Anupama 18 January 2021: Vanraj’s Proposal

The episode starts with Anupama watching flying candles excitedly, while Vanraj came towards her and said, you would not ask me what I prayed today? Anupama replied, yes. Vanraj said I asked for a second chance from life.

He holds Anupama’s hand and said, now I am asking from you. I know that once trust is broken in life, it will not reconnect. But I always saw you trying to connect every broken thing again, Anupama. And now, I also want to do the same. I want to connect this trust, house, your mind, and our relationship again.

Anupama pulled her hand and said, what are you saying?

Why are you saying? Now, all these things don’t have any sense. Anupama wants to leave from there, but Vanraj holds her hand from back. Vanraj said it makes sense, Anupama. Whatever I did till today, whatever happens, I am surri (Sorry) for all that.

Anupama replied, don’t do all this. Why are you doing all this? Don’t do this. Vanraj said, I know that you don’t love me anymore. But I think, no. I know that what I am feeling. Anupama, I realized now. It took time to have that realization in my heart. Then it took time to understand. But, now I know, I love you, Anupama.

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Vanraj then said I started loving you, Anupama. I tried so hard to love you in the last 25 years. But I can’t. The sky doesn’t appreciate the moon. You know why? It is because he has a moon near him. When I came to the ground from the sky, I understood what the moon is? I love you, Anupama, just like the same you used to love me. Earlier your heart beats when you saw me.

Now, my heart beats when I see you. Earlier, you used to match your bangles; now, I match my clothes. You want to be in my color earlier, but now I want to be like your color. I want to live for you, Anupama, and I want to live with you. Will you give me one more chance? Will you do a new start with me, Anupama. Tell me, Anu.

Would you give me another chance to correct my mistake? People first love and then marry. I did marriage first, then mistakes, many mistakes, but now after 25 years, I want to love you, I love you, Anupama. I am not telling you to forget everything and forgive me. Just I want to know whether you still have space for me at your heart. Tell me, Anu.

Anupama replied that yes, I have space.

The love and togetherness of 25 years can be suppressed, hidden but can’t be finished. I even don’t want to see your face, but that day that accident day, people bring you out of the car. Then I got to know in a day that the relation I left was still there in my heart.

Vanraj asked? Anupama shakes her head, saying yes. Vanraj said, do you still care for me? Anupama replied I must not have after whatever you did to me, but I still have it. I have very, very, very much care.

Vanraj said thank you, thank you, thank you so much, Anupama. I gave you a lot of pain. I am so sorry. And Vanraj, Anupama hugged each other. The music plays in the background, “Hume tumse pyar kitna….”

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Anupama said I believe you again with great hope; you will not break it, right? Vanraj replied, never. They both fly a candle again in the sky.

Meanwhile, Vanraj’s dream is over as Samar brings ice cream for everyone. And everyone’s got happy. Baa said something more fun to eat ice cream in the cold. Paritosh said this is our family tradition.

Kinjal asked to eat ice cream? Bapuji said no, to each ice cream on Makar Sankranti’s occasion. Everyone started eating ice cream. Anupama is watching the sky, and Vanraj is watching her, while Paritosh came with ice cream and said, let’s join us.

At night, Vanraj is lying on his bed and thinking of his dream.

When he asked Anupama that I want to know whether you still have little space for me in your heart? On the other side, Kavya is thinking; it’s far from coming himself; he did not even ask me if I am well or not.

Vanraj said, tomorrow, I will tell my heart’s thing to Anupama. The next morning the song is playing, “Mera tujhse hai pehle ka naata koi…” Anupama worshiped on the house’s temple, walking with cups of tea, doing household works, while Vanraj came. He said Anu-pama.

Anupama replied, why you came out of the room. I was about to send the tea. Vanraj said that… I … meanwhile song changes on the radio and played “Aaj.. kya hai.. tu kahe to mai bata dun, mere dil me aaj kya hai, tu kahe to mai bata dun…” Anupama looked at Vanraj and asked, you want to say something?

Vanraj replied, yes. Anupama said then say it. Vanraj said I want to tell you that; meanwhile, Samar came and said, rock star! Rock star, still you are not ready. Today is an inspection in the school, let’s go.

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Let’s go. Anupama replied, yes, but. Baa said, today, you want to go earlier. Then, does one thing go with your pillow and sheet, sleep there. What about us? We can even survive by eating milk and bread.

Bapuji said Anu dear; there was a Tansen at a time.

Your mother-in-law is Tanasen. Baa replied it’s the mother-in-law’s responsibility to give taunts. A mother-in-law has to be bitter and qualitative like Neem tree. Bapuji said, congratulations, you become bitter, now when you become qualitative? Baa replied, you too.

Anupama said, Baa, you don’t worry. I made an entire breakfast, and Kinjal will serve you. Baa replied, it’s done; then we will have breakfast at lunchtime. Anupama said, no, Baa. She gets up early today. Baa replied, oh, Kinju baby waked up 10 minutes earlier. What favor is she doing over us?

Anupama said she is even trying, Baa. It will take a little time, so she gets habitual for it. Samar said, we don’t have that time; we will do all the left work. Mummy, you just come only.

Anupama said there is still time. Samar replied, no, my bike’s tire is puncture today. So, we have to go with the auto. Mummy, let’s go.

Vanraj said Samar! My car came after being repaired yesterday so you can drop your mother from the car to school. Samar said, mummy, let’s go, be ready.

Nandini brought breakfast for Kavya and said I learned from Anu aunty that mistakes are at their place and relation at theirs.

I think you are wrong, but it doesn’t change the fact that you are my Masi. You are my own. Yesterday you were not in a condition to listen or understand, so; I keep quiet.

