Anupama 13 January 2021: Kavya’s uncertain move

The episode starts with the entire Shah Family members came on the main door after seeing Kavya standing outside. Vanraj remembered when Kavya said, whatever you do, Vanraj, but I can’t stop myself from meeting you. I can’t! My love will bring me near you holding my finger.

Nandini asked Kavya why you come here. Baa said our house name must not be the Shah family.

Instead, it’s drama family after the number of dramas occurs at our house. Nandini said, stop this nonsense, Masi. For God’s sake, now don’t create any further problems, please. Let’s go from here!

Baa said this lady is not only shameless but audacious too. Vanraj said Kavya, we talked last night, then also you? Look, Kavya! I understand your emotions, sentiments, anger, and insecurity. I understand everything. But you also try to understand it. I told you that I need some time. Then also you came here with your stuff.

Kavya opened the bag’s stand and move around to the house in front of the Shah house. She has opened the door lock and goes inside. Then, she came outside and started drinking coffee. Everyone from the Shah family goes back to their house.

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Vanraj made a call to Kavya. She picked the call; Vanraj asked, what’s this, Kavya? Kavya replied its love V. You don’t let me come together while love doesn’t allow me to go far. That’s why I thought I couldn’t stay with you, but I could stay near you. Vanraj replies, this is not loved; it’s madness.

Kavya replied, you loved this madness earlier; V. Vanraj said by becoming CCTV like this, neither you can breathe peacefully nor can I.

Kavya replied, at least I can breathe.

I can’t even breathe by being far away from you. Vanraj said this is crazy. Kavya replied, love is crazy, V. Vanraj angrily cuts the call and move from there.

Anupama and Kavya saw each other, while Kinjal came into the kitchen. Kinjal said, mother-in-law, today you also didn’t support me. Baa cannot understand my words, but you tell me whether I used to say anything wrong?

Anupama replied, no, dear, you won’t say anything wrong. But the way to say that is wrong. If anyone says the right things wrongly, it is said to be misbehavior. While talking to elders, we must know when to talk, and even we must remember when to be quiet.

I don’t know much English, but I know that both younger and older people use you for a conversation in English. But in our culture, elders are called aap. It must be there because of the gap between AAP and Tum makes a family like a family.

Kinjal remembered when she said to Vanraj that, in fact, I am shocked, after happening all this, he is living here from which respect? When she said to Anupama, I don’t have that much courage and patience to tolerate this person.

Kavya is unpacking her stuff; meanwhile, Nandini reached there and said, Masi.

Kavya replied that if you came here to give me a lecture, please. Nandini responded I didn’t come here to forgive you any lecture; in fact, I came here to say welcome to you. Welcome to hell, Masi!

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You made a mistake by coming in between Anu aunty and Vanraj uncle’s relationship. Now, you are making a second mistake by coming here to this society.

You will soon realize how big that mistake was. So, All the best! Nandini left from there. Kavya said, if it is hell, I am okay with hell. I am ready to be in hell for my V.

Baa is walking out of tension, while Bapuji came and said no, you don’t create any scene, Leela. We can stop Kavya to come inside the house but not inside the society. He said, Leela, what happened?

Baa replied I am getting very much tensed now. I thought my son came back so that everything will be alright eventually. Like son came back, daughter-in-law will also agree after some time.

But till this bowl of maida lives in front of this house, neither daughter-in-law would forget Vanraj’s cheat nor forgive him.

We can’t have peace at our home till this Kavya is in Vanraj’s life. May Vanraj himself leave her, or we have to make him leave her.

Anupama and Paritosh bring Vanraj out of the house. Paritosh said, papa, our cab just came outside. He saw the mobile and asked why this cab stopped there outside only? Vanraj replied, no matter, it will come. Kavya came there with the cab.

Kavya came out of the cab and said, let’s go, V.

I would take you to the doctor. Vanraj replied Kavya, our cab, while Kavya said, one minute, V.

She has opened the car’s door and said, come, V. Toshu, you also come with us. She asked Anupama and gives me these files. Sit in the car V. In this situation, it’s not right for you to stand like this for long.

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Anupama gave the files to Kavya and said, go with her! Kinjal watched everything and said, this is better than you have gone with Kavya. Vanraj sat in the car. Then Kavya said people take care in sympathy for a few days, but the one who loves always take care. And I love Vanraj, that’s why I will always do his care.

Anupama goes inside the house. Kinjal came near Anupama and said, now, when Kavya came to stay in front of our house, then papa can go with her to stay.

Papa came very easily from his girlfriend to his wife. Tomorrow if he wants, then he will go back to Kavya from you. Mummy, all this will go on till you don’t let it stop. I know mummy, you are doing everything because papa is not well.

And even I also know that you don’t want him to be far away from his family and Kids. That’s your goodness, but outsiders don’t think like that.

After watching from outside its looks like you still hold this relation. You are also dependent on papa, that’s why you don’t have any problem with papa staying here. People think of your goodness as your weakness.

