachi is a nice girl.”

When Ranbir did not listen to him and said Aliya also has the same perception for Prachi, Aryan hit him, and they both started fighting. They stopped when they both got tired.

Aryan pacified him and said, please listen to me carefully. He continued, “There was a time when you wanted to break up with her and you resorted to lying. You tried to ruin your image so that Prachi starts hating you. Why can’t Prachi do the same?”

Ranbir said he had to do this because of her mom’s heart problem, but Prachi’s mother seems fair. Aryan said she might not have a heart problem, but there may be some other issue.

Ranbir got his point. He said yes, I couldn’t think from this point of view. There must be some reason behind Prachi behaving weirdly.

Abhi and Pragya met:

In the next scene, dadi reached Sarita Ji’s home. Before pressing the doorbell, she made sure that no one but Sarita Ji was around.

They both were curious to know if Abhi and Pragya could meet. Moreover, they didn’t want any two to scent that their meeting was pre-planned by dadi and Sarita Ji. They decided to call them and find out.

Abhi saw Pragya waiting for a cab and offered her a lift. He said, don’t waste your time and come with me. Pragya replied sarcastically that all she had was time, so she can afford to waste it.

Abhi pulled shopping bags from her and asked her to get inside the car.

Then he got tempted to see a panipuri cart. However, Pragya didn’t want to eat. Abhi said, did I even offer you? He ordered three plates and said one is for Meera, and two are for “yours truly.”

Meera got a call and went aside. Abhi and Pragya started fighting to adjust the spices. While eating, Pragya found it too spicy and craved water. Abhi ran and got honey for her.

When Pragya asked what he had got; Abhi made her eat, saying, it is not poison. It is honey. Have it. You will feel better.

Meera came back with Abhi’s mobile, which he forgot in the car, and tried to put it in his pocket because Abhi held a bottle of honey and a spoon in both of his hands. Pragya couldn’t bear it, snatched the phone from Meera’s hand, and put it into Abhi’s pocket. She was jealous.

Meera felt awkward and left from there, making an excuse.

Overexcitement of Sarita Ji and dadi!

Before calling Abhi and Pragya, Sarita Ji and dadi offered each other curd and sugar symbol of auspiciousness. Upon calling, they got to know that Abhi and Pragya were together. However, their overexcitement created chaos for a while when they dropped their respective mobiles and picked each other’s mobile. They realized it when Sarita Ji heard Abhi’s voice and dadi heard Pragya’s voice. However, they managed to handle the situation.

Abhi cleaned his hands with Pragya’s pallu. She scolded and warned him not to repeat this in the future. Abhi casually said I am used to it.

Abhi offered Pragya the front seat. Meera sat behind.

Prachi told Riya about her break up:

Amidst this, Prachi came to meet Riya and recalled various moments like Pragya crying, Ranbir proposing to her, time spent with him, etc.

Riya saw her and asked why was she here? Prachi said, “I am here to tell you that my job is done.”

Riya couldn’t believe her. She asked her to elaborate. Prachi said I did the same that you wanted. Riya asked if Ranbir had any doubt? Prachi told her that she only recalled her mother’s agony and performed confidently.

She explained in detail about her conversation with Ranbir. She also assured Riya that Ranbir would never think of her because he almost raised his hand, believing she played with his emotions.

Riya was delighted to hear all this. She hugged Prachi, being overwhelmed, saying only a sister can do this. Prachi pushed her apart and said she did all this because of her mom.

Then Prachi asked her about her promise. Riya said she would give her the good news by evening.

However, she was worried because she thought it was very easy, but in contrast to her expectation, Abhi had already denied it. She decided to create a big scene to make him agree.

Abhi was driving Pragya home. A situational song was playing on the radio. All three were quiet. Pragya recalled her past events right from meeting Abhi to their separation. She tried to change the channel, but Abhi held her hand.

When they reached home, Pragya thanked him. Abhi taunted that you never thanked me when it was the right time.

Pragya told him to change his taunting habit because not everyone is like her to bear with this attitude. Meera felt awkward and looked at Pragya. The episode ended.


Abhi asks Pragya that why doesn’t she confess her love? Pragya says, why she has to say, why doesn’t Abhi understand?

How will Riya convince Abhi to marry Pragya? Will Ranbir be able to find out the truth? Stay connected for updates.