Anupama 15 January 2021 Written Update: Makar Sankranti in Shah Family

The episode starts with Kavya calling Vanraj. Vanraj didn’t pick his call. Kavya thought, what happened to V? Why he is not attending my call. Baa said to Anupama; you will fly a kite after a long time, so you must take advice from an expert.

Anupama asked who’s expert, Baa.

Baa replied I. See, it often happens that thread is left while flying a kite, but it doesn’t mean that you would let the thread left just like that. The sense is to catch the kite’s threaded again quickly. Whether the kite is on the roof of others, but it is ours.

Bapuji said, dear, I would also tell you one thing about kite flying. It is that a small kite makes many mistakes, but a large kite is not able to see it. It is not understood that knowledge’s pearl must be given to a small kite, not a large kite. Baa said, you mean that I would always scold my son only.

Bapuji replied, how’s your son’s thing come in all this? We are talking about kite flying here, right? Anupama told you people go; I bring some stuff.

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Kavya is watching everyone coming out of the Shah house. Baa said to Bapuji I cut your kite firstly today. Sanjay said, Baa, anger doesn’t look good on your face. Dolly added, yes, mom, you should smile occasionally. Baa replied, firstly, I will cut the whole world’s kites, then smile.

Samar said I would come after calling Nandini. Vanraj asked Paritosh, do you remember what you said in your Hindi class in school? Paritosh replied, yes, I remember; I said that the phrase “Till ka taad banana” (to make a mountain of a molehill) is wrong as till is used for making Ladoo. Anupama came out and said Jhilmil go after locking the door, and don’t forget Mamaji. She came out and saw Kavya watching her.

Kavya said again today is a festival, and V is not with me. But this time, I am here. I am here!

Samar entered the Nandini’s house saying Nandu! She came while becoming ready. Samar saw her and started fumbling and said sorry. I must knock on the door before entering. Sorry! Nandini replied, it’s okay. Can you just pass me my jacket? Samar said, yes, sure.

Nandini said, just give me five minutes. I will come after being ready. Samar replied, yes, yes, I am waiting for you near the door while he saw Nandini’s stuff fallen. He started bringing the stuff and got Nandini’s diary. He just has it and saw his name in it.

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Samar started reading Nandini’s diary. Meanwhile, Nandini gave him a voice that Samar, I am ready.

She came in front of him. He stared at Nandini and hugged her. Nandini asked him, are you okay? Samar said, yup, I am okay. Happy Sankranti! Nandini replied, okay, Happy Sankranti. Samar asked her shall we go. Nandini responded, yes.

Kavya is writing something on kites and said my heart’s talk would reach you as well as the world.

Anupama did the decoration, while Samar came and said, mummy, let’s go. Both of them ran towards the kite’s table. Samar said, whatever kite you like, just choose it. Anupama chooses a kite and remembers her childhood. She made a smiley from her bindis over the kite, the same as her childhood. She checked the kite. Everyone is noticing her.

While Paritosh said, great mother! You are looking like a pro in kite flying. Anupama replied, your pro is like your bro-code. Paritosh replied, oh mummy; it’s not bro; its pro means a professional, expert. Samar said, after all, who’s mom is she? Kinjal said our all’s.

Anupama prepared her kite.

Meanwhile, she turned and saw Vanraj is trying to prepare his kite. Anupama indicates Samar to help him. Samar went towards Vanraj and started helping him. Vanraj said, thank you, dear.

Mamaji said, brother-in-law, I remember it. I know how to fly a kite. Mamaji started a song, Kai Po Che, and the song started playing ” Dheel de, dheel de de re bhaiya,” and everyone started dancing. Everyone in the house started flying the kites.

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Anupama is doing it with so much focus that it attracts Vanraj’s attention. Pakhi said, papa, kite. Vanraj replied, oh, sorry, beta. Bapuji ran and ate a ladoo. Sanjay said Bapuji, and he replied, at least today is the festival.

Samar said, Mama buddy, take care of your kite. I am going to cut it. Paritosh said, you take care your kite first, while Vanraj said Paritosh you take care your one. Come on, Samar. Come one, beta!

Baa cuts a kite and said Kai po che. Bapuji said, take care of this kite cutter; otherwise, she will cut the entire society’s kites. Baa said, yes, I will sure. Firstly I cut that Vimla sister’s kite. She used to do evil talk behind my back on the street. She will see you today. Bapuji said, my mighty Leela Devi, this is a festival, not a fight. Baa replied, this is a fight for me, and you don’t disturb my attention. Just hold the Manja. Bapuji replied, okay.

Baa said, oh, it’s done now.

Mamaji said, sister, anyone cut my kite. Meenu said, mamaji, you yourself put that kite over the tree. Sanjay gave the kite’s thread to Dolly. She has it but can’t handle it. Sanjay said I am trying to teach you for years, but you hadn’t got that. Even now, Meenu also knows how to fly a kite.

Dolly replied, okay, let it be; I don’t want to learn it. I am your lady luck, so concentrate on your kite; otherwise, my lady luck is also going to fail. While Kinjal gives a kiss to Paritosh on his cheeks and he got amazed, and his kite is stuck at a place.

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Samar looked at Nandini and dropped his attention from the kite. At the same time, Bapuji cuts the Samar’s kite. He said, what happened, Samar; you said you would win the competition. Baa said, now, deposit Rs.11111 on my bank account; we will have an interest.

Anupama said, try again.

If you lose once, it doesn’t mean that you can’t win again. Only the mistake you have made earlier, don’t repeat it.

Samar and Nandini shared romantic moments with the song “Aankho ki Gustakhiyan maaf ho.” Kinjal asked Paritosh why you bring me here. Paritosh replied to punish you. Kinjal said, okay. Paritosh replied, my kite is cut so that you will get punishment. Both the couples started romancing.

Vanraj is also seeing Anupama and becoming happy after watching her, while Kavya also has an eye on both of them.


Kavya cut her hand from the kite’s thread. Nandini shouted Masi. Anupama also said Kavya. Vanraj said to Anupama I would want to go to Kavya, but I didn’t go. I want to say something to you, I from you???