Anupama asked, what you think, dear. Kinjal replied, I don’t understand, but I knew that my mother-in-law is strongest in the entire world. If you are not strong, you can’t leave your husband for your self-respect. Neither slapped Kavya nor have you taken the entire house’s responsibilities.

But I can’t understand one thing. When my mother-in-law is that strong, then still why is she stuck in this relation? Anupama replied I am over from this many times before, but relation’s thread is that much complicated that it’s not easy to solve them.

Kinjal said the thread that we cannot solve; then we must break it.

Because this thread tied you, you can’t move forward until this thread breaks. If you step forward one step, this relation will pull you back two steps. You have to decide this mummy that you want to enter into this complicated relationship or want to break it. Kinjal goes away from there.

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Anupama said Kinjal is saying it right. I want to move on forward. And for moving forward, I have to break the thread.

The doctor said there is much improvement. His neck’s swelling also reduced, while still, you need to be very much careful about your right-hand movement.

But surprisingly, the recovery is very much fast. Vanraj replied, thank you so much, doctor. It’s all thanks to my family. The doctor said to come again after one week for a check-up. Vanraj replied, okay, thank you.

Paritosh helped Vanraj to get up. Vanraj said to him, you will see me after some days. I don’t need anyone’s support. I will beat you in the race as well.

Paritosh replied, papa, I will love such a beat more than winning. Paritosh and Kavya together asked him shall we go home.

Kavya said, V now you feel better, so why you need to trouble everyone, right?

Baa said she would show her right, but why won’t you stop her? You must go to the doctor along with Vanraj. Bapuji said he has gone to the doctor only.

Baa replied they had gone there but will not return. Watch it. She will take Vanraj to her home, to her old house, while we will yearn to see Vanraj’s face.

Bapuji said Vanraj is not a kid that Kavya will take him forcefully. He will go there where he wants to go. Kinjal replied, yes, Baa.

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Even it’s good if he goes to her house. Baa said you would say this, mother-in-law’s spoon. And your misbehavior is gradually increasing day by day.

Make her understand that how to talk in front of elders. If you don’t make her understand that, I will do it in my own language. What? Is your tongue gone on a strike?

I am continuously talking, and you are standing here like a dumb. Do you understand my things?

Anupama replied, you are making me understand for 25 years but at least try to understand your son at once. You are asking me why I let him go.

Ask him at least why he has gone? The relation, girlfriend, and wish are his, so why would I give you an answer?

Baa replied, because you are his wife. Anupama replied I was his wife, Baa. Now, I am not. My relation, answer, and patience all these three have ended.

Now, where he goes? Why has he gone? And with whom he has gone? I don’t answer these questions, nor do I want to search for them. For 25 years, I am living like his shadow; now I want to live like a human being.

I walked behind him for 25 years; now I want to move forward. I want to look ahead. Even I walked forward. Now whatever would happen, I will not take my steps back.

Toshu, Kinjal, and Vanraj are in the taxi. After the conversation, Baa tried to go away from them; meanwhile, Anupama held her hand and said, ” Sorry, Baa. I made a mistake, sorry.

Baa said, when I say, then you stop me. Now when I am quiet, then you become tense. I understand everything. You are not a wife now or a daughter-in-law; that’s why you are answering back your mother-in-law, while you won’t understand your mother-in-law as the mother-in-law.

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Anupama replied you said it right, Baa. I don’t understand my mother-in-law as the mother-in-law. I understand you as a mother. And if a daughter will not tell her mind to her mother, whom will she tell?

I am tired now, Baa.

I am tired of understanding everything, I also want anyone to understand me too. That’s why I said what was in my mind. Sorry!

Baa said you said it. After following you, your daughter-in-law’s tongue will extend two times more. You say on her behalf, and she says on yours. Anupama replied, no, Baa.

Baa said, you both together try to prove this mother-in-law as bad. Anupama replied nothing like that, Baa. My mother-in-law is best and my daughter-in-law too. If anything is wrong, then it is my time and condition.

Paritosh came on the Shah House door alone. Mamaji saw him and asked where my nephew is? Everyone looked at him being amazed. Baa said, see, that has happened for which I feared. I said that a bowl of maida would not let Vanraj return house. But nobody listens to me. Meanwhile, Anupama saw Vanraj.

Vanraj came inside and said, surprise! He entered the room without plaster and stick. Bapuji asked where your plaster had gone. Vanraj replied, the doctor has said that I don’t need it anymore. I can walk without any support. Pakhi ran towards him and hugged him.

Kavya is watching everything from back, while Baa noticed her and moved away. Kavya said, even though you haven’t come today, V. But at last you have to come to me.


Kavya said to Vanraj, she behaves so much good that I fear now. Vanraj replied, which fear? Anupama said Baa said that tomorrow is Makar Sankrant, so that I will bring out Kurtas for you. You like normal colors, right. Kavya has told me.

Kavya said the fear that what has not happened in 25 years will not happen now. Vanraj said to Anupama I would wear that yellow kurta. Kavya said, whether can’t you start loving Anupama. Anupama said you used to like regular kurtas only. Vanraj replied, my choices are changed now.