Anupama 14 January 2021: Vanraj’s Soft Behaviour Towards Anupama

Paritosh said, Baa, the doctor had said that Papa’s health is perfectly alright. Only he has to do his right-hand moment less. Baa replied it is just by the grace of God. Pakhi said Papa could walk; it means now me and Papa can go shopping, right? Samar said, you did the birthday shopping now.

Pakhi replied, yes, winter, but it has passed two months for that. Samar said yes, but people go shopping once a year. Pakhi replied, I didn’t come in those people. Samar replied, you don’t even come on the peoples. Paritosh said, how stupid you both are, Papa had come just now, and you both started fighting too.

Baa said, what else! Nobody even asked for water from my son. Vanraj replied, doesn’t matter, Baa. I don’t need anything. If I need anything, then I would tell you. Pakhi said now we would have double fun in Sankranti as well. Pakhi and Samar started clapping.

Bapuji said at least laugh now. Mamaji also said, laugh! Baa started laughing. Samar said this time we have a competition of Kite flying. Pakhi replied, yes, Papa and I will be on one team. Samar said me and mummy would be on one team. Paritosh said now whether I also need to say that Kinjal and I will be at one team.

Mamaji said me and Jethji would be on one team. Bapuji replied its Jijaji. Now, you started forgetting relations as well. Baa asked, and I? Bapuji replied, your department just cut the kites. Everyone started laughing.

Pakhi said nobody could beat Papa on kite flying. Papa has some injury, but then also he will beat everyone. And I will help you. Vanraj replied, okay, done. Anupama remembered when she was a kid and excited to fly a kite. In such a thought, she started saying I will also fly kite tomorrow. Anupama then said I would fly a kite. Samar asked her; you know how to fly a kite. Anupama said, yes, I used to fly kites in my childhood. I am that much naughty that I used to cut everyone’s kite.

Baa said, you never told us that you know to fly a kite. Till now, we only think that you know how to cook food only. Anupama remembered Vanraj’s saying I cursed that day when I got married to you. My mind was dead, who know nothing instead of making food.

Anupama said I forgot myself, Baa. Now, slowly I am searching old Anupama. I didn’t fly a kite for 25 years; I don’t know if I can fly it now or not. But I wish to do a try. I want to live my childhood again.

Pakhi said then there must be a competition between Mummy and Papa. We will see who’s gone to win. Samar pinched Pakhi, and she stopped saying. Anupama said Kinjal, Samar, come on, let’s start preparing for tomorrow.

Nandini said to Samar, you know I don’t know how to fly a kite. Samar replied you must fly jokes, newspaper or paper plane. Kite flying is the same as that; it’s easy. Nandini said it is easy for those who know to fly a kite. I don’t know it. Samar replied, okay, then I will teach you. Worry not!

Nandini asked anyway who taught you. Samar replied, cool-dude taught me. And anyway, I just got to know that my mother flies great kite before marriage. In each vein, my mother’s blood flows, so I must have little talent, too, right?

Nandini replied, your mother is so amazing, by God! Samar said every mom is amazing; only we cannot see them. We start taking mother for granted as she is the mother who will cook food and love us, but we can’t understand that she had an individual life. She had her own life, dream, ambitions, and talents too. Anyway, let’s buy a kite.

Nandini said, brother, show me that kite. She said to Samar; we will take that for Bapuji and this peacock feather one for Baa. Samar replied perfectly. This one, we will get it for my mother. Nandini said, okay, and this couple kite for Kinjal and Paritosh. Samar said, and if there is any kite of Katerina, we will take it for Mama Buddy. Both of them started laughing.

He said this one is for Jhilmil sister. Nandini said, okay, and which one is for me? Samar replied, oh, for you, this heart print one. After being your friend, I know I cross the friendship line, but one must not lie to a friend, right? Nandini agreed. The song started playing in the background as “Aadha ishq aadha hai aadha ho jayega.” While both of them shared some small moments!

