Anupama 9 January 2021: Kavya Tries To Convince Vanraj

Baa said to Kinjal, yes, go, go! You go away and only come back when you got manners to talk to your father-in-law. Kinjal just brings her foot out of the house; meanwhile, Anupama pulled her back.
Kinjal said, mummy, I said to you that…

Anupama shut her and said, quiet. Just keep quiet! Fire is not extinguished from fire, salt is not eaten with salt, and a mistake is not answered by another mistake.

He made one mistake, and now you are going to make another one. In the world, a person can be happy by leaving anything, but no one can be happy by leaving their house. Love can end from the mind, relationships can end too, but the difference between right and wrong must not end.

Whatever he did, but I would not do wrong with him. Besides, in that situation, when he is in such a condition. Never! The relationships are like a house’s key. It’s like a key can be in a bunch in the same way a person has many relationships. If the lock of a key changed, then we can’t throw the entire bunch. One relation was ended, but other relations exist. For one relation, why we take out the other’s right?

Further, it’s your wish. You are educated and intelligent. You will take the decision thoughtfully, right?

Kinjal replied, I make tea for you all. Everyone in the house got relaxed.

Kinjal started moving; meanwhile, Vanraj said, I am sorry! I am really sorry! A father saves their kid’s happiness from evil eyes, but her father’s eyes himself are placed over the kid’s happiness. I am Sorry! Sorry!

Meanwhile, Rakhi came and said, whoever put evil eyes, but only my name came for that. Kinjal, Toshu, you guys are back. I am so happy to see you both. God bless you! An idiot came back to the house! Wow! Well, this is shocking, right? By the way, how that miracle happened? Oh, right! In a wedding, the drama what Kavya did, this is the side effect of that? Ohhh…

Kinjal said, mom, what are you… Rakhi replied, what am I saying? Right now, your father-in-law is asking for sorry for that thing only. Right, co-in?

Baa said I saw a dream on the wedding day. A dream with open eyes! It looks like it will complete today.

Rakhi replied, dream, which dream? Baa said that was a musical dream; I am playing sitar (Slapping) on that. Rakhi asked sitar, where? Baa replied at your cheeks.

Mamaji said, sister, no. Don’t play sitar on her cheeks. I will feel terrible. Baa replied, shut up, brother! She said to Rakhi, and you must remember, before saying anything, that we got a new broom yesterday at our house.

Anupama said, Baa! Bapuji said Leela; she is Anu’s co-in-law. Baa replied if she is co-in-law, then she must behave like that. Come and ask about well being of co-in-law, bring fruits for him. But she started doing snake dance just after coming. She never allows her husband to talk, and because of her, my son is in this condition.

Rakhi replied, excuse me, because of me? Baa said, yes, what else! You are the one who invited Kavya here to the wedding. Neither you invited that bowl of maida here, can’t she came, nor fight happens, and my son’s accident didn’t take place.

Rakhi replied, then as per that logic, all the mistake is yours. Neither you gave birth to such a colorful behavior, son, nor all that is happening. Baa said, brother, bring the broom.

Rakhi said, your son does things, and you want to hit me from the broom. You are a typical Indian Mom who can see everyone’s fault except her son. Baa replied, okay. Now, you let me see my son’s mistake.

Rakhi said, of course, I will show you. Baa replied, and I will show you stars in the day. Where is my broom? Rakhi asked, Baa, is this all grace you? Baa replied, then you as a girl’s mother, grace all this.

Anupama said, stop it, both of you. Stop it! The kids never learn what elders say while they always learn what elders do. And what do you both want the kids to learn; fighting. If you both think this is right, then okay, do it. I will not stop you.

Kinjal said to Rakhi, mom, why do you come here? Rakhi replied I came here to see your father-in-law and ask about his well-being. I got to know about his accident, so I thought to meet him. Nowadays, my daughter wouldn’t tell me anything. I got to know everything about this house from somewhere else.

Baa said I know very well what is the meaning of your somewhere. It might be from Kavya or her husband’s friend. Don’t worry! Once I got the broom in my hand, then along with you, your new friend will also get a chance. Only once she came in front of me.

Everyone started talking; meanwhile, Anupama turned and saw Kavya standing behind. Kavya remembered the scene when Anupama threw her out of the house and slapped her; when she hugged Anupama in the hospital.

Kavya came inside the house saw Vanraj and everyone. Rakhi become shocked and said Kavya! Everyone gets shocked. Rakhi said, what fabulous timing; right now, Baa heartily remembers you. Kavya replied, just shut up; meanwhile, Anupama interrupts and says, Kavya! If you came here to meet him, then I will not stop you. But don’t make the mistake of creating a drama at my house.

Kavya replied, don’t worry, Anupama. I didn’t come here to create any drama. If I knew that the drama creating person is already here, I wouldn’t come here right now. Rakhi replied, mind your language, Kavya!

Kavya replied you mind your own business. You are the reason behind all this problem. That day neither you instigated me, nor I came here, and V wasn’t in such condition.

Kinjal replied, really! Can anyone instigate you? Kavya said I am not that much innocent but not even that much cunning like your mom.

Anupama said, stop it! Kavya, you are not innocent that anyone can instigate you; you came in there talk, and create drama at my house. I don’t want to repeat that day’s story. Don’t make me helpless.

Rakhi added exactly. Anupama said to Rakhi and you, whether it is a house-house game that you can play from it on your wish and break it on your wish. You are a co-in-law; that’s why I consider when things go out of my mind, then even I can drop it. Now tell me whether you both still want to do drama at my house?

