Kumkum Bhagya 12 January 2021 Written Update: Aliya raised her hand to slap Riya!!!

Poorab asked Abhi not to do this wedding. Prachi insulted Ranbir for approaching her again. Sarita Ji told dadi that Pragya has decided not to attend Abhi’s wedding. Aliya challenged Riya to stop Abhi’s wedding. Ranbir finally learned from Shahana about Riya’s hand in his break up.

Today’s episode started with Pragya congratulating Abhi on his Haldi Ceremony.

Poorab approached him and asked if Abhi wants to reunite with Pragya di. Abhi said he would not marry if this were true. Poorab again tried to convince him not to do this wedding, but Abhi said it’s my wish and left.

Aliya spoke to Poorab. She said he would not let Bhai happy. Poorab said he wants to see Abhi happy.

“You haven’t changed, you are still the same person who can’t see Abhi and Pragya together.” Said Poorab.

Aliya asked if she was getting this wedding done at gunpoint? “Bhai doesn’t want to stay with Pragya and wants to marry Meera so stop blaming me,” Aliya said and left.

Poorab was desperately missing Disha. He thought if she were there, they both could have worked together to save Abhi and Pragya di’s relationship.

Prachi insulted Ranbir!!!

When Ranbir tried to speak to Prachi, she behaved very rudely. She asked him why was he chasing her?

“How would you understand that I never loved you. I am only after money. Forget me.” She shouted.

Ranbir said, “I know the truth. I know you break up with me because of Riya.” Prachi recalled her deal with Riya and was stunned. She turned her face.

“Why have you kept quiet? Earlier you were speaking a lot of things but the moment you heard Riya’s name, you didn’t say anything.” Asked Ranbir. “I know you very well. Look at me and don’t lie.” He continued.

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Prachi replied, “I am silent because it is useless to talk to you. Why would I obey Riya? Don’t I have a brain? Even if this is true then don’t you have self-respect? Why you come after me despite me ignoring you? If I were you, I would never do that.” She insulted him so that he starts hating her.

Ranbir told her she is wrong if she thinks that he will make distance after getting insulted by her.

“It will never happen because I love you. I don’t believe that you want to break up because whatever you have said so far was a lie and get angry once and decided to move on but now I know the reality. I can see the truth in your eyes.” He said.

“Then you need to visit an ophthalmologist.” Prachi was sarcastic.

Before the argument could worsen, Sarita Ji called Prachi to come home with her.

Before leaving, Prachi told Ranbir that what we see may not be accurate every time. Please try to understand, accept the truth, and forget me.

Ranbir thought those who love from their hearts never think. Prachi left. She was crying.

Sarita Ji asked Prachi about her conversation with Ranbir. She said Ranbir was telling me so funny things that I got tears. She was thinking about why Ranbir came into her life when they were destined to separate. I will bear everything for your happiness, maa. Now Riya has to fulfill her promise.

Aliya raised her hand on Riya!

Riya recalled Ranbir’s words that he would reveal all her secrets. She decided to talk to Meera to say no to this wedding and reached her room.

Before she could tell her anything, Aliya reached and told her that Bhai is looking for you as he has agreed to your idea. Riya got happy because she thought Abhi had decided to call the wedding off and moved towards his room. Aliya followed her.

She took Riya aside and said, “What do you think, Bhai will always give you whatever you will ask for?” Then she called her a selfish girl.

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Riya said, “Yes, I am a selfish girl but it is way better than being a bad sister and a bad aunt.”

Aliya raised her hand to slap Riya but stopped. Riya said, even if you slap me, I won’t change my mind. Aliya challenged her to stop this wedding, which Riya accepted and said, “If dad will marry, he will marry my mom.”

Aliya thought if Riya tries to destroy her plan, she will have to face the consequences. She was seen calling someone.

Pragya decided not to attend Abhi’s wedding:

Praya was crying to remember Abhi’s Haldi function. Even before Sarita Ji could ask her about it, she gave an excuse that something has fallen into her eye.

Sarita Ji said that means you are lying. You have to accept the fact that someone else is replacing you in Abhi’s life. Pragya said. She won’t attend Abhi’s wedding.

Sarita Ji called dadi to tell her that she has messed up with the plan by hurting Pragya, and she has decided not to attend the wedding. Dadi got worried and said this wedding would spoil three lives. She suggested Sarita Ji to ask Prachi to convince Pragya.

“Prachi will not go against her mom. Let me think something.” Sarita, Ji replied.

In the next scene, Prachi asked Shahana if she said anything to Ranbir, which Shahana denied. She was confused about how Ranbir knew about Riya’s involvement in this breakup?

Shahana asked Prachi, why doesn’t she tell him the truth? Prachi said because he will get more hurt to know this. Ranbir was also thinking of Prachi while holding her photo.

He decided to approach Shahana once again. He thought he would make everything all right. Shahana pacified Prachi and thought masi is lucky to have a daughter like you.

Ranbir got to know the truth from Shahana:

The next morning Ranbir, with his friend, reached near Prachi’s house and started waiting for Shahana. When she came out for grocery shopping with Sarita Ji, they started following her.

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Sarita Ji asked Shahana, if you remain quiet for a while, I will give you a hundred rs. Shahana agreed and started moving silently.

Ranbir put a handkerchief on her mouth and abducted her the same way he did in the Haldi Ceremony.

They took her aside and tied her on a chair with a rope. Shahana asked why he was doing this again? Ranbir said, because last time you didn’t tell the truth.

Shahana denied revealing anything and said Sarita Ji would come here anytime looking for her. Ranbir asked her to swear upon him. Shahana reacted that earlier Prachi asked me to swear now you are doing the same.

Ranbir understood that Shahana is abided by the commitment with Prachi so that she won’t tell anything. He convinced her by saying, “Prachi had asked you not to say a word but you can sign, right?” Shahana agreed.

Ranbir asked, “Prachi doesn’t want this breakup?” Shahana nodded in, yes.

The next question was if Riya was behind this? Shahana hesitated first, then nodded in yes this time too.

Ranbir got what he was looking for.

He untied Shahana, thanked her for being cooperative, and before Sarita Ji could reach there, she left. Ranbir decided to teach Riya a lesson this time. The episode ended.


Riya asks Meera to draw back from this wedding. Meera says no. Riya says, then I will never accept you, my mom, and hate you for the rest of my life.”

Will Riya be able to convince Meera? How will Ranbir deal with Riya? Will Pragya attend this wedding? Get all the answers in the next article.