Anupama looks at Kites and becomes happy; meanwhile, Baa came and presented her with a saree. Baa said, you give me a return answer, but I would give you a saree. Look at my heart! I am not that much bad mother-in-law that people understand me.

Anupama replied Baa; you are the world’s best mother-in-law. Thank you. This saree is looking beautiful. Baa said, I know that; that’s why giving you. Go and bring out Vanraj’s Kurta as well. Anupama said Baa again?

Baa replied, you again don’t start to give the lecture. You know very well that where household things are placed, that’s why I am asking you. I have a sore throat; otherwise, I will bring out his Kurta and pressed it. You would not again become a wife in bringing the Kurta. Jhilmil is not there. Otherwise, I would ask her.

Anupama thought after a lot of effort, Baa got agreed. If I say no, she will again… Anyways, I have to bring out a matching blouse for this saree. So I would bring out the Kurta.

Vanraj remembered when Paritosh asked Kavya, can I get tonic for Baa from this medication as it is not available in the medical outside the home. Kavya replied, of course. Paritosh goes to buy the tonic; meanwhile, Kavya and Vanraj are alone in the cab. Kavya asked, you are coming home, V. Vanraj replied, of course, I am coming. Kavya asked. I mean with me at our house.

Vanraj replied, no, Kavya. I am going to my house. Why are you reacting like this? Kavya said, because you got better, V. You can walk now then why are you going there? Vanraj answered because my parents, kids, and family are there, and still, I want to stay there. Kavya asked, and along with me?

Vanraj replied Kavya; you can meet me whenever you want to. Anupama can never be happy with our relationship, but now at least she accepted our relationship. Kavya said might be that’s the problem V that Anupama has accepted our relationship. She is behaving so nicely that I fear now. Vanraj replied, which fear?

Kavya said the fear that can’t happen now, which hadn’t happened in the last 25 years. Don’t you fall in love with Anupama?

Anupama entered the room and said, sorry, but I have to take some stuff from the cupboard. Vanraj saw Anupama and remembered his old memories with her. He thought why Kavya had said that. Which reaction of mine makes her thought so that I from Anupama, no, no. There is nothing like that, nor can it happen. No doubt I feel good here, but that’s because my family and kids are here. And I feel good when Anupama does anything for me. But it doesn’t mean that I from Anupama, no, no, it’s not that. Kavya is gone mad. She thinks anything.

Vanraj said to Anupama I didn’t know that you even know to fly a kite. Anupama replied that you don’t know many things about me. Maybe you never tried to know anything. Listen! Vanraj replied, yes. Anupama said Baa had told me that tomorrow is Makar Sankrant, so I bring Kurta for you. Which one will you wear? This one or this one!

Both are of normal color; you like normal colors, right? Kavya has told me. Vanraj remembered when Anupama showed him a dark color kurta, and Kavya came and said this Kurta. I mean, I always saw Vanraj wear sober colors in the office.

Vanraj replied, no, not these. Anupama said, okay. She showed him many kurtas, but he rejected each of them. She asked if you would not wear all this then which one you want to wear. Vanraj replied, I will wear that yellow one. Anyways, on Makar Sankranti occasion, yellow is the color to wear. Anupama said, but it’s a too dark color; you used to like only regular color kurtas.

Vanraj replied, my choices are changed now. The next morning Anupama is worshiping the sun and said today is Utrayan festival. The kite of relationship will fly on the top of the sky. Remember it, okay. Meanwhile, Kavya came from jogging, and they both saw each other.

Baa said, it’s good that you break it before presenting it before lord; otherwise, if I tasted it, then my two-three teeth were broken today. This till papdi is made for eating or throwing it to anyone’s head. Kinjal replied, sorry, Baa. I made it for the first time.

Anupama said Baa do you remember when I first made it? Then also, it was made like this only. Same to same! Vanraj replied yes, and my teeth left from being broken.