Vanraj said, Kavya, why have you come here? Kavya replied, you are asking me? V, I am tensed for you. I was worried about you, V, and I was missing you. Baa came in front of Kavya and said if there were a degree for shamelessness, you would get the first rank.

Rakhi thinks we don’t get as much entertainment on TV as here in this house.

Kavya said, Baa, please, I just want V… I have come here only to meet Vanraj. Say something, please. Baa replied, what will he say? You have not left him fit to speak. He has come here because he is fed up with you. Just like how people go to the temple to get rid of evil entities. The same way to get rid of you, he came to his house.

Kavya said to Vanraj; we need to talk. A lot is happening in the office. The new CEO is creating a lot of problems in the office, V. On top of it, you are also on leave. Perhaps, V has not told you guys. But his job…

Vanraj shouted, fine. You want to talk, right? Come with me.

Kinjal said, Kavya, you won’t go inside. Anupama said Kinjal! She replied, mother-in-law, please. You must stop her, not me. It’s about the office, right. You can talk here.

Baa said, very good, that’s like a good daughter-in-law. Learn something from her. Even your daughter-in-law knows what’s right and what’s wrong. She has got a brain; I wonder when you will get some.

Anupama replied, Baa, they are going just to talk. Whether they talk here or in the bedroom, how does it matter? Besides, they are not going into the bedroom for the first time…

She said to Kinjal, dear, come. Let’s make some tea. Anupama asks everyone to sit down; I will get some tea. She said to Kavya and, you go. Anupama holds Kinjal’s hand and takes her to the kitchen to come.

Rakhi said, wait, Kavya. Remove your sandals outside. Baa doesn’t like it. Right, Baa? Kavya goes out, removed her sandals, and then goes inside.

Rakhi said to Baa, don’t I always say, yours is a very modern family otherwise, in the presence of the daughter-in-law son’s girlfriend comes home, nobody tolerates that. You guys are setting a very good example. Fabulous! Hey, why are you standing like this, Baa? Let’s go; we will have tea. Come, Come, Baa!

Anupama and Kinjal are working in the kitchen.

Pakhi helped Vanraj to be in the room. Vanraj, remember when Kavya said I don’t want you, your pity love, and I don’t want your favor. Go where your heart lies, where your soul lies. Just go. Go back to your family! There’s no need to make any sacrifices for me!

Kinjal said to Anupama, mother-in-law, father-in-law’s staying here, it is understood. But, Kavya? How can you allow her?

Anupama replied, What should I do? Should I stop her? What will happen by stopping, will the situation change, or the truth? So, why does everyone lectures me? Firstly Baa, then Rakhi sister, and now it’s you.

Kavya is closing the room’s door, and Samar is passing from there. He noticed that Kavya saw him but then also closed the door.

Anupama said, whether we like it or not, the truth is that Toshu’s father and Kavya are in a relationship. So, if he gets hurt, Kavya will come home. And it’s not like she’s come here for the first time. She had come into my house eight years back.

Kinjal replied, mother-in-law, what has been happening behind your back for so many years. Is it easy to see it happen in front of your eyes?

Anupama said when a relationship burns, you can’t see the fire, but gradually, you get used to seeing the ashes. I am used to it. Now what happens in his room doesn’t matter to me. But, what happens in my house matters to me a lot. I don’t want anyone’s apology or sympathy. All I need is peace. In my heart and my house too.

Kavya said to Vanraj, V, you sent Samar for your laptop. You asked the office peon to fetch your files. Why did you ask me, V? You haven’t picked my call. V, we didn’t even celebrate New Year’s Eve together. At least, you could have made a video call to me. I would have felt that I am with you. One year fight can’t be greater than an eight-year-old relationship, V. Please forget whatever I said. I am really, very, very, very sorry, V. V, I was angry, hurt, I was insecure. That’s why I said all those things. Please forgive me, V. I am sorry, I really love you, V. I love you. What happened? Please say something. V, I beg you. Please say something. If you don’t speak, my breath will stop, Vanraj, please.

Vanraj replied, I have nothing to say, Kavya. Whatever you want to say, say it and go to your home. Kavya said V? V, your anger can’t because of that evening. What’s the matter, after all?

Vanraj replied, when we were living separately, we were happy, Kavya. We would take time to see each other. We would have a good time together. But ever since we have been living together, we fight every day. I get angry with you sometimes, or you fight with me. We haven’t slept peacefully, not even a night.

Kavya asked, what are you trying to say? Vanraj said I want to say that I can’t fight with you anymore. I don’t have any strength left in me to fight, Kavya.

Kavya said, V, our fight was with the world. It was with Anupama. And we have won that fight, V. You, please come home with me. I promise! I promise I won’t fight with you ever! Promise, I will never say anything to you ever. I promise.

Vanraj replied, you said that before as well, Kavya. Kavya replied, this time, I just mean it, V. Please come home with me. I will be shattered if you leave me, V. Please. Please, V, please, Please give me one chance. One last chance! We come together after so many difficulties. Don’t leave my side so easily, please. Please come home with me. I will take care of you. I will take good care of you, V. Please!

Kinjal said to Anupama, mother-in-law, you have a really big heart. But after all, it’s a heart. And a woman’s heart softens sooner or later. You may not have said it, but your anger spoke.

Anupama thinks, why doesn’t a relationship end even after breaking?

Precap: Vanraj said to Kavya, Once I recover, I will think about it and let you know whether I want to come back to you or not. Anupama is walking with a house modal; meanwhile, Kavya bumps on it. Kavya said, Sorry, your house broke. Will you fix it now? Anupama replied, if I fix it now, then also cracks will sustain. When we cannot erase what was written in the past, we should start writing a new story. I have moved on. And now, I won’t look back.