Anupama 11 January 2021: Anupama’s Accurate Answer To Kavya

The episode starts with Anupama bringing tea for everyone; meanwhile, Rakhi saw her and said co-in-law and Kavya don’t come out until now. I think very important work… I mean they are having a very important talk.

Anupama replied, Rakhi sister, if you watch them peeking, then you have a strain on your neck. You have too much excitement, then go and watch them in the room. Otherwise, sit silently here and eat fritters (pakode).
Rakhi replied, Sorry, Mrs. Shah. But I don’t eat fritters. And what is the need to look inside in the house where so much drama is happening outside

Vanraj said, right now, I am not able to think correctly, Kavya. I need time and rest and very important, i.e., peace. I got recovered then I will tell you after thinking about what I want. Kavya asked what I mean means?

Vanraj replied, it means that I need time to think, Kavya. Whether I want to come to you or not?

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Baa said, don’t know how her husband lives with her? Once her speaker starts then, it never stops. I don’t know what did she eat?

Kinjal said to Rakhi, mom, please, just leave me alone. Rakhi replied, I can’t leave you. I can’t leave my daughter like this in this house, in such a condition, and such an environment. Listen, Kinjal! I don’t understand why you are so much hyper and restless! When Anupama does not have any problem with her sautan, even Baa doesn’t have any problem; then you are having a problem from which thing?

See dear! In this house, everyone used to think for themselves. Didn’t you notice that, on that day, Kavya, whom they have thrown out from this house, today she is welcoming here? Why? Because the thing is about Vanraj’s job. Kinjal replied, the reason behind everything is you, mom. You invited Kavya here, and she created the drama here. On that day, there is a reason to throw her out of the house, and today, she came here just to talk. And this house’s people do not create drama without anything.

Rakhi replied, O God, Kinjal! How are you so much innocent? Tell me something. Whether you are really not able to understand anything or you are ignoring it intentionally? Actually, you have your mother-in-law’s love curtain in front of your eyes; that’s why you cannot see what I can see.

Kinjal replied, that is the problem, mom. You can saw that also which actually doesn’t exist. Rakhi said, you are not saying this while your stupidity is saying this. Grow up, Kinjal, and mark my words! Your so-called father-in-law comes back to this house by excuse, but now he will not even move.

His wife will take care; his girlfriend will bring flowers while your father-in-law will be with his wife and girlfriend. Kinjal stopped and said, mom, just stop it! What is wrong with you? How can you talk about such a cheap thing while you are so much educated?

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Rakhi said, wow! My talks are cheap, and your father-in-law’s moves are not cheap? Kinjal replied, yes, they are. That’s why I am upset with the mother-in-law. She doesn’t need to do all this. But I also know that my mother-in-law would never be wrong. She has more knowledge of relations and the world more than I. So, I trust her decision.

Rakhi said, okay! So, you mean that your mother-in-law will forgive your father-in-law in the future, and they both will live together as a couple like before. Then also, you will support her decision.

Kinjal replied, my mother-in-law, will not do anything like this. She will neither forgive him nor return him to her life. Whatever she is doing is like a mother and a daughter-in-law, not like a wife.

Rakhi said it doesn’t take long to change time and humans, Kinjal. You are here, and I am also here. You will see how much right your mother-in-law was and how wrong you are. And on that day, you would listen to me even follow me as well.

Kavya stands up and walks towards the room’s door. She turned around and saw Vanraj and remembered when she said to Vanraj that I only want to be yours; V. Vanraj replied I also want to be yours.

Kavya said to Vanraj; this is the place where Anupama saw us together. Here we come together. And today, it looks like that we are separating at this place. Everything is effortless for a man, V. Previously, you left your family for me, and today you are leaving me for your family. I must go far away from you with my remaining self-respect. If an eight-year before Kavya was here, then she just left from here till now.

Because eight years back, Kavya doesn’t love you, but love has made me, V. Because when things come on you, then I never think right or wrong. Leave right or wrong, then even I don’t think about myself too. I only think about you, V. I don’t want to be right, I want to be yours. You left home because of love, right, but I left my pride for love. Now I neither have self-respect nor pride, only love is left and wait.

Now, I can understand why Anupama waits for you even after bearing everything. Earlier, Anupama was in that condition the same I am today, V. But I can’t stop myself from meeting you. I can’t. My love will bring me near you by holding my finger. I am going but will wait for you, always.

Kavya is going; meanwhile, Rakhi said Kavya! Go after having fritters. Anupama made it from very much love. Kavya leaves from there.

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Baa said it’s good! She left it on her own. If she took some more time, then I throw her by holding her ear. Rakhi said it looks like both the love birds fight. I mean, Mr. Shah Fights with everyone.

Anupama received a gift from Devika, i.e., a house of glass. Anupama is bringing it inside while Kavya bumped into her. The glasshouse fall and broke. Kavya said, sorry, the house was broken. Anupama replied, you don’t have any fault, Kavya. The house breaks from the inside, not from the outside. The boat doesn’t break from the external storm but an internal hole. So, how can I blame any outsider?

Kavya asked will you fix it now. Anupama replied, if I fix it now, then also cracks will sustain. Now, I don’t want to rejoin anything, Kavya. Whatever was yours will always remain yours. Kavya asked whether Vanraj will come to me?

Anupama replied, this is the thing between you and him. I can just say that I will not go back to him, never. He has a relationship with kids and Baa, Bapuji, which will sustain forever. But now I don’t have any relation or any right, and I even don’t want it.