While Samar came with kids party saying that you people take whomsoever in your team, but I will win today’s competition and Rs. 11101 prize money too. Paritosh said, you would see, dear. You are challenging your elder brother. Samar replied, I saw it. Pakhi said winter doesn’t fly so much. Don’t forget; I have Papa on my team.

Paritosh said, and in my team Kinju! Samar replied, who don’t know to fly a kite. Kinjal said, who said this? I had flown many kites. Paritosh replied, baby, it’s not of video game one. It’s a real one. Meenu said, but Mamaji is in my team now; he will bring a kite or water gun.

Pakhi said you have to win today. I never won. Samar said whatever doesn’t happen till now wouldn’t happen today too. Paritosh said, you will lose today as well. Samar said, and I will win.

Bapuji said, how could you say that you will win? We are also there on the ground. Samar said, anyway, we placed the celebration in the garden this time, and mummy is also there in the celebration. Anupama replied, yes, but I haven’t flown a kite for 25 years. I feel a little nervous.

Kinjal replied, so what, mummy. Samar said nothing is there which you couldn’t do. Bapuji said, correct, dear, you try. If human try then can change the world as well. Baa said, change the world later and change your clothes first. Get ready for the puja!

She said to Anupama and Kinjal; you will see I will cut all the society ladies kite. Baa said to Kinjal, today, your mom must be here. I would cut her kite firstly. Kinjal and Anupama laughed.

Baa said Kinjal! Kinjal replied, yes, Baa. Baa said write danger over the till papdi you made. Because I didn’t eat it mistakenly, and lord grace will continue on my teeth. Kinjal asked, is it that much right. She tried to break it but not able to do it. Then Kinjal said Sorry Baa; next time, ask you and mummy before making it.

Baa said, learn it from me so that you would get the gold medal in the making till papdi. Okay, listen! In reality, that woman snake is not going to be here? Kinjal replied, no, Baa. Today mom will not come here. Baa said, you also know that how is your mom. Don’t lie. Let us know if she is coming here. I will also go with the broom.

Dolly told mummy, what are you saying all this. Baa replied, it is what it is. Sanjay asked Kinjal whether she has gone anywhere. Kinjal replied, no. Actually, she never goes out on the day of Makar Sankranti as she is afraid of Manja. Everyone laughed there. Baa said, you must tell us this before. I would hang it outside the house. Dolly replied, mummy, anything! Baa said, at last, one problem has gone. Now that bowl of maida will not create any scene.

In the next scene, Vanraj is got stuck on his Kurta and shouting Anupama! Anupama! Anupama came and asked, are you okay? Vanraj said nothing, sorry, I called you. But look at this, I got stuck in this as I forget to open the kurtas button. No matter! I will do it. He bumped into a chair and got hurt; meanwhile, Anupama said, stop it. I do it.

Anupama helped him and saw both of them in the mirror and remembered when Vanraj sings for her “Hume tumse pyar kitne.” She opened the button and silently saw both of them in the mirror. Vanraj tried to close the button; meanwhile, Anupama said I do it.

When Anupama is closing Vanraj’s Kurta’s button, her mangal sutra got stuck in her button. They watched that meanwhile Vanraj’s phone ring. Kavya has called him. Anupama remembered when her mangalsutra got broke that time. Also, Vanraj had a message from Kavya.

Anupama quickly wants to remove the mangal sutra but cannot do it; Vanraj said I would do it in one minute. Thank you, Anupama. Anupama started going back, while Vanraj said thank you. Thank you for whatever you are doing and whatever you did for me. Thank you! Anupama goes away from there.

Precap: Baa said sometime during a flying kite, it’s thread left from the hand. It doesn’t mean that you left the thread. The shrewdness is in catching it back quickly. Anupama saw Kavya and remembered Baa saying if the kite is in another’s roof, but ours. Kavya said, but this time, I am here. I am here!