Anupama 7 January 2021: Shah’s New Year Party

Vanraj said whatever happened at Toshu’s wedding was not good. Whatever Kavya did, I am sorry for all that. Anupama replied, but whatever I did, I am not at all sorry for that because the thing is about my son’s happiness. But if your tension increased because of me and your accident occurs because of that, then Sorry for that.

Vanraj said, you don’t like me to come here, right? Don’t worry! I will hire a full-time caretaker for me. You don’t need to take tension. Anupama replied, I am not alone tense. There is Baa, Sweety, Samar; everything will happen. I will do as much I can.

Vanraj said, after whatever I did with you then also? Anupama replied that every relation between you and me is ended now, but there is a relation left until now, i.e., humanity. You are a father, a son, a brother, and a father-in-law in this house. Only you are all this, nothing else. Nothing!

Anupama closed the door and started going back; meanwhile, Samar came. And he asked, Rockstar, are you okay? Is there anything that happens? Anupama replied, your grandfather used to say devotion in the temple, endless love in the burial ground, and love in problem arises but can’t stay for long. If it’s a temple or problem, after coming out mind will back to normal again.

Samar replied, okay. But mummy, why are you telling this to me? Anupama said I am not telling you, dear. I am making myself to remember this. In our country, a wife is taught to forgive every big to the husband’s biggest mistake. If the husband cries because of pain, then also it is understood that it’s of regret. Whatever the husband did, a wife taught to forget it. That’s why it’s essential to remember myself that don’t forget it, Anupama. Don’t forget!

A husband’s stubbornness is understood to be his self-respect, whiles a wife’s self-respect is her stubbornness. You see, slowly everyone came to me and started saying that Anupama, your husband came back home. Forget everything; why you are suborning; forgive him; why you are showing attitude? This society even doesn’t want to give the right to a wife over her pain too. But I will take that right.

Right now, I came to your father to understand that now I never become his wife.

Samar replied, well done, Rockstar! You used to wear a saree, don’t have any tattoo, and even your hairstyle is old-fashioned, but you are the world’s modernist mom. Because people become modern from their thinking and my mother’s thinking is more sorted than anyone else.

Anupama said, now you go and let him eat the food. Samar replied, mummy, I am not sorted like you. Anupama said I don’t know what is sorted worted. I just know that you will go right now to make him eat the food. Go, dear!

Samar agreed and went towards Vanraj. He served food to Vanraj and said, eat the khichdi, then I have to give the medicines. Vanraj tried to eat food but finds difficulty in doing this. Samar watched it, and then he started feeding him.

Vanraj said, Samar, can you do one work of mine? Samar replied, yes. Vanraj said, my phone… can you write an application for me? I will dictate to you. Please, dear. Samar took his phone. Vanraj started dictating. He said today’s date at the top; then it’s below kind attention! Samar replied one minute, and he started typing something.

Vanraj is watching him. Samar gave him his mobile back and said, take it. Vanraj saw the phone and said, you typed the entire application so quickly. Samar replied I am not a toper like Toshu brother, but neither is I a loser that I can’t write a leave application.

Vanraj said, Samar, can you do one more thing of mine? Samar replied, yes, tell me!

Kavya’s house bell rang. She thought, who will come at that time? She opened the door and saw Samar in front of her. Samar, you are here? Is everything okay? Is V alright? Samar replied, yes, he is perfectly alright. In fact, he had sent me here. He wants all his stuff back.

Kavya asked why?

Samar replied because he will never come back here. Kavya said what! No, no, no, this can’t be happening! V can’t do this. Samar replied he said if you even try to meet him, then we have to take a restraining order from the court, so please. Kavya said, court order!

Samar replied, court-order? Which court order? I am here to take Mr. Shah’s laptop.

Kavya thought, thank God! It was a dream. She said to Samar, okay, just one minute! She gave Vanraj’s laptop along with a slip tagged on it to Samar.

Vanraj takes out the laptop and finds that slip. In the slip, Kavya wrote that V, please! Let me come to meet you for once. Vanraj took the slip and threw it.

Kavya thinks till now, V must read my note. Then why he didn’t call me?