Kavya said Anupama! Anupama, revert if you stopped me to say sorry, then leave it, Kavya. Because by saying anything by you, neither could remove the hurt you both given me nor reduce the pain. It is said that when we cannot erase what was written in the past, we should start writing a new story. I am also trying to do the same. And trust me in that new story, there is no place for you and him. That’s why take off the fear that I will try to take your Vanraj from you. I have moved on. And now, I won’t look back.

Pakhi came to Vanraj and said, Papa, your banana shake! Vanraj replied, thank you. Cheers! Cheers! Vanraj said, very lovely, beta! Pakhi said, Papa, I will do entire your office work, writing, typing, everything after returning from school. And your head massages too. Papa, till now, you are my jinni. From today, I am your jinni, who will do everything. Jo hokum mere, Papa! Vanraj started laughing.

Vanraj said I don’t know that my Pakhi is so big now. Pakhi replied, don’t say that, Papa. If Baa heard this, then she will again start that I got married at her age. Vanraj asked whether you are angry with me, dear. Pakhi replied, not possible. I can never become angry with you.

Pakhi drinks a banana shake, and she had drinks mustachio. Vanraj said, oh, you become Papa! Pakhi replied, what? Vanraj showed her mustachio. She said, oh, Papa! Then Vanraj laughed.

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Anupama saw them laughing and becomes happy. Pakhi asked Vanraj to Kaato. He firstly denied it then said I am such a handsome and dashing that people start watching me instead of my mistake when I made a mistake! And both of them started laughing. Pakhi asked, Papa, one more. Vanraj replied, when I sing, people keep listening, and I sing till the blood comes out of their ears, and their ears do not fall and spread around.

Anupama was listening to them while Baa also joins her. Vanraj saw them, and Anupama moved from there; meanwhile, Baa calls Anupama, daughter-in-law! Vanraj didn’t say anything from his mouth, but it looks like he doesn’t want to go back to Kavya.

Anupama goes away from there. Baa said you should be happy for your husband’s return, not making faces. That attitude looks good in Rs. 2000 note, not at a wife. Who will make her understand, whoever he is, is your husband.

Anupama thought past things. When Vanraj said, I will go back to my house. Baa said it looks like he doesn’t want to go back to Kavya. Vanraj said, sorry! The song played in the background “Pyar hai ya saja, ae mere dil bataa… tootta kyu nahi dard ka silsila.” Vanraj remembers his moments with Kavya, while Kavya was also missing Vanraj.

Kavya dreamed that Vanraj reached there, but when she turned the light on, nobody was there. Anupama is crying and remembering happy moments and the moments when she saw Vanraj and Kavya together.

The next morning Anupama brings tea and said Baa, tea. Baa replied, put it there. She said your Bapuji and Mamaji were gone to Thakurji’s temple with Samar. They haven’t returned till now. Anupama asked, you are always tensed for Bapuji. Baa replied I am tensed about the prasad. All three of them having sweaters but halwa never wear a sweater. Till the time they came here, my halwa will be completely cool down.

Baa saw coffee on the tray. She asked coffee! For your daughter-in-law? Anupama replied, yes, Baa. Baa said, why are you bringing mother-in-law’s name down early morning? Anupama replied, Baa! Baa asked, what, Baa? Still, your daughter-in-law is sleeping? Anupama replied, our Toshu is also sleeping. Baa said so? There is a difference between son and daughter-in-law.

Anupama replied, there is no difference, Baa. We used to do it. They are newly married. Shortly she will learn the way to live here. She will be habitual soon. You have your tea; otherwise, it will cool down.

Baa thinks if there is any union of mothers-in-law, one must cancel such an innocent mother-in-law’s license. If mother-in-law will become innocent, then how will the world execute?

Anupama reached the Vanraj’s room and saw Pakhi and Vanraj sleeping. She put the milk for Pakhi and tea for Vanraj; meanwhile, Vanraj wakes up. Anupama said tea! Anupama said, Sweety, get up, dear.

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Vanraj gets up and sips tea. He remembered when Kavya brought coffee for him, and he said can’t I get a tea? Kavya replied, now, I made coffee for you.

Anupama brought coffee, tea in Toshu-Kinjal’s room, and calls out them. Kinjal replied, yes, mother-in-law, and came out of the room. Anupama said, you wake up right now, then also you are looking adorable, my beautiful! Kinjal replied, sorry, mother-in-law. I put the alarm but still not able to wake up. I am so sorry!

Anupama said no, no, it doesn’t matter. You people came from the journey, must be tired. I brought coffee for you, but if you want to sleep more, then have more sleep. Kinjal replied, no, mother-in-law. Now, I don’t want to sleep. Toshu said kinju! Both of them laughed. Kinjal brought her coffee and asked this coffee is for Toshu.

Anupama replied, yes. Kinjal brought it and said I would give it to him.

Anupama remembered when Paritosh calls her mummy, and she brings coffee for him.

Precap: Vanraj falls down. Anupama saw him and rushed towards him. She said, are you alright? If you want anything, then called me at once. What is the need to get up like this? If anything has happened then? Anupama wipes out Vanraj. He got pain. She said you would have pain earlier, but later, you will feel better. Vanraj replied, I hope slowly everything will be alright. Anupama got up and started moving; meanwhile, Vanraj said Anupama!