But I would ask you now, is it worth it? The person, for whom you humiliate yourself, is it worth it. What are you getting by all this? I mean, think once with a calm mind. What are you losing for getting this, Masi? The person who can leave a person like Anu aunty can even leave you as well.

And you already saw its teaser. That day you left waiting in the temple as the bride, and he didn’t come. Kavya remembered when Vanraj said I am sorry, Kavya. I know you are waiting for me. But today it’s impossible to go out of the house.

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Nandini said, be careful before you get that kind of shock again.

Anupama said to Kinjal, okay, listen. I made full breakfast; you just serve it well. And when Jhilmil came, tell her that I put the clothes on the washing machine so once the machine is off. She gets out the clothes and let them dry. And I bring out entire vegetables of lunch, so you just cut them. I will make them after coming home.

Kinjal replied, relax, mother-in-law! Everything will happen; you just go! Anupama said, okay.

Baa shouted, Annihilation! Anupama asked what happened.

Baa said it gets a shock again and stopped while running. Kinjal got a call and said while picking it that my mother continues calling when I didn’t pick the call. Kinjal said, hello! Yes, mom.

Anupama said, oh God, it’s again spoiled. Baa replied, it’s sounding when I saw it by coming inside then checked that it already got stopped. It means it’s spoiled, right? Anupama said it’s got spoiled twice in this month.

She started slapping the machine. Samar said, mummy, it will not get repaired by emotionally seeing the machine. We will have a new machine. You just go right now, please. Baa said, you even know how expensive a new machine is?

Anupama said, Baa, we will repair it again. Till then I will wash my clothes by hand. Samar said, we will see all this later, mummy, you just come. Anupama replied, okay, coming. Kinjal said, hold on, mom! All the best, mother-in-law, don’t get nervous and be confident, okay, bye!

Rakhi listened to everything then cut the call. She thought I would talk to my daughter later. Firstly, make dirty laundry even dirtier.

Kinjal came with coffee in the room and said Good morning, Toshu baby!

Get up. Let’s get up; it’s morning now. Wake up! Paritosh said, let me sleep more, pulled Kinjal towards himself, and started romancing.

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He said you also come. Kinjal said, are you mad? Look at the time; let’s wake up, come on. Paritosh said, if you want me to get up, you have to charge some charges. Kinjal replied, brush first. Come on, get up.

Paritosh said the Hindi movie’s heroine would ever say this to their hero’s? Kinjal replied, welcome to reality, Toshu baby. Come on. Wake up. I have to serve breakfast, cut the vegetables, and I also need to learn time management. I also have to give time to the house, many works are left, and yes, we also have to prepare for campus selection.

Baa said Kinjal! Kinjal replied, yes, Baa. She said to Paritosh, Baa is calling me, I am going, okay!

Nandini brings coffee for Samar. Samar gave a gift to Nandini and said for you! Nandini asked, this gift is for which happiness? Samar said neither there is a reason for giving gifts in friendship nor to take permission for that. Nandini asked, oh, really? Samar said, yes. Nandini opened the gift and saw a book inside it. She asked, what is this? Samar, you know I don’t like to read books. Samar replied, I too didn’t like it. But, everyone has to read this book in their life.

Nandini asked what such is in this book.

It is looking like a murder mystery by name. Samar replied, no, it’s not a murder mystery. It has life’s mystery. You know where is the remote control of such a big world, Nandu? Samar indicated at heart and said, here.

Whatever button is pressed here can be seen outside. If you think well, then it will happen well. If you be happy, you will get the reason for being happy in the same manner if you cry and then get the reason for it. We decide to be happy, not life’s.

You know life is not in our control, not even our heart, but if you train your heart a little bit, it can learn to be happy. Nandini asked, but why you thought that I need this book? Samar, I noticed you yesterday as well that you were behaving weirdly. As if you know something that I don’t know.

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Samar said, what I know that you know as well, Nandu. So, just chill and read the book. I just want that you forget your past and focus on a better and happy future.

Samar thought you beard the pain you had to bear, Nandu. Now, no more! I will not let the pain come even around you.

Anupama is walking and having a talk with Devika on call.

She said the inspection was too good. The principal madam was happy with me. Devika, if you were not there, then I would never get this second chance. Thank you! Okay, listen, the house came. Now I hang up the call, will talk to you later! Jai Shree Krishna!

Brother, do you have a brush for washing clothes? The salesman replied, yes. Rakhi said, let it be. Now, you don’t need to purchase the brush. Anupama turned around, saw her, and thought Rakhi only smiles when she will create any drama.

Rakhi said I am here to do the same thing you are thinking. I am here to meet you; you are thinking this right. Anupama replied Jai Shree Krishna. Rakhi said, come, come, come inside. It’s your home, just come inside.

Anupama saw a new washing machine.

Rakhi told the latest model, latest technology, front load, and fully automated. Even it washes clothes by warming water.

Anupama replied whether you came here to represent a gift or doing its advertisement. You thought that much for our family. And bring a washing machine for us, thank you for that. But we don’t need it.

While Kinjal came and said, mom!

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Kinjal saw the machine and asked what this is? Rakhi is trying to say something; meanwhile, Kinjal said, you, please come inside, please. Anupama thought the gift bigger than status becomes favor, and you came here to be down under your favor, Rakhi sister. Lord Kanha, take care of this.


Vanraj said I am silent because you are our co-in-law. Now, I will not take my wife’s insult, not even for a minute. And about this washing machine so that I can buy such washing machines for my wife in a moment. We don’t need your favor. Rakhi said, surely you would not need this machine for your wife? Vanraj said for doing Anupama’s tension; his husband is still alive. If my wife needs anything, I will fulfill her needs. Kavya becomes shocked after listening to this.