In the night, Pakhi came to Anupama and said, mummy, mummy papa is calling you. Anupama asked why? Pakhi replied, I don’t know that mummy. You just let go fast, please. Pakhi takes Anupama into the hall; let’s go, Mumma! Anupama asked, what, sweety? She replied, just come, Mumma!

Anupama got amazed after seeing the party arrangements. She asked to Pakhi, what is all this? Vanraj replied, Sorry! I called you all like this, but one will give a surprise like this only, right?

Mamaji said, okay, okay. It means my nephew only remembers my birthday. Wow! What decoration. Thank you! Thank you very much, my nephew. Baa replied, brother, your birthday is after four months. Mamaji said, then you have to do the decorations after four months. Dolly replied Mamaji, anything.

Mamaji said, I know, I remember it. But what is this today? Vanraj replied New Year! This year was challenging for our entire family. Especially, for me! I tolerate too many scandals, public-insult, humiliation; I had gone far away from family. My parents became angry; my kids have gone disappointed in me. It has been a very tough year for me. And along with me, you all also suffered a bit. That’s why I thought that we would say goodbye to this year and a smiling welcome New Year.

Baa said if you wish to do a party, then you must tell us. Why have you taken the stress? Pakhi said, no, Baa. Papa had given the party idea, but I made all the party arrangements. Baa replied, wow, we must welcome New Year.
Sanjay said, yes, and we must hope that people will also change with the calendar in New Year. Dolly said the year has changed, so let’s hope that the condition will also change.

Mamaji said, but what’s change is needed in the hall? Everything is fine. Samar replied, Mama buddy, they are talking something else. Mamaji said, okay, then stop other things and start the party. Lol!

Pakhi said, yes, mama buddy. She said, papa! Vanraj said, oh, she is asking me to sing.

Vanraj starts singing the song “Haste haste kat jaye raste, jindagi yun hi chalti rahe…” Pakhi said, papa, this is an old-time song. Now, it’s a new year, so there will be some new party happening song. Vanraj replied, oh dear, new song, how can I? Dolly said, yes, brother, sing any new song.

Vanraj said, okay, I will think one minute. He started singing “Dekho Dekho hai raat badi deewani, dheere dheere ban jaye na koi kahani”.

Mamaji started laughing and said he forget it, just like me. Vanraj replied, no, no, I remember it, mama. Pakhi said, one minute, papa. She started the speaker with the same song, and everyone started dancing to it.
Kavya thought V hasn’t called me. No matter, let me wish him a happy New Year. She started calling Vanraj, but he didn’t pick the call.

Everyone at home cuts the cake and started giving cake bites to each other. Vanraj moves ahead towards Anupama. She saw that while Samar calls her and give her a cake bite. Vanraj left standing with cake.
Kavya thought looks like V had fallen asleep.

Nandini said; hopefully, 2021 will be really a Happy New Year. Baa said yes. And at least it must not be like 2020.

Kavya called on the Shah’s landline. Meenu has gone there to pick her cards, so she picked the call and said hello! Hello! But Kavya didn’t respond to her. She just heard the voice coming from the back.

Meenu said, one minute, one minute. Now, we will play a game where you all have to write your wishes on the slip that you want from 2021. Dolly replied, wow, Meenu! It’s an excellent idea.

Meenu distributes the slips to everyone. Everyone started writing their wishes. Pakhi asked, papa, you tell me your wish. I will write it for you.

Samar wrote that in this year, my dream and love would come true this year. Nandini wrote I can gain my name in the dance world. Bapuji writes, my daughter will always become happy. Mamaji asked, brother-in-law, can you tell me the spelling of Katerina. Oh, you don’t know any other than Reena Roy. Everyone started laughing.

Anupama wrote I can handle home and job both nicely. Pakhi wrote family on Vanraj’s behalf.

Precap: Kinjal said after happening everything too much, what is this person doing here? If this person lives here, then I will not live here. Anupama said one relation was broken, but other relations still exist. For that one relation, why will we take off other rights also? Now, it’s your wish. You are educated and intelligent; whatever decision you will take must be right.