Choti Sardarni: Meher slaps Tarkash

After a long time, the viewers finally got to see Meher and Sarabjeet’s performance. In the previous episode, Harleen announced a Qawwali challenge in which girls were in Meher’s team and guys in Sarab’s team. Whoever would win the round would agree with the other person’s opinion and end the fight.

Meher and Sarabjeet shook everyone with their jaw-dropping performances and impressed everyone to the fullest. Meher and Sarabjeet continued to dance to defeat each other and prove their opinions about Tarkash right. Enthused by sight, Ritu too started dancing that fumed Tarkash. He gave Ritu a piercing stare, and Meher, too, noticed the same.

After the challenges ended, Harleen announced Meher’s team as the winner. Meher went to Sarabjeet and asked her to give her one last chance to prove herself right.

Meher said, “Sarabjeet ji, at least now give me a chance to prove what I had said.”

Sarabjeet replied, “Fine, but promise me that if you fail to find any clue against Tarkash, you will give up and we won’t discuss this topic from tomorrow.”

Meher agreed, and both of them smiled. Suddenly, the lights of the mansion went out, and there was darkness all around. Meher thought that it was the best chance to talk to Aarti. She went to her and secretly pulled her into another corner of the room. She pleaded to her to tell everyone about her husband.

“Aarti ji, don’t be scared. I am there with you. This is the best chance to bring out the true colour of your husband in front of everyone. If you won’t do it today, I won’t be able to help you out in the future. Take this microphone and utter the truth,” pleaded Meher.

Aarti took the microphone and was about to speak when she saw Tarkash standing in front of her and frightening her with his angry stares. She dropped the microphone in fear. Tarkash directed her to leave, and she left.

After some time, the clock struck 12, and everyone greeted one another Happy New Year. Param went to Meher and asked her to look at a video recording while video calling his friends. Meher was disturbed as Tarkash wasn’t leaving Aarti alone, even for a second. Sarabjeet requested Meher to look at the video as Param has been asking her to do so.

Meher chose to fulfill her child’s wish first and speak to Aarti later.

She started seeing the video, and side-by-side, kept an eye on Tarkash and Aarti. Suddenly, Meher’s eyes turned red as she saw the video. The real visuals she saw in the video were not revealed in the episode, but something was not right.

Without thinking twice, Meher angrily went to Tarkash and slapped him in front of everyone. Sarabjeet and everyone at the party was shocked by this act of Meher. Harleen started yelling at Meher and slapped him. Sarabjeet, too was angry.

After slapping Tarkash, Meher said, “I hope now you can feel the pain? I slapped you as I wanted you to realize what pain actually feels like.”

Sarabjeet shouted at Meher and said, “Enough Meher ji. You slapped him for the sake of one doubt. Today you have crossed all your limits. How can you declare a person guilty without any evidence or proof against him? You slapped a humble guy in front of everyone. What is wrong with you?”

Meher replied, “A humble guy like him has been beating his wife for so many years. His level of devilness has increased as he had started doing the same with his daughter as well.”

Sarabjeet scorned her and asked her to apologize to Tarkash for slapping him.

Meher shouted, “If it is wrong to call an animal a “animal,” then I agree I have made a mistake. If it is wrong to show the evilness of a two-faced person then I am wrong. If an innocent has been tortured by this devil for all these years and I am raising voice against it then I am wrong.

Whenever there will be a need, I will make this mistake in future as well. There are many women like Aarti in this world who are being tortured, but they don’t utter a word so that their family reputation is not ruined. It is not her fault as she has been taught since childhood that a husband is like God.

Whatever had happened today was necessary else these people wore masks of an innocent man and at home they beat their wives. When a man considers her wife weak, they should stand out against evilness and should stop them there and then, else it increases their evilness.”

Everyone, except Sarabjeet, agreed with Meher and started questioning Tarkash for his evil acts. Harleen shouted at Tarkash and asked Meher how she got to know the reality. Tarkash asked Meher to reveal the name of the person who told her everything.

Tarkash said, “Meher bhabhi, please reveal the name of the person who gave you this false information. If I am proven wrong today, I would leave this job as well as this city forever.”

Meher looked at Aarti and told her to reveal the truth. Aarti looked scared. What will Aarti do? Will, she finally reveals Tarkash’s real character, or will she cook up a lie again? Watch tonight’s episode to find out